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New Order Substance 1987 Album Review

Updated on September 8, 2014

BEST ALBUM EVER! Since 1987 I have wore out two cassettes and one CD of this album. How do you wear out a CD? It got scratched so bad from inserting and removing from CD players that it would no longer play. Lucky, I have imported this album to iTunes from CD before its ultimate demise. I kept the original CD hoping I would find a way to remove the scratches so that is once again playable.

Substance 1987 is a singles compilation album from the band New Order. It contains singles from the band's inception up until 1987. New Order is an alternative band from Manchester England that rose from the ashes of the band Joy Division after the lead vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide. Joy Division had a "darker" sound where New Order adopted a more new wave dance sound they picked up from New York city's dance scene, this is most evident in the 12 inch versions of Confusion and Bizarre Love Triangle on this album. Other notable hits on this album are Blue Monday, a drum machine and synthesizer dance tune, Thieves Like Us known for being on the soundtrack of the 1980s movie “Pretty in Pink”, Perfect Kiss a complex arrangement of synthesizer, classical guitar, and sampling from a E-mu system.

What can I say, there is not a bad song on this album, you can listen to it in its entirety over and over. Back when I was in college this was the only album I could listen to while solving Integrals and Differential equations or doing any sort of math, if somehow stimulated my mind putting it into “Math” gear.

This album is actually two CDs, the second one contains “B sides” with such gems as 1963, Hurt and Mesh, songs that reflects New Orders roots in Joy Division. This album is a “must have” if you enjoyed the alternative, new wave, dance sound of the 1980s!

Power Corruption & Lies (2 CD Collector's Edition)
Power Corruption & Lies (2 CD Collector's Edition)

Great album! It has earlier versions of some of the songs on Substance 1987, I purchased it for the song "Leave me alone", a rather melancholy song at the end of the album.


New Order's fifth album, released in 1989. It has all new music compositions. This album features a strong acid house sound and is filled with great dance music.


New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle VideoI love the bright color shots in contrast with the mono color shots of the band. Who doesn't love the featured shots of a man and a woman in business suits flying through the air?


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