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1. A chance of snow (TV) 1998 USA colour PG

Updated on October 3, 2017

Romantic Sentimental Festive Drama


From this heartwarming enchanted Christmas tale, made for TV-comes a sentimental, emotional, drama that will set your hearts pumping and the tears flowing. This moving story is based at Minneapolis national airport,being the heart of our tale involving couples and individuals who express their views,and share their opinions to complete strangers about their own personal relationships and the love of their lives.

Single mother Maddie Parker (Jo Beth Williams)will soon be divorced from her husband Matthew Hill (Michael Ontkean) because he had betrayed her by going with his pr. Matt wants to sort things out, but Maddie dose not the couple get talking but they abruptly part.

Later on Maddie meets Ruth Pulmer (Barbara Barrie) a retired talkative teacher who tells Maddie about her relationship, and the love of her life. Maddie pours her heart out, about her relationship with Matt and how he has ruined everything, Ruth tells Maddie that she had an affair years ago whilst she was still with Earl and explains to Maddie about the importance of being in a relationship, and that who caused what to end the relationship is not important. The most precious part is having one another, and working things through, no matter what

Matthew meets Earl Pulmer (Charles Durning) a retired fireman who speaks to Matthew about his relationship and the love of his life, Earl also explains his secret tips about marriage which Matt finds fascinating.

Afterwards Matthew surprises Maddie to a romantic meal,the couple then chat to remind one another of their good times, they also go for a stroll outside-outside the snow has began to melt as the passion heats up between them. Matt and Maddie finish having words with one another, even though Maddie drops a bombshell upon Matt . . . Will Matt and Maddie ever sort their issues out? or will Maddie make the same mistake has her mother find out in a chance of snow

A chance of snow is a delightful weepy movie, suitable for people who enjoy having soppy and emotional moments. This heartwarming festive drama story contains emotional & sentimental scenes, a fair amount of romantic and passionate scenes between people, loyalty, & trust issues, but most importantly the moral behind this story is to not give up easily on what you have got because you don't realize how lucky you are until it's gone.

Directed by: Tony Bill Written by: Michele Cook

Akemi Dawn rude store clerk (uncredited) Anderson Warren bartender/airline passenger (uncredited) Barrie Barbara Ruth Pulmer Bertenshaw Kelly airline representative Cada James Otis Vickery Chitwood Angelica Ellie Hill Christofore Traci Kirby Hill Clark Lynn Kari flight attendant (uncredited) Coleman Laurie restaurant hostess Coyle Patrick Paramedic Cram Paul Stranded tourist (uncredited) Cummings Bob pilot (uncredited) Davis L. Edgar police officer Durning Charles Earl Pulmer Gabriel Evan Jason Johnson Gamoke Paul John Porter Groomes Gary Security guard Jackson Tonia Gwen Kolls Rebecca meteorologist Merrill Dina Merilee Parker Minjares Joe traveller Ontkean Michael Matthew Matt Hill Pall Robert airport officer Rehbein Mary airline agent Sedlachek Buffy traveller Senters Marquetta service agent Simmons Margi traveller Stockstad Ryan airport janitor (uncredited) Syvertsen Peter Craig Johnson Thingvall Joel airport store clerk (uncredited) Westcott Jim airline passenger (uncredited) Williams BethJo Madeline Maddie Parker Woods Lisa airline passenger (uncredited) Young Dey Katherine Parker


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