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No Harm Watching Television

Updated on March 23, 2017

Here's what I think

No Harm Watching Television

I admit I do spend a few hours each day in front of that "idiot box", the television. I have a few favorite programs and I try to tune in at the right time to watch it. Mind you, I am not addicted to it to and my life does not revolve round the television schedule.

I know there are some folks who are totally against even owning a television. Of course some of their arguments are quite valid. That box has some people so glued so to it that you hardly talk to each other any more. It is meals in front of the TV all the time too.

History Channel
History Channel

Television Is Not All Evil

History come to life

Television is very much part of our modern culture. Nearly every home owns one if not two. With cable TV there are more programs to choose from. TV is not all bad and not as evil as some claim. When watched in moderation as in anything, the TV can enhance our lives. The television is not just an entertainment box but with more quality documentaries and educational programs it can be a great learning experience for both young and old.

When I was in school history was one of my least favorite subjects. It was boring and a real chore to learn all those historical dates. Now with the History channel past historical events are brought to life and I really enjoy the way they reenact history. With advances in CGI (Computer Generated Images), it is like watching a movie.

Historical Events From The History Channel - Watch the reenactment of history

Oscar statutes
Oscar statutes

Live TV Coverage Brings The World Together

The world is much smaller with satellite TV

I think the most significant way television has affected the lives of millions around the world is satellite TV. It has brought the live coverage of events to every living room. The whole world can witness a sporting event, award ceremonies, historical happenings all at the same time. Imagine people of different nations from different time zones all with eyes glued to that rectangle box and awaiting with bated breath for the announcement of the results whatever the occasion.

I experienced the same tension as the many spectators in Melbourne who watched Roger Federer battle it out with Andy Murray for the Australian Open 2010 in tennis. I am sure many of you will be making a quick guess as to who would win the "Picture of the Year" like the glamorously dressed actors and actresses seated at the Academy Awards later on in the year. Though we may not be able to attend in person nevertheless we share the same excitement in our own living rooms.

I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts.


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