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Push (2009) movie review

Updated on August 24, 2012

This is a less market film I found while browsing the lists on Netflix. It was surprisingly pleasant. Like with many of these not so well known movies, I expected a slow moving low budget remake of a bigger production with a similar plot points. But what I found was slightly more attention grabbing. I was able to stay focused and interested for the whole 111 minutes of PG-13 intense sequences of violence and action, brief strong language, smoking and a scene of teen drinking.

The story is, people with special abilities or “specials” are in a race to recover a case that was stolen. A "pusher" Kira stole the case from the “Division” a dark government agency. The "mover" Nick is contacted by the "watcher" Cassie to help her find the case containing a drug used on specials to boost their abilities. This drug, up until recently has only killed those injected with it, now Kira is the first to live. Nick and Cassie are attempting to recover the drug before the Division and a Chinese gang of specials get to it first. They employ the abilities of other Division rejects to aid in their twisting, fast paced mission to bring down the corrupt Division.

I rate it 3 out 5. It is worth renting and watching at lease once, but don’t buy it unless its in the 5 dollar rack at Wal-mart .


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