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Nightmare near my street

Updated on August 3, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

The ENTIRE collection for the CHEAPEST I've ever seen it in Blu-ray, DVD, or Multi format. it also included New Nightmare, don't worry that Horrible update, thankfully it wasn't included. This one also includes the series Encyclopedia!

Welcome to Elm st.

Let me tell you when a movie comes out with a street name that is a block away from yours, it leaves a lasting impression!

While I think Most will agree that part 2 of the Nightmare on Elm Street series was the worst and a cure for insomnia, the rest of the series (at least 1,3 & 4) was good. Oh and by series I mean all the original movies and not that horrible remake! (as the Rules in Scream say Don't F* with the original, well they really messed up with a couple parts that they didn't do like the original and to me that was F-ing with it!) In the original my fave part is with Johnny Depp and to me will always be the best in the series. My other favorite one of the series was part 3 (when they are in the Mental Hospital.) & Part 4 I think was another.

Honestly I have had my own nightmare from this movie but that was after watching it the 2nd time or more than that. I dreamt there were these Giant mice coming after me (like in Fantasia) with Pitchforks & Freddy nails!

That impression I was talking about earlier...Yeah that had to do with the 3 family house I grew up in. Our fuses would blow all the time (well I think mostly if the Air conditioner was on) and the fuses weren't a switch box, these were actual fuses that from what I remember looked like flat light bulbs, and had to be screwed in. There was a big huge heater or whatever it's called in the basement which was pretty cavernous (I swear it could have been used as a medival torture chamber) well I had to pass by this thing, and even though it was a few feet away I'd run past it to get to the fuse box. Though there were times I looked at it and wondered if I'd find Freddy's glove in there, but not I never had enough nerve back then to look!

Recently on Netflix I came across a Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy which (I think) was produced by the star of the original, Heather Langenkamp that played Nancy. It gives you a behind the scenes look of what went on, on set. Interviews with the cast, which I was happy to see the cast from the 3rd movie especially Rodney Eastman who played the silent Joey (I so had a crush on him when the 3rd & 4th movies came out). During the section on part 3 they say many people tell them it's their favorite of the series. Another Favorite of the series: is one of the deaths: The "Welcome to Prime Time B***" one (that's one of my favorte lines, but I guess would be in my top 5 deaths of the series). They explain how some of the scenes were done like Johnny Depp's charater's death but it doesn't ruin it at least not for me it didn't.

Welcome to my Nightmare

So what was My Nightmare 2 streets over from Elm? Well after the 2nd time I watched the movie I do't know if I ate some weird snack or what, but I dreamt that there were these large bi pedal (cartoon looking) rats (a foot or more tall) one hand with a freddy glove, the other with a pitchfork (think of the broom scene of Fantasia with them coming down the stairs) only it was a stair case like the boilerroom in the nightmare movies.

Another only NOT a nightmare... one of the teeny Bopper magazines put a pin-up of Freddy in the magazine, well I hated the lame wallpaper in my room so I basically wallpapered my wall with pinups & posters.

So Freddy was 2-3 rows up & about the middle -ish area of the wall. So one night I look up and it seems jsut perfectly the light from the street lamp was coming in just perfect & landing on the Freddy picture. Well I always say the only way I get scared is if I do it myself & that is the night I started that. You know how when you look at a picture too long your eyes play tricks on you? Well that light had me staring at the Freddy pin-up as I tried to fall asleep, didn't close my eyes but I had a 'waking' nightmare I guess you could call it. I saw a metal rail fly across in front of the pin-up with a metal 'ting'; then Freddy's hand slowly & creepily came out & Screeeeeeeeeched along the rail after that I freaked out literally HID under my covers & swore first thing in the morning I was taking the picture down.

There's an Elm st. everywhere

THe best of the series & scariest. There are quite alot of memorable scenes.

Freddy's Revenge - more like insomnia cure

Basically the only good thing about that remake (which I hated) that they made, was they put the first 2 movies in one.

pt 3 Dream Warrriors

This stars a young Patricia Arquette. The kids are in a mental hospital which their shrink (the woman one) I think basicaly thins its their harmones. My fave part is the puppet one.

The Dream Master

Dream Child

I forget how Freddy is getting to everyone in this.. Not sure if its when the baby is a sleep or whatever the case... not as memorable as some but I think the comic book bit is in this one.

Freddy's Dead -& 3-D 'cheese'

New Nightmare

Love Freddy

What's Your Favorite Nightmare

See results

The Legacy

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

So far I've watched 3 of the 4 hours of this (I guess documentary) of interviews with the casts, inside views on how the FX were done (most were very basic!) never before seen photos and more. This Kid from next to Elm st. has very much enjoyed the Behind the scenes look and on set stories. A Must for any Elm street fan collection or watch for newbies and film students.

The Scene Selection titles as you can see by the notes I included above, make it easy if you want to watch the information about one specific movie or something else about Freddy and Elm Street.

The Never Sleep again Legacy Scene Selection is easy to use. I used it being it's 4 hours in its entirety. So I would watch an hour or so at a time. The titles are as follows:

1- Main Titles/ Welcome to Elm Street

2- The Nightmare begins

3- Don't Fall Asleep (1st Movie)

4- Kill for Me (2nd Movie)

5-We're the Dream Warriors (#3)

6- How Sweet, Fresh Meat (#4)

7-Welcome to Prime Time (Freddy's Nightmares: the series)

8-It's a Boy (5th Movie)

9- Every Town has an Elm St. (I think this was for the 6th Movie)

10- Meet Your Maker (7th New Nightmare)

11- Place Your Bets (Freddy Vs. Jason)

12-The House that Freddy Built


Coming Soon

Stay tuned to my blog For the Up coming 'Classic Cuts' signature series.

I will be doing one on the Nightmare on elm street FRANCHISE.

This will be a more thorough look at the series. Individual reviews and such for each movie and aspect of the franchise (remember there were 2 tv series and I've heard a video game as well!)


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    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 3 years ago

      Loved the review, I remember Freddy mania when the first film came out. Kids around here WANTED an Elm Street in town. Great review and I have to agree the remake is just nasty.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 3 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Nightcat: I didn't mind Kellan Lutz being in there but they F'd up my Fave part (when Johnny Depp dies. WTF they did it backwards what is wrong with them!!! The BEST part of the movie & good have been even better w/ the fx of today & they Boched it!

      What's funny about all the kids wanting elm st near them is (was it the 4th or 5th movies that it could be anyone...

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