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scammed by a couple of dirty used car salesmen and the shade tree mechanic

Updated on August 12, 2011

Theres a sucker born every minute.

Where I come from we have a saying. " Everybodies a sucker......just depends on what flavor they are." Yeah. Thats the truth. I think when I walked on to that car lot two months ago I must have had a sign hanging off my neck that said " Hi! My name is Bill the Sucker!" because really I fell like I got played real good. No vaseline type thing going on here....played so good in fact I had to right a hub about it. I started to call this hub " Royally F*&^%! up the A**! by a couple of B!@#$! A#$! used car sales man!" No lie. But I knew that my hub would never get published. Royally screwed man, screwed real good man, so good I had to smoke a cigarette after...know what I mean? But thats OK...everyone that gets played for a sucker is in some part responsible. You see suckers are people that are in form of desperation or overly anxious. The Conmen are sharks can smell this like blood in the water they can sense that this patsy is easy prey....after all they have trained for this. looking out for desperate buyers or over anxious consumers. And that describes me to a tee. Over anxious.... ready to do what I got to do. Being impatient not listening to the little angel on my shoulder that was screaming "Slow Down!!! Think it through first!!" Naw not me I'm ready to get this thing going ready to start making some money so..... :"Show Me the Truck.....because I want it and I want It NOW!" me the truck.....

Luv at first sight...

I remember that fateful day I first saw that money pit....oops! I mean truck. It was love at first sight all I could think about was all the scrap this baby could haul. I was driving down the highway and I had been looking for a truck for days. All the trucks I had found then was overpriced and not what I needed. These trucks was running three to four thousand dollars are better. Not only was these trucks overpriced they all had short beds. A short bed truck is no good for a scrapper. The larger the truck bed the better. This cuts down on the trips you have to make to and from the scrap yard. The bigger the bed the more you can haul. But anyway I was driving down the highway when I spotted this old truck on this car lot out the corner of my eye. I stopped reversed my course and arrived at the scene of the robbery ....oops! I mean the car lot. And there it was, a 1984 ford was love at first sight. The bed was big and I had to have it. A few minutes had passed and I was aproached by a stick-up kid with his guns out.......oops! I mean a used car salesman with a smile on his face. We shook hands....He introduced himself I introduced myself. " How much is the truck?" I asked. " This truck?" he responded " Yeah...This truck." I said. " I don't know.... Let me see what do I want for this truck." He thought for a few minutes then continuing "...I luv this truck I use this truck to go fishing in, I also use this truck to haul my boat down to the lake...hmm how much do I want for this truck?" he said appearing to really be thinking hard." 1800..?" he said "1500." I countered. " Its a deal." he said. " I will need a few days to pay it off." I said. " No problem." He responded " I'll give you thirty days, how about that?" Knowing full well that I was going to pay it off within four days..," Sure." I said.

The Truck The Lemon The Legend.

Over the course of about four to five days I test drove the truck several times. I even went and grabbed my uncle and test drove the truck with him riding along. Money exchanged hands and the truck is mine, I am excited really looking forward to diving into this new and exciting world of scrapping or as I like to think and have often remarked to my uncle " This is the birth of an empire!" In which he would respond ..".. Do it neph! Got dog on do it neph!" Fanning my already Godzilla sized ego. " I'm going to be the biggest junk and debris company in this city!" I would exclaim " Yeah!!! Neph! Unlimited!!!" my uncle would add in. " We're going to get paid! There is no stopping this thing here! This is the beginning of a empire! The first piece in the billion dollar puzzle! Yeah !!!!!......." And so on and so on we would go.........To make a long story short I bought a straight up lemon. This truck could not be more of a lemon than a lemon thats sitting in the grocery store. Add to that the fact that my everyday ride is also broke down, the same week no less! And you have on extremely pissed off Yon. But I see this as my first lesson in business. Never Ever Make Any decisions out of Emotions. Emotions will get you screwed everytime. Emotions makes yiou anxious ready to make a move when you should pause and look at the situation, gather all of the facts and see what other options you have. I really hope this is not an omen on how my little junk and debris business is going to fair once I get this truck up and running. Oh yes I have this lemon in the shop or better yet on the operating table. And that in itself is another story entirely! You see I am starting to think that I have ran over a black cat....walked up under a ladder...spilled some salt.....or broken a mirror somewhere down the line because I am having a TIME with this truck. I am starting to think maybe just maybe the gods do not want me to have a junk and debris business. My friends say "Oh it is only a see if you really want it." or They say " Be patient this is gods way of getting you ready for a new season....a season of prosperity." That is all fine and dandy but my patience is just about exhausted. When I first started out to become a scrapper and run my own business hauling junk and debris the only thing I was focused on was naming my business and trying to figure out how to get a steady stream of customers calling my phone. Now I am hellbent on getting this truck on the road everything else has fallen to the side. Come hell or highwater this truck will roll the streets soon and this truck will generate every single dime that I have dumped into it and more.

