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Doctor Who ? The Newest WHOvian

Updated on January 7, 2018
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Welcome to WHOville

I always wondered what the 'big deal' was. Finally a year or 2 ago our cable company provided the BBCAmerica station for its viewers. I (at least until they cancled Copper) absolutely fell in love with the channel, Then a Doctor Who coming attraction came on and thought FINALLY I'll get to see what all the 'fuss' is about....

I love the show.. Probably because the ones I've seen have been with the loony catotic Matt Smith & David Tennant. So it was zany and now that Matt's run as the doctor is sadly over (and he's cut his hair.. it guts me to see him without it!

It was cute in a geeky sort of way) I did love how he played the Doctor as wacky. I just hope the new guy will be as fun to watch. So being I'm dreading the new 'Who' I guess that makes me an official WHOvian?

Who views - assorted videos

Some WHOstory - & info

Back Story

Doctor Who debuted on the U.K.'s BBC network in Autum of 1963.

In 1989 the show went on hiatus due to falling ratings. A TV movie was released in 1996, then along break until 2005; when executive producer Russell T. Davies relaunched the show with Christopher Eccleston. Then with new Executive producer(s) Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner at the helm, the show debuted to 1.6 milion viewers for the premier on March 2013 on BBCAmerica, and was the highest rated telecast ever!

The Tardis is Modeled after a 1950s era police phone box, and the Doctor (who is known as) a 'Time Lord's ship which is much bigger on the inside than the exterior indicates. The Cyber men have been one of Doctor Who's foes almost since the start of the series. I've heard when it comes to them and the Daleks (a big cliché of the show is) kids hide behind the couch or something. Frankly when it comes to the Daleks at least hearing them talk... I'm right with them. I'm sure I've said it once or twice and I will keep on.. Their voice (frequency or something) gives me the goosebumps and a chill up my spine. Then we have the beloved by the whovian heart Companions (which Whovians are usually wary of as well as new Doctors) the married Rory & Amy (Matt's doctor's companions) who are the parents of River Song.

In an issue of Entertainment Weekly there is a shortarticle by Peter Jackson who has watched from 1965 and a picture of his personal collection of Doctor Who Props! There was a Tardis or two, same for Daleks and a cyberman.

2013 was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who... is that some sort of record? I've never heard of a show going that long.

2013 is also the last season favorite Matt Smith played he Doctor, Peter Cipaldi will be the new Doctor for 2014s season 8 (I think it's season 8)

Doctor Who products - I'd like to get my hands on

The Doctors

William Hartnell 1963-66

Patrick Troughton 1966-69

Jon Pertwee 1970-74

Tom baker 1974-81

Peter Davidson1981-84

Colin Baker 1984-86

Sylvester McCoy 1987-89

Paul McGann 1996

Christopher Eccleston 2005

David Tennant 2005-2010

Matt Smith 2010-2013

Peter Capaldi 2014- 2017


The 'good' Doctors

Read Psychic Paper

It's a piece of paper usually kept in the doctor's left pocket in a little wallet that will tell you whatever the Doctor wants to tell you. This is great for when you need to keep silent when you are hiding in a closet

the 11 Doctors

So Who is the Doctor Really?

I'll start with the Most Recent

Peter Capaldi -born in Glasgow Scotland April 14 1958 is best known for his role in a BBC comedy series called The Thick of it. Peter has been in over 40 films and Television shows and is currently in the BBC America series The Musketeers. Capaldi a lifelong fan of the Doctor Who series; will be the 12th incarnation of Doctor Who when the new season kicks off (or is that flies off) on August 23 2014. He has had a part in in a previous episode from 2008 as well as a 2009 episode of Torchwood. So far the images I've seen of Mr. Capaldi as the Doctor creeps me out. I wonder how he will play the Doctor will it be comedic, serious, dark as they all seem to have their own Niche. I've read Capaldi's doctor will not be as sweet & loving as Matt Smith's. He'll be unappologetic. Honestly the pictures I've seen he reminds me of Hugh Laurie in House. So that might help with what to expect of him. For more

* Matt Smith - The Northampton native was born October 28th 1982 (Yes my fave Doctor is a scorpio!!)

is listed to be in the upcoming Terminator:Genesis movie. Matt officially left Doctor Who at the end of The Time of the Doctor. The 2013 Holiday special not only starred Matt, But previous incarnation David Tennant's 10th doctor as well as John Hurt who played the Doctor I believe for just this one movie.

* David Tennant -The Scotsman was born April of 1971 and the 10th incarnation of the Doctor and I think the most popular. I've seen some of David's Doctor Who episodes & the few seasons with Matt and I have to say so far I like the 'Zany' Doctors. At the age of 3 or 4 David decided to become an actor, the inspiration? His favorite show, none other than Doctor Who! He's currenlty in the BBC america Series Broadchurch as DI Alec Hardy. He has voiced characters in Dreamworks Dragons tv series, Fish Hooks & Star Wars; Clone Wars and Plays Peter Vincent in the remake of Fright Night and let's not forget... he also played Barty Crouch jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

{this section is still underconstruction & will likely be ongoing trhough the season as I find & hear more information}

Its... uh...."Timey Wimey Thing"

— TheDoctor - David Tennant

What you need to know if you are a new fan,

What You need to know

The Doctor The doctor is one person that instead of dying just regenerates every so often. He is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He travels through time and space in his Time machine known as a Tardis, and uses his sonic screwdriver to get out of binds.

The fourth Doctor was well known for his very long scarf.

Matt Smith the 11th Doctor well the Quotes say it all. "Bow Ties are Cool" (which Chris Hardwick in the Farewell to Matt Smith special said sales for the accessory went up with Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Fez are Cool (but the Fez only lasted a few episodes from what I hear.)

Each actor gets to bring what he wants to the doctor as far as (at least) fashion & personality go.

One other note, The Doctor is NEVER abbreviated as Dr. it is always written out.

Tardis the tardis is his time machine, a blue Police call box and stands for "Time and Relative Dimension in Space"

Sonic Scredriver - this is the doctor's well 'weapon' i call it that as I hav no idea what otherwise o call it. It emits sonic waves and can manipulate anything to shape it's especially good on locks, but doesn't work on wood. I just wish there was a mute button on it for when the Daleks show up!

Daleks- Alien robots that look more like they belong on a counter as a juicer than being the small flying mind and soul sucking tanks they are. They're favorite word is 'Exterminate' and no matter what they say their voice sends a chill up my spine. (& nothing has done that! so whoever came up with the voice etc. for them.. thhave hit on the perfect frequency for making one's hair stand on end send a shiver down their spine! I swear they used scientists just to get the perfect frequency!

Time War a great war between the Daleks & the Time Lords (of Gallifrey) which now 'The Doctor' is the last.

Psychic Paper It's a piece of paper usually kept in the doctor's left pocket in a little wallet that will tell you whatever the Doctor wants to tell you. This is great for when you need to keep silent when you are hiding in a closet

Cybermen a race of robots that are from the future who are emotionless warriors who convert human parts into metallic people to take over the world. Honestly the world domination thing doesn't scare me, nor being turned into a robot. I still say those Daleks are scarrier & would love to see a showdown between the two.

The series celebrated it's 50th year anniversary (This was done with the episode with the 3 doctors John Hurt, David Tennant and Matt Smith) Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special

(image credit alrady noted on it)

Make your own Tardis!

Quick get in the Tardis - we're going to.....(pick your time & place)

The Companions

These are those who travel in the Tardis with the Doctor.

Matt smith's Doctor has had

Amy Pond & Rory Williams

River Song

and Clara Oswald

that I know of. In the episodes with David Tennant That I've seen, he has not had a companion, but that does not mean he did not, here are The Companions in all From what I scanned through here, tre are more than just companions, it seems to be more than those.

My Doctor Who favorites

Movie special- Day of the Doctor

Companions- Amelia Pond & Rory

Episode- the one where Rory is in the book and they're in New York.

Villains- Daleks & Weeping Angels (The Daleks because they creep me out! the voice just sends a chill up my spine. The angels.. well I find angels creepy in the first place)

Quote(s) - Big Ball of Timey wimey stuff. (That is what I call a fountain line! When You Spit out what you are drinking)

& the one below this

'Something Doesn't Make Sense. Let's Go Poke It With a Stick'

— Doctor Who (Matt Smith?)


Click thumbnail to view full-size

Things I've larned from Doctor Who

1.Never go anywhere without a (Sonic)Screwdriver

2.Count the shadows if you want to live

3.make sure your I.D. isn't a centuries old Library card

4.Cookies make a handy self destruct buttons

5.Angels are not your friends. Do DON'T blink

6.People that repeat after you can do far worse than annoy you

7.Exterminate! doesn't mean the bug exterminator is at your door

8. a series of 4 taps can be really bad news

9. Pockets= the more the better

10. Cracks in walls cannot be repaired

but every time they have the older episodes or specials Prior to David Tennant and Matt Smith, I never get to watch them.

So what kind of WHOvian are you? New, casual or Die Hard? - I've just started to watch the show

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