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Off The Wall

Updated on August 21, 2014

Mickael Jackson's First Solo Album: Off the wall

Michael Jackson's Off The Wall album has such a special value for several reasons. First of all, It's Michael Jackson's first solo album. It included the first song wrote solely by Michael Jackson himself: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. It came after the great success of the Jackson's album "Destiny". And it was the true beginning of Michael Jackson as we know him.

All of that was enough for the album to be so special. But the history repeats itself once again with Michael Jackson, as with all the known artists in all fields. The value of the piece of art increases by the death of it's creator. Now, after Michael Jackson's sudden death, the album became so popular that it reached its highest search volume on Google at all times.

Off the Wall Live

Off the Wall ... and more

History of the Album: Off the Wall

The birth of a legend

Michael Jackson got to know the producer Quencey Jones during the former's film "The Wiz" with Diana Ross. The film was harshly criticized, while Michael Jacksons performance was considered the only bright side of the film.

Right before the production of "Off the Wall", the Jacksons had great success with their newest album "Destiny". Michael Jackson didn't want "off the wall" to be an echo for his previous family work. He wanted to have more freedom. He wanted it to be unique and special. He wanted it to be the beginning of a new line for him to follow. And he'd got what he wanted.

He wrote his first complete song ever "don't stop till you get enough". The song became one of the most popular songs in the US history.

Tracklisting of "Off the Wall" Album


1. "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough": by Michael Jackson

2. "Rock with You": Rod Temperton

3. "Workin' Day and Night" Jackson

4. "Get on the Floor": Jackson, Louis Johnson

5. "Off the Wall": Temperton

6. "Girlfriend": Paul McCartney

7. "She's out of My Life": Tom Bahler

8. "I Can't Help It": Susaye Greene, Stevie Wonder

9. "It's the Falling in Love" (with Patti Austin) by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager

10. "Burn This Disco Out": by Temperton


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