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Updated on August 17, 2011 provided by the Libertarian organization, Reason Foundation. Currently, there are eight episodes of a program hosted by Drew Carey. I just finished watching all eight episodes, and they were all thoroughly enjoyable. Each episode displays a problem, usually caused by the government, and then offers several solutions to that problem. All the solutions involve less government, which means more freedoms.

The only problem I have with the episodes is that they are flooded with feelings and emotions, offering few logical explanations as to why the government is wrong. However, all the episodes were still enjoyable, and I recommend them to anyone Objectivist, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, Communist. People should educate themselves in any way in concern to an individual's natural right. Of course I am not ordering or demanding anyone to watch these videos or read any of the books I recommend or listen to any of the podcasts I recommend.

The key word is recommend. It is still an individual's choice as to whether or not to watch, read, or listen to anything I speak of. I would never want to violate someone's natural right to liberty.
My favorite episodes concerned eminent domain, and I would like to briefly address eminent domain because I loathe it. I do not support eminent domain in any circumstance. Whether the government wants to build a road, hospital, military base, or hand the land off to developers it is always wrong because it is always stealing. Any time eminent domain is used the government initiates force, the government violates an individual's natural right to property.

As I understand part of a government's purpose is to protect individual's property, so eminent domain is clearly contradictory. Some people may argue that eminent domain really is not stealing because the government pays the individual for the land. To retort this argument I will provide an example: If a man comes into your house, points a gun in your face, gives you $100 dollars, and takes your television the man did not buy your television.


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