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16. Pinocchio 1940 USA colour U

Updated on March 8, 2013

also known as: WALT DISNEY'S PINOCCHIO (West Germany long title)

BASED ON NOVEL: Carlo Collodi Pinocchio

Disney classic animated fantasy


From this animated Disney classic (taken from Carlo Collodi Pinocchio) comes a family fantasy drama when you wish upon a star, our magicial tale begins with some narrative dialogue. One clear beautiful starry night a cricket named Jiminy (Cliff Edwards) visited a quiet lit shop full of amazing handmade clocks & musical boxes or so he thought till he saw an old man.

This old man was named Geppetto, (Christian Rub) Geppetto was a kind caring natured person who was finishing off some final touches to his marionette puppet, which he named Pinocchio (Dickie Jones). That night Geppetto made a wish upon a star and wished that his Pinocchio was a real boy.

Later on that night a fairy (Evelyn Venable) visited Geppetto's place to grant him his wish,to make his marionette boy Pinocchio a real boy, the fairy explained a set of rules to Pinochio to become real you must be truthful,honest, unselfish, & brave. Our friend Jiminy promised the fairy that he would watch over Pinocchio and guide him, the fairy made Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio's conscience.

The rest of this movie is so far-fetched about Pinocchio, his sidekick and their amazing journey's which lands them in trouble. Adventure one not listening to your conscience and skipping school to take an easy option of life the route to fame and fortune. Adventure two taking a trip to Pleasure Island where you can eat, drink alchool, and smoke all you like with noone telling you off.

Adventure 3 rescuing your father who's been swallowed by a whale. Pinocchio and Jiminy shared so much together they cared for one another in times of troubles, showing bravery, loyalty, courage and friendship and don't forget the help of the fairy. As to the final out come well you will have to see for yourself's

Pinocchio is a like-able Disney entertainment classic that's suitable for all the family it may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups. Our magical fantasty adventure contains some sad and happy occasions, some daft slapstick scenes, some scary scenes, and some musical tunes to sing along too.

Directed by:

Norman Ferguson, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts (Sequence Director) Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen (Supervising Director)

Written by: Carlo Collodi (Novel) Writing credits: (story adaptation by)

Ted Sears, Otto Englander, Webb Smith, William Cottrell, Joseph Sabo, Erdman Penner, Aurelius Battaglia, Bill Peet

Blanc Mel donkeys/Gideon(Hiccup)marionette soldiers (voice uncredited) Brodie Don carnival barkers (Voice uncredited) Catlett Walter J.Worthington foul fellow (voice uncredited) Darlington Marion birds (voice uncredited) Darro Frankie Lampwick (voice uncredited) Edwards Cliff Jiminy Cricket (voice uncredited) Jones Dickie Pinocchio/Alexander (voice uncredited) Judels Charles Stromboli/The coachman (voice Uncredited) Mercer Jack rough house statue (voice uncredited) Page Patricia marionettes (voice uncredited) Ravenscroit Thurl Monstro (voice Uncredited) Rub Christian Geppetto (voice Uncredited) Venable Evelyn The blue fairy (voice Uncredited)


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