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Hunter "Patch" Adams Movie

Updated on March 17, 2015

Patch Adams - a Movie Based on a true story

This 1998 movie was one of the best inspiring film that I've watched and preferred so much. When I saw it I realized to my self that I was so lucky enough not to have such kind of trouble in my life, Mr. Adams was been in the lowest point of his life to the extent that he confined himself to a mental hospital for not finding his purpose in life, and that was the first scene you will see on this movie.

This film was based on the life of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, a doctor that believes laughing is the best medicine. The story was about how he find himself to dream and turn out to be a doctor then struggled to become one of the best, but in exchange he looses his first love, nonetheless he pursue and hope to save peoples lives by making and teaching them to laugh.

For me its not just an ordinary movie it helps to motivate oneself not to loose hope, to believe in yourself and laugh as you can. This simple goals in life that was highlighted in this film had given me inspiring memories that I will always remember when in time of trouble, I'm glad I've seen it and hope that I can share this to my readers.

Finding the meaning of Life

First lesson in this movie that was shared to its viewer

The scene is inside a Mental Institution even though he was not mentally sick person, from within he started to realize his meaning of existence. It all started when his fellow inmate and a roommate was having hard time every night to fight his imaginary scary squirrels just to go to sleep, every night he needs to bear his crying fellow in the corner, pushing away his night crawlers.

Then suddenly an idea came in to Adams and he play with his fellow roommate like just a child, Patch convinced him that those tiny squirrels will never hurt him because he will shot them by his imaginary shot gun. Then the good scene just went out, they play shooting the imaginary animals and then all of it was shot and dead, then he just convinced his roommate that it will never comeback and he will have a good sleep starting that night, and Adams got a good evening too, inspired and filled with joy for what he did to his roommate.

The squirrels - Take a pick on one of the best scene in this movie

Finding true desire in your life

This part was finding his own meaning... that he wants to help people

Adam on this point was a newborn person, that no one can stop him for achieving what he just realized to himself and that is to help people by curing them, to solve their troubles in life and to achieve that he should become a doctor. Even though the Psychiatrist that was in-charge to the hospital he was admitted tried to stop him, still his very eager to leave there and he did.

After 2 years, he was enrolled at Virginia Medical University and as the oldest student at his first year. Nevertheless, it does not discourage him to pursue his dream to become a Professional Doctor. In this year also Adams find his crush Carin Fisher (Portray by Actress Monica Potter) and soon to become his friend and his girl. Moreover, that year also he tried to impersonate a third year med-student just to infiltrate rounds at the hospital because he was so anxious to get in touch with the patient and help them to overcome their fears to face trouble by having a humor in life and laugh at your best.

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The funny scene with Children that battling Cancer - One of my favorite scene in this film. Here is the introduction of his round red nose and become his symbol

Achieving his dream

In this part he started to help people by the help of his friend

Patch met Arthur Mendelson (Portray by Actor Harold Gould) in the mental institution that he was admitted, the man who gave him the nick name "Patch". His a wealthy man who help Patch to purchase 105 acres of land to realize his dream to help people, in this land an old cottage was turned into a small clinic. At this point also, Adams and Carin are turned into a more intimate relation, they are now more than just a friend. Both and with other colleagues they help to achieve Adams goal - to help people with a taste of comedy. So when they get the clinic running, they started to help people without medical insurance for free with of course a combination of humor. There aim also is to learn closely with patient, to understand their needs emotionally, and help them understand that death should be treated with dignity and sometimes even laughter will overwhelm the fear of dying.

Lost of love

In this part he lost Carin, but before he falter a hope was seen

Adams thought that everything was doing fine, and his happy that now his able to help people with the help of his friend and love Carin. But he didn't expect to a sudden change on his life... Carin was murdered by one of the disturbed patient they've have treated at their improvised clinic and then the man shot himself after murdering Carin. In this shocking point of Adams life, he suffered so much pain for the lost of his love and almost give up the hope in his self. There is the time that he decided to go to a cliff thinking to end his life while questioning GOD what had happened to him and what his plan for him for giving him such suffering.

And then all of a sudden a butterfly just came up to Patch and landed on his medical bag and then to his shirt, He remembered Carin saying to him "When I was child I always loved caterpillar, how they turn to be a beautiful creature and fly away..". Those words has just occurred to Patch mind and realize that Butterfly is Carin and wanting to let him know that he should not stop hoping and believing to his self. That realization made him change to jump at that cliff but rather he decided to continue his goal in life to honor memory of Carin.

Patch was dismiss in the medical school

He was expelled due to practicing without medical license

In this part he was expelled because his clinic was discovered by the board of the Medical School he's attending. And it was true that he was practicing without a license, but for Adams helping people doesn't mean you need a license to treat them, for him an ordinary person who has a capacity to treat another person who is need was also considered as a doctor, as for him a doctor was defined as a person who attends to patient who seeks treatment, and he has his own point...

The Part of the Movie That Explain you dont need a license to attend a person who seeks treatment - And he's got a point...

The Final Part

I'm so overwhelm how Patch touch the lives of the people he helped

On this final part of the movie, it was evident how Patch Adam becomes an effective Doctor to his patients, up until to the last stand of his appeal for letting the board of Virginia Medical University to let him continue his study and achieved his dream to help people.. And it was so heart-rending moment that each and every person at the hall was in favor of Adams...

See the moment of his last appeal - It was so heart warming...

The Funny Ending - Here's the moment of truth

After all the struggles, the ups and down of his life, at the end he achieved happily his goal. And very inspiring enough for people like me to see such a great movie and knowing that it was based on a true story... to all who gave time to see my simple article.."Thank you" and I hope I shared to you how inspiring this movie was..

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    • eiramarie profile image

      eiramarie 4 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thank you so much..

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Nice review! I think I'd appreciate this movie more now than when I watched it years ago.

    • profile image

      tonyleather 4 years ago

      Truly inspirational movie!