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Punforgiven too

Updated on November 19, 2014
Davorunner profile image

I love to write, I have been writing and journaling since I was very young, and I especially enjoy short stories, parodies and poetry.


Are you Punforgiven too?

Play the right key, I got locked in again.

You should go and catch your fridge, cos I can hear it run

I wrecked my sock now, so I thought this yarn would do

If you can understand the me, then I can oversee the you!

Plane flew by me, oh how the time flies

'n heav'n playin' Double Prime*, we share this pair o’ dice

The door swings open, but I might be unhinged too,

I was on my own but still, I got friends, I did, accrue!

These friends, are like a crew, these friends shine…*

What I heard? The ringtone,

Just a second, hold the phone

I can’t ignore, give me a minute or two*

What? I felt, (I mean I sew),

This tablet rocks, it’s made of stone!

Could you stay there? Cos I’m the one who waits for you -

When you want to eat some food.


Lay beside me, and I don’t mean an egg.

Come to this sinnergogue you may never pun again.*

Come lie beside me, but tell me only truth.

That last church pun lacks appeal… until you read it in the words, until you see the words, until you see the…. (words)

(See the priest, at punfession

Hail, Mary! I mean the stones!

Hurry along, you don’t want a hail bruise

What I’ve smelt, blood and bone,

It’s another joke, it’s just some stone.

That was poor, should I redo it for you?

Or are my puns grieving you too?*)

*Musical interlude*

Get it right here, all that’s left is none,

This songs exposed, so is your mind,

And now you see the puns, now this song is done,

Yes now you see it

(What I heard, another groan,

Is it a sin to pun, or just a tone?

I give my all, to make a joke for you -

What I’ve felt, don’t you know,

At least I tried, God forgive me now

Could I confess and have my sins forgive, my sins forgiven too?)

What I do? Why’d they groan?

Unadmired, and unknown

Their worthiness, when they don't realise the truth

I dub thee ‘punforgiven’

What I’ve learnt, why the groan?

God takes your sins,

And can make you brand new

And your puns forgiven too.

(every day, every day)

Your puns forgiven too!!!

By David Findlay

This is the song I parodied. Enjoy.


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