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TATB: P.S. I Still Love You—Summary and Review

Updated on February 15, 2020

“Love is in the air,” a famous quote that most people know. Valentine’s Day just came by and finally, after a long wait, the second part of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was finally out!

Truly, having a partner in life can be exciting, thrillingand amazing. It gives you unexplainable excitement in in life, and this was clearly seen in the start of the movie.

Lara Jean, a young high school girl, showed how dreamy her life as her fairy tale became reality. Just like anyone, Lara was excited and nervous as she was gonna have her first date.

I mean it was with Peter Kavinsky, the popular guy! Who wouldn’t be excited, right??

Their first date was something anyone would want—a fancy dinner and a lantern event, with a promise of happily ever after. However, a promise of not breaking one’s heart is too hard to keep. Will they be able to keep it?

Nevertheless, Peter drove Lara Jean back to her house, enjoying each other’s company. With a classic kiss in front of Lara Jean’s house, they both showed the excitement of love. Setting the mood of romance, the audience would wish to feel the same.

The next day, Lara Jean and her sisters were dressing up for Korean New Year, showing sisterly love. Leaving the house, a mailman gives their mail and shows that there’s a letter, leaving every watcher in curiosity.

I mean who writes letters these days??? Who could it be from? Curious yet excited, the show continues as they arrive in their grandparent’s house, remembering their mother who had pass away.

They meet their cousin, a typical teenager, and talks about Lara Jean’s boyfriend, the hot guy. In doubt, her cousin didn’t believe what they were saying.

I mean, to be honest, who would? Imagine your cousin saying her boyfriend is the campus crush?!

Arriving in her house, Lara Jean receives a letter from one of those five crushes from her childhood—John Ambrose McClaren. She gets confuse feelings as for why John Ambrose wrote back. Politely, she thinks of writing him back but her reaction was a mood.

As she thought of writing back, she remembers her past, and writes how much she liked him. After a few trials of accidentally saying her real feelings, she gives up in writing back.

To be honest, that was such a cute reaction. Imagine being noticed by that one crush you used to have. You’ll just feel the love that you once dreams of. But wait—-she’s taken.

The next day, she walks by Gen, ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend. With tension between them, Lara Jean goes to her locker. Peter hugs his girl friend, greeting her a good morning. Somehow uneasy, Lara Jean talks about the letter with Peter. Obviously, Peter had a nervous reaction, trying to read Lara Jean’s mind.

Volunteering as a requirement, Peter and Lara Jean separates in signing up. Because of this Peter asks her on a coffee date to make it up with her. Signing up, Gen, the ex, then arrives and high-key talks bad about her, leaving Lara Jean insecure.

Night arrives and Peter “finally” arrived in their coffee date, making Lara in a bad mood. However, Peter makes it up by taking her to an amusement park. Youth was evident in the air as they enjoyed the theme park.

Love is really weird. Weirdly cute. Just like what Lara Jean said, one moment couples can be in bad terms then the next moment, it was like nothing happened—like magic.

The next morning, Lara Jean and her sister sees their dad with the girl next door. Anticipating what would happen with their dad’s new love potential, the girls showed polite gestures to her. Wanting a love life for your dad won’t be bad, right?

Arriving in Belleview, her volunteer place, she meets a cool elderly, Stormy. They talk about Margot, Lara Jean’s sister, and made an acquaintance.

Stormy tours her around, talking badly about each room, even if she was heard by them. I really found this funny because of the vibe Stormy set.

Later that day, Lara Jean meets another man who would volunteer with her. Guess who it was? Yes, it was JOHN AMBROSE MCCLAREN, her ex-maybe not so ex-crush.

Falling in shock, Lara Jean was embarrassed. She then asks for her letter back, wanting to remove her embarrassing past. John Ambrose gave a condition that he’ll allow it as long as she gives it back, giving a tension around the air.

Lara Jean starts to get confused of everything. She started thinking of “What ifs” and replaying John in her head. With divided attention, her mind was crazy about Peter AND John Ambrose.

Skipping to Valentine’s Day, Lara Jean expected a song number from the Peter but sadly, there was none. Forgetting the sad feeling, she sees Peter with gifts from his club, making her more insecure.

However, Peter finds her and takes her to where it all started—the race track. Nostalgia, the only word for it. It’s just cute how they go to the first place they interacted, reminding the audience of their cute story. He then gave her a beautiful necklace with a beautiful poem.

Time passes by and Lara Jean gets more confuse with her feelings. Spending the time with John reminded her of her dreamy past and she slowly became more insecure with Peter.

She shares this problem with her friend and explains how she feels more calm with John Ambrose.

Driving back home, Peter asks Lara Jean why she seems off. Well, the viewers know why….

Then, they both shrug the issue off and they start making out, and Peter was undeniably good, leaving Lara insecure of his past experiences.

In class, Lara Jean reminds Peter of the time capsule they buried when they were in middle school. Wanting to remember the past, they go to the tree house where they hid it.

Making the vibe weird, as Gen was lowkey flirting with Peter and Gen lowkey talking about young Lara Jean crushing on young John Ambrose. Wow, Gen. Just wow.

Time passes by and Lara Jean finds a picture of Peter and Gen, close to one another. Their conversation leads to the past, where Gen and Peter still had a thing. Lara Jean assumes things and tells Peter to go. This breaks both of their hearts, breaking their promise.

Damn, Lara Jean.

Sulking and sad, Lara Jean and Peter had distance. Then, one time, they meet one another in an aquarium room. With no words, Peter took back the necklace…..

Gen and Lara Jean then had a closure, with Lara Jean admitting inferiority. She knew she wasn’t over Gen, her ex-best friend. Little did she know, they both put the same thing in the capsule—showing they both valued the friend ship. Gen then explains how Peter loves Lara Jean, and there’s nothing between them.

That was such a heart-warming scene. A closure with an ex best friend is what every broken friendship need.

After that, in Belleview, Lara Jean dresses up for the party for the elderly. John Ambrose gasped as he was dazzled of her beauty.

With Stormy’s help, they find themselves dancing under the hanging star lights, talking about their past. Then, they go out, finding snow in February. Just like kids, they play with snow. Standing up, they find themselves in each other’s arms once again.

With snow falling, and tension around them, their lips were sealed to one another. However, Lara Jean finds herself rejecting the kiss.

“It’s Peter,” John Ambrose said it himself, knowing he lost.

Lara Jean then tells Stormy about the kiss with John Ambrose. She then realises her mistakes. Stormy tells her that sometimes it takes kissing the wrong guy to know the right guy. Wow that was deep.

Lara, with teary eyes, realises that she should find Peter with with the help of Stormy’s words. Rushing her wag out of Belleview, she finds the man she wanted to see the most.

“Break my heart, Covey,” Peter tells Lara Jean as he goes nearer, then she confessed her love. With a happy ending, they find their lips attracting to one another, and once again in the arms of their true love.

They watch the old tree house representing the past go away, and continue moving forward. Lara Jean realises that love takes risks, and everything happens is part of their own love story.

With that conclusion, they once again kissed, pressing their lips with one another, and that was the begging of their story.

Ironically how the ending was actually their beginning. To be honest, I loved every part of the movie. From the songs to the scenes with no dialogues, and the mood they gave, everything was just perfect. They were also able to give lessons about love. They showed how love can be confusing but it all depends on people. It depends wether we are willing to risk to love or not. It is us who makes our own everlasting happy ending.

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