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Remy - Creator of YouTube's Funniest Videos

Updated on July 8, 2014

Rap, Country Music, Food & Taxes

Remy (aka GoRemy) is the funniest video star on YouTube! Most of Remy's videos are song parodies and original songs combined with quirky and hilarious visuals.

Remy's favorite video topics are tributes to his favorite foods, songs about paying taxes and poking fun at anything that doesn't make sense. One of his tax videos was even featured during the 2008 YouTube/CNN Presidential Primary Debate!

Warning: Don't watch these videos if you're allergic to awesome. -- Remy

The Fantasy Football Rap

This is the first Remy video I ever saw and one of my favorites. Note that this was filmed in 2007 so the draft rankings don't match this year's fantasy football rankings.

Taxes & Politics

Remy's Video Question for the YouTube/CNN Presidential Debate - The Taxes Song

Remy's Tax Question on the CNN/YouTube Debate! - Responded to by Joe Biden

Remy's video question on taxes was used in the CNN/YouTube Democratic Primary debate. Watch then Senator Joe Biden's response...his answer is that he'll raise taxes.

TurboTax: The Rap

The Macaca Blues - Remy's First YouTube Video

Food Videos

Tributes to Remy's favorite foods and fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Videos - McDonalds and Taco Bell

Remy's Favorite Foods - Milk, Cheese, Jam and even Tabbouleh!

Habib's Favorite Food - The Hummus Rap

Remy vs. Weird Al Yankovic?

With his witty and funny song parodies, it's only natural to compare Remy to the great Weird Al Yankovic.

Find out what Weird Al thinks of Remy in this video interview.

Is Remy the new Weird Al?

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Habib Videos

"Baghdad's Worst Comedian" makes frequent guest appearances in Remy's videos. It's rumored that Remy and Habib are related.

A-R-A-B: The Rap - Habib Parodies 50 Cent

She Thinks My Camel's Sexy - Habib Parodies Kenny Chesney

Hey There, Khalilah - Habib Parodies The Plain White T's

Opposites Attract (I Can't Dance...)

Fun & Awesome

Commercial spoofs, "Today" show try out, local weather and more!

Learn How You Can Be "Litter Neutral"

Introducing the Shamkhwow!

How Do You Rate Remy's Videos?

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Remy Tries Out For The "Today" Show - "Anchor For A Day" Tryout

Yo! Wuz da weather, Remz? - Partly Cloudy: The Rap

The Law Offices of Hyde, Price & Scharks - Have you been injured...or not?

Remy and Habib Perform Live! - Stand up comedy tour

What is your favorite type of Remy video?

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World of Warcraft Rap

Remy's Favorite Hockey Team - The Washington Capitals

Want To Know More? - Here's Five Facts About Remy...

The Official Remy Website

Go Remy


Intro image credit: Image Chef

What do you think of Remy's videos? Which one is your favorite?

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    • profile image

      JohnnyFap 7 years ago

      Funny stuff :)

    • profile image

      GDI-Team-101 8 years ago

      Nice lens to close end my day on. (with a smile on my face)

    • profile image

      papasaky 9 years ago

      I like my eggs over easy :D, nice lens 5. Jeck out my lens about Mc Devvo he is funny to.

    • ltraider profile image

      ltraider 9 years ago

      Great Lens! Loved the Hockey vid!