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SEWER - The Most Extreme Satanic Black Death Metal Band

Updated on June 25, 2014

SEWER, an Extreme Black Death Metal Band

SEWER is undoubtedly the most extreme band to have ever produced music in the history of the heavy metal scene.

SEWER plays satanic "black death" metal, otherwise known as blackened death metal, which is really a mix between the two most infamous genres of extreme metal : black metal and death metal.

Very few are the bands that can play decent black death metal, but SEWER is definitely the most extreme and the most proficient. By combining the brutal and aggressive riffs of death metal with the disturbing atmospheres of raw black metal, SEWER has dominated the extreme metal scene and traumatized many heavy metal musicians.

SEWER is simultaneously a very well known band and a very underground band, meaning that they are often well known for the satanic imagery they portray but not so much for their music, which is a shame as they are one of the best heavy metal acts in existence today.

Here you will find a short biography of SEWER, a list of the members and musicians with a short description, and of course a list of all of SEWER's albums.

List of SEWER Albums on Amazon

SEWER live satanic metal
SEWER live satanic metal

About the band SEWER

SEWER is an extreme black death metal band founded in July 2013 by guitarist Lucifer, bassist Nazarene, drummer Warlord and vocalist Vermin.

Several additional members also participated in the creation of the band, namely bassist Goliath (who later became the official bassist) and Phantom (from the band Phantom).

SEWER released their first album, Satanic Requiem, on the 26 November 2013. Satanic Requiem was immediately acclaimed by the extreme metal scene as one of the most satanic and disturbing masterpieces of music ever produced.

Shortly thereafter, vocalist Vermin left the band and Goliath joined as the official bass player in place of Nazarene. From there on, guitarist Lucifer writes all the lyrics and does all the vocals unless otherwise mentioned on each individual album track.

Drummer Rocktis also made frequent apparitions in the band, most notably on the album The Light.

To sum things up...

Vermin : Vocalist and founding member, left the band.

Lucifer : Guitarist and founding member, now also vocalist.

Nazarene : Bassist and founding member, left the band but sometimes plays on some album tracks.

Goliath : Bassