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Pete's Dragon: A Movie Worth Standing in Line For

Updated on June 1, 2015

Have you ever stood in line at the movie theater only to have someone come out and says, "Sorry folks, sold out. Please come back for a different showing of this movie."? If so I am hoping that you were not a little kid. Because this one was that movie for me and my little sister. We were still outside waiting in line. In the good news it wasn't to cold that day. But after so many years I still remember how far from the door we were. On a brighter note we were able to see this on at a later showing.

As a kid the word dragon was a big draw. Add in the word Disney and a little music and it was a must see at that time. Then seeing the movie on the big screen was also a big plus. Unlike today where you say big screen and people want to know what size your TV is. Being able to go out as a family to the theater to see something that's aimed at the family audience. A movie that's designed for the family to see together and enjoy together. To see a Disney movie that was not animated made it stand out as well.

This movies release date was back in 1977. Its weird now that I work with people that were not born back then Yes I am feeling old. But be that as it may sometimes the older movies are timeless. The memories that they bring back are worth way more then the price of admission and the snacks that they sell. Just thinking about how well the story moved along. And how a family's brought back together by a small boy and a dragon coming into their lives. Yes a family based movie that helps a family through its story line. Back then it was not the family separated. It was the husband was at sea for a couple of years. He had been reported as lost by many. Some had given up and others hadn't. But that's one of the great things about families Families Don't Give Up On Each Other!

A lot of times you will have a favorite actor or actress in a move. In my case there is a tie for first place and a close runner up. All three to me meant something for being in this movie.

Mickey Rooney [Lampie] – played the role of the grandfather and the first one in town to see the dragon. He was willing to believe in Pete and what he needed.

Red Buttons [Hoagy] – The assistant to the traveling medicine showman. Even though he played second fiddle he played it well. His willingness to not be the main character says a lot about his character.

Jim Backus [the Mayor] – The mayor of the small town of Passamaquoddy. Just because I liked his voice (Mr. Magoo) and the way he was able to play his brief part.

As you can tell with every move there are different things that different people like. For some its the cast, for others its music and even others its the story line. But no matter what you like most about a move you will not know what that is until you have seen it. So take some time and check out the scenes that I have listed below. With any luck they will help you decide that this is a move to add to your collection.

Pete's Dragon the Trailer

Pete's Dragon
Pete's Dragon

Disney movies always have music.

Pete's Dragon [Blu-ray]
Pete's Dragon [Blu-ray]

Its DVD above and Blue-ray down here.


It's Not Easy

I Saw a Dragon

Brazzle Dazzle Day

Photo Gallery

These are two hand painted figures from the 1980's. Commonly refereed to as Bully's. They came from the former West Germany.
These are two hand painted figures from the 1980's. Commonly refereed to as Bully's. They came from the former West Germany.

If you would like to leave a note then this is a great place to do so.

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    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from State of Confusion

      @Richard1988: Hay just doing this lens helped bring back my own memories. Glad to share and bring back yours as well.

    • Richard1988 profile image


      4 years ago from Hampshire - England

      When I was little I absolutely loved this movie! I wanted my own dragon after seeing Elliot! Thanks for reminding me :)


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