Add insult to injury....the shade tree mechanic

O.K. the truck is a lemon, alright now I geuss its time to get some work done to it. So I call up my trusted mechanic a old fella that I have been dealing with for about eight years. My trusted mechanic. A stand up dude who has never let me down. I geuss this is the season of the witch because my trusted mechanic is not acting so trustworthy anymore. Like I said earlier I think I must have knocked over a salt shaker ran over a black cat...twice walked under a ladder and maybe even shattered a whole warehouse full of mirrors because everything seems to be going south lately...I've been blowing kisses at red birds for the last two weeks trying to win sometype of good luck and I'm not even superstitious. The last thing I was worried about was my mechanic acting up....I mean I have been dealing with this dude for over five years....something like eight. But I geuss things change.

Trusted Shade tree......

Trusted mechanic my ass. This is the thing i like about hubpages its a nice and safe way to vent. I have been srewed all the way around when it comes to this truck. My shade tree dropped my truck at my house while I was at work. When I get home I am so happy to see it sitting in the yard, the first thing I do is jump in the truck and crank it up I let it run for about five minutes than it just cuts off. No problem it must be out of gas is the first thing I think. I walk two miles to the gas station at eleven at night really happy to see my truck. My mind is racing thinking about all the money I will be able to rake in. My mind has flipped back to boss mode now, the whole " building an empire..." thing has crept back into my thoughts. Plans are unfolding as I walk " I should be able to generate an extra paycheck easily..." is the dominating thought. " This will take alot of pressure off of my back.." my mind is racing thinking of all the things I can do with this Truck. " It will be kinda like working a second job...." Yeah I grab some gas and a pack of smokes and I stroll on to the house walking on air just as happy as I can be. I arrive at home and pour the gas in and try and crank the truck. It turns over but does not crank. Then it shuts off completely. I turm the key and it just moans.......vrrrrrrrrrrrr.......vrrrrrrrrrr.......vrrrrrrrrrr. The new battery is dead. This is the exact same thing it was doing before I took it to the mechanic and he brings it back and it is doing the same thing!!! Needless to say I am pissed at the gills!!! Starter, Alternator, new battery, voltage regulator, solenoid switch, new key igntion, over five hundred bucks worth of labor! close to two hundred dollars spent on parts! And the problem is still there! Pissed is a good word to describe how I feel right now. I smoke about five cigarettes in order to retain my composure. Then I make the phone call. Whats going on with the truck man? Its doing the same thing it was doing when I brought it to you. " Yeah somethings draining the battery I do not know what it is it could be electrical or the timing." OK dude. I hang up in mid conversation because my temper is boiling over. Here I am dumping money into this truck trying to get it fixed and all this clown is doing is having me fix things that do not need fixing and really he does not even know what the problem is! " Could be electrical.....could be the timing..." I wish he would have told me this before I started dumping money into it. But no could not do that....just had to grease me along until he got what he got out of me. Now sitting here with this truck. Looking for a real mechanic now I know this is going to cost and I'm tapped out. But yet and still this truck will ride the streets because I am to far in so the hunt is on for a good mechanic , a good mechanic I can afford.

Of course life is the best teacher....

I try to learn from everything that I experience in life. What have I learned from this little adventure? The first thing is to follow your gut. Something told me on the inside to wait. What else have I learned? Never ever spend all of your money no matter how excited you are about something, control your emotions. What else? Take your time. Do not rush a situation because you want it now. What else? Saving money is fine and dandy but for somethings let the professionals handle it. This will save you from going through a lot of bullcrap with a clown. It may cost more but the one thing you can count on is the job will be done and done right. I geuss oneday in the future I will look back at this and laugh. One day when I have made it to the place I am trying to get I look back at this as the beginning and have a real good laugh. Right now? I am pissed to the gills. If this was the marvel universe I would be green right now stomping through the city pushing over buildings. Yeah.... I'm pissed but hey thats O.K. Thanx for your time hope you enjoyed yourself....Peace I'm Audi 5000.


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    • Storytellersrus profile image


      7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      You are most welcome! Keep it up.

    • bill yon profile imageAUTHOR

      bill yon 

      7 years ago from sourcewall

      Thanx storytellersrus I like to play around with layouts and stuff I am the visual type. I try to make my hubs for the casual surfer, give them something that can allow them to escape for a few minutes. Thanx for visiting my hub.

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      I cannot believe how you detailed your emotional response not only with words but also with all of these videos and photos, illustrating your feelings! This hub is truly a work of manly art. I have never seen anything quite like it. Congratulations on making fun of yourself, finding lessons in horrific events and mostly, Voted UP for your resonant voice!!! Great job!


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