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14.One hundred and one dalmatians 1961 USA colour U

Updated on May 6, 2013

also known as: WALT DISNEY'S 101 DALMATIANS (USA alternative title)

BASED ON NOVEL: Dodie smith one hundred and one dalmatians

Disney classic animated adventure


From this animated Disney classic (taken from Dodie Smith novel one hundred and one dalmatians) comes a dalmatian family adventure. Our heartwarming tale begins with some narrative dialogue about our bachelor Roger (Ben wright) and his faithful companion Pongo (Rod Taylor) his dog, Roger and Pongo live round the corner from Regents park London, so everyday Roger would write music till 17:00pm in the evening whilst puffing away on his pipe then takes Pongo for a walk.

Meanwhile Pongo loved his owner but life was well rather dull it would be nice to have some company and to do somethings differently once in a while, so Pongo was on a mission to set Roger up with someone. After looking out from the window Pongo saw a perfect match a women with a female dalmatian heading towards the park,so Pongo decided to take Roger for a walk or should I say run so he could put his plan into action.

At first Pongo's plan was working out, then things began to go horribly wrong, with one last chance of hope Pongo took off with Roger yelling at him, Pongo managed to tangle his owner up along with this lady that owns the female dalmatian. Between Roger and the lady they tumbled down a slope and ended up in the pond, although both soaking wet it was true love at first sight.

Life was now grand and no longer boring for a married couple starting out I had my gorgeous Perdita (Cate Bauer) and soon I was to become a father, Roger still wrote his music and puffed away on his pipe and he had his wonderful Anita (Lisa Davis) his wife to take care of him, we also had a nanny (Martha Wentworth) that looked after all of us. There was only one spot of trouble in our lifes and that was a women named Cruella de vil (Betty Lougerson) she was a friend of Anita's and she was not nice.

Cruella came to visit Anita while perdita was pregnant, Cruella wanted the puppies, Anita told her that the puppies won't be born for another three weeks. After the puppies were born Cruella came back for another visit to find out that the puppies were not what she expected, Anita had to explain that the puppies will gain their spots soon, Cruella said that she would buy all the puppies, Roger told Cruella that the puppies were not for sale then told her where to go, Cruella left in a stormy rage.

Pongo and Perdita thought that was the last of Cruella they had seen but they were wrong, one evening when they were out for their night walk Cruella hired her two henchmen Horace (Frederick Worlock) and Jasper (Pat O'Malley) to kidnap the puppies,so she could make fur coats out of them. After the owners had called Scotland yard, hung posters around all they could do is wait. Pongo and Perdita set off straight away after receiving an answer back from their twilight bark. Meanwhile some place in Suffolk lies the Cruella De Vil mansion where the puppies are being held Sgt Tibs (David Frankham) and the colonel (Pat O'Malley) were trying to rescue the puppies whilst waiting for Pongo.

When Pongo and Perdita arrived a fight broke out, then a chase across the country, in the end all well that ends well are dearest friends Cruella De Vil, Horace and Jasper ended up in a deep hole, Perdita and I got our children home safely thanks to all our new animal friends, our owners were so delighted to see us again, and what a surprise we gave our owners not just our fifteen children but eighty four others perdita and myself included that makes a total of 101 what a dogs life.

101 is adorable heart warming Disney entertainment classic that's suitable for all the family. our dogie fairy tale contains some happy, and sad occasions, some scary frighting scenes, some violence, some romantic scenes and a musical tune called Cruella De Vil to sing along too.

Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wolfgang Reitherman,

Writing credits: Dodie Smith (Novel) Bill Peet (story)

Abbott Sandra Penny voice Barclay Don voice Bauer Cate Perdita voice Beaird Barbara Rolly voice Bennett Marjorie duchess Bliss Lucille Tv commercial singer voice (uncredited) Bruns Jeanne voice Conway Tom quiz master/collie Daniels Lisa voice Davis Lisa Anita Frankham David Sgt Tibs voice Frees Paul dirty Dawson (uncredited) Gibson Mimt Lucky voice Hill Ramsay television announcer/la Brador Lee Bill Roger's singing voice Leonard Queenie princess Lougerson Betty Cruella Devil/ miss birdwell Luddy Barbara Rover Maga Mickey patch Marriott Syliva voice Mckennon Dal barking dogs Nash Clarence additional voice(uncredited) O'Malley Pat.J colonel/Jasper Owen Tudor Towser Pelling George Danny Ravenscroft Thurl Captain Ruysdael Basil voice Smith Max voice Sorensen Rickie Spotty voice(uncredited) Stanley Helene voice Stevens Bob voice Taylor Rod Pongo Wentworth Martha nanny/Queenie/Lucy Wexler Paul voice Wicks Mary voice Worlock Frederick Horace/inspector Craven Wright Ben roger


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