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Salamander Guru and the Gang

Updated on May 14, 2015

Salamander Guru and the Gang

Salamander Guru and the Gang, also known as Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation Team, is a 2012 Korean drama about a genius hacker who teams up with two swindlers to take over a fortune telling business.

Genre: Sitcom

Director: Park Seung Min

Screenwriter: Seo Eun Jung

Broadcast Network: SBS

Broadcast Period: January 27, 2012 to March 30, 2012

Airtime: Friday 23:00

Episodes: 10

Salamander Guru and the Gang Pictures

Salamander Guru and the Gang begins with two swindlers, Seon Dal and Won Sam breaking into a house to steal valuables. Something goes wrong, causing them to leave prematurely. Later on, they plan on robbing the Guru. The Guru was so startled to have a gun pointed at him that he choked on the rice cake that he was eating and lost consciousness. The two thieves panicked and hid his body in storage room.

Seon Dal and Won Sam made the decision to stop stealing and run the fortune telling place as their own. They realized how much money could be made from doing so. The only downside to this plan was their inaccuracy made customers angry.

Therefore, they convince Min Hyuk, the genius hacker to team up with them. Min Hyuk is hidden and uses his skills to do background checks on each customer, in order to help make the fortune telling appear more realistic. Naturally, he is working with them under a condition. This condition is that they introduce him to the Guru. He knows that Seon Dal was not the real Guru, because he already knows what the man looks like.

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Choi Min Ho as Min Hyuk

Min Hyuk is a genius hacker who is searching for a man with a salamander tattoo, because he remembers that his father's murderer had that tattoo. During his quest for finding his father's killer, he gets entangled with Seon Dal and Won Sam.

Oh Dal Su as Seon Dal

Seon Dal is a swindler who decides to make money in a more honest way. However, this way is not exactly completely honest, because Min Hyuk is in a hidden room doing background checks on the customers. This makes the fortune readings seem a bit more genuine.

Lim Won Hie as Won Sam

Won Sam met Seon Dal in prison, but they were originally enemies. However, with a common cause they became close friends and partners in crime. His love of beautiful women and his bowel problem causes problems for Seon Dal at times.

Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung as Kyung Ja

Kyung Ja is a police officer who was in charge of investigating Mapo Rupang, the name given to Seon Dal and Won Sam. Because she accidentally destroyed evidence, Mapo Rupang have not been caught yet. Ironically, she interacts with them, because she goes to the Guru's place to have her fortune told. They even helped catch a criminal later on, so Kyung Ja keeps interacting with Mapo Rupang and Min Hyuk.

Lee Byung Joon as Guru Bum Gyu

Bum Gyu is the Guru who chokes on rice cake when Mapo Rupang startle him. After the incident, he appears to have dementia. Yet, at some moments it seems like he is actually fine. Does he really have dementia, or is he faking it? If he's faking it, then for what reason? And, what does he know about the death of Min Hyuk's father?

Salamander Guru and the Gang OST Part 1

01. Notebook by 8Eight

02. Notebook (instrumental)

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Salamander Guru and the Gang OST Part 2

01. I Love You by Sunny Hill

02. I Love You (instrumental)

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Disclaimer: Salamander Guru and the Gang and all pictures are owned by SBS. I am merely a fan of this drama and have no association with SBS.

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