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Once Upon A Time...

Updated on January 27, 2016
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Character's To Believe

The TV shows character's in "Once Upon A Time" are believable, sincere and endearing. I thoroughly enjoy how each week's episode gives twists (good twists), turn's and surprises along the way, keeping you captive, like you were under a spell. The show draws you into wanting to catch the next week's episode so you'll be sure to know what's going to happen next. Each fairy tale character brings out real emotion to that particular character. This by far is nothing quite like what I imagined in my childhood kingdom. Reality is my childhood was in a completely different era. Even though I had a great imagination, I never expected to see my childhood fairy tales come to life like they have for my grandchild today.

I would recommend 'Once Upon A Time" for all viewing ages 6 years and older. Each episode provide direction, family concerns, parental instruction, morals, values and shows there are ways to change if given the opportunity too. Love and forgiveness ultimately bring change and gives hope the chance to heal wounds. Even though it is family friendly there are times it can be quite scary within some of the scenes and evil characters. However, it quickly takes the storyline back into a positive light. My grandson, Kaileb who is eight, asks to watch this with me when he spends the night and I am pleased to do so. We curl up on the couch, have our movie goodies on hand and watch a few episodes off Netflix. We're playing catch up, we've missed a few episodes and I can't think of a better way to bond than to cuddle up and reflect and share a part of my childhood in a manner such as this.

Below is a link to the Disney 4 book volume; just like the ones we had gotten as children from my grandmother.

Disney 4 book volume



Understanding Dysfunctional Families

In this story "Once Upon A Time" there are two very distinct moms; Henry's Step-mom, Regina and his biological Mom, Emma. In identifying with them I'd have to say I have been both, a biological mom and a step-mom. I can't say I've been the best mom either, thus I fall in line with Emma's dilemma of not knowing her child 100%. Not seeing him grow-up in becoming the person he became to be. I didn't give up any of my children to adoption. I lost them in divorce, which in some cases is harder. However, I know without a doubt my children love me today. Even though in my mind I wasn't the mom I would have like to have been for them, they all respect me. Now Regina has Altera-motives in this TV series, and I'm happy to pass on that I do not have any of Regina's characteristics. I have known real step-moms to have those characteristics and have pushed their own children away. And in doing so well, somehow, someway I have become a segregate mom to some of these teens, who have come into my life one way or another. I feel blessed these young teens find I care for them as if they were my own children. I know now every child should have ever opportunity to grow, learn and succeed in life. With a combination of love, guidance, structure and boundaries I have seen lives chance in a positive way. I thank my present mindset, character and traits to my endearing grandmother. For many of my attributes were inherited from her. Even though I had a mom and she is a good part of my life I have to give credit my grandmother. In watching her and pulling memories of her I see how I treat, discipline and care for any child in my life. The way she did. I certainly know I was not the best mom to my own children due to extenuating factors in my life. But I know I can be the kind of mom (grandmother) to any child like my grandma was to me, a good listener, encourager, playmate, teacher and influencer to set them on a path of success in their lives.

Childhood Memories

When growing up, with two other sisters' and a younger brother, we would often play dress-up. Of course dress-up time wouldn't be complete without being a princess at some point. I remember one Christmas my sister's, brother and I received a collection of illustrated Disney books all filled with the greatest Disney stories. Remembering these collections and with each volume telling stories about Mickey & Minnie, Goofy & Donald Duck, Dumbo and so many more. The one book that got the most attention was the one volume filled with the Princess stories. Reflecting back to these story collections has brought back wonderful memories of my grandmother, who gave those collections to us as children. Now watching my childhood Princesses come to life on the TV show 'Once Upon A Time' has been fun, entertaining and surprising to watch. Especially with two of my granddaughters who are enthralled with princess in their own playtime adventures. I admit these, not so new, fairy tale characters bring a wave of emotions, feelings and humanness which makes this show so unique, creating it to be a one-of-a-kind show to watch.

In closing, for me this show holds a lot of meaning in so many ways. I truly appreciate the way the writers have taking a childhood memory and elaborating in a manner like this. They have won a fan for life! Plus this one TV show does have 4 million fans strong... so glad I'm in good company!

Coming ~ March 2016 - Season 6

Dreams are possible when you believe! Thank you for believing in me!

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