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X-Files Memories - An Ode to X-Files and other TV inspired poems

Updated on October 21, 2014

An Ode to X-Files and other TV inspired poems

Below are my impressions of two of the best science fiction series that Television has ever offered, voiced through Original Poetry.

If you love the X-Files, then the poem Ode to X-Files is for you.

If you love any of the Star Trek series, especially Star Trek The Next Generation (aka Star Trek TNG) then I hope you enjoy Make it So

Ode to X-Files

A Poem for Those Who Believe

Whether facing alien abductees or G-men, the possessed or the dispossessed, the X-Files held a captive audience for its 9 seasons and still through syndication. The words for this poem developed during the course of a reflective lunchtime walk. I hope all X-Files fans enjoy my poetic tribute.

Fox Mulder in his basement digs

Perused suspicious data

Now enters Scully, doctor, skeptic

To aid him, not berate him

The two together called to research

Many a case uncanny

Lack of luster in their exploits

Not believed by many

Hidden, shushed yet not perturbed

Little respect from those around

Continuing undaunted

Since the truth must yet be found

Turning up from time to time

Smoking man, a mystery

We the viewers did suspect

A connection in their history

Fox and Dana always searching

Only the audience, privy to

But speaking out was, of course,

A Government taboo

Creepy people, bees, UFOs

Missing sister, hacker friends

Military guys with secrets

Searching always, still loose ends

The partners Scully and Mulder are

Related soul to soul, yet more

And Skinner, actually on their side

Abets them when their need is sore

Agent Doggett; Agent Reyes

Did replace Mulder and Scully

Last episode, they're all aboard

Circle complete? not fully

Now Gillian and David

But actors playing roles

Made us care for Fox and Dana

Exceeding in their goals

So as the fan-base stays intact

And blurs between the show and fact

For some, bizarre story fill

For us, the truth is out there still

copyrighted 2009 - Mindy Makuta - may be reprinted with permission only


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Make It So

I just love Star Trek - The Next Generation

I've always loved Star Trek The Next Generation, and Captain Picard's unique phrase "Make it So". So, that's what's behind this poem.

They wander through the galaxy

Meeting races new and known

Cardassian and Klingon

Change of orders, make it so

Counselor Troi feels for stress

Number One could quickly go

Take the helm on moments notice

When Picard says make it so

Their mission is to seek new life

Where no one did before them go

The Federation making new friends

Lower the shields, make it so

Time and time Q's a'meddlin

All superior but curious, lo

And the Ferengi are always a'peddlin

Warp 9, Ensign Crusher, make it so

Romulans and Borg collectives

Star clusters, anti matter

Nebuli and super novae

There's space junk, a smatter

There goes the warp core

Geordi fix it, minutes, you've got two

From my crew there's "no can't"

'Cept Data, "no can not" will do

Warf, a loyal Klingon protector

And Beverly, gentle doctor, no?

Heeding all the Star Fleet regs

Prime directive, make it so

Well Picard is French but English

With many a light year left to go

Ready for the next adventure

Engines engage, make it so

copyrighted 2009 - Mindy Makuta - may be reprinted with permission only

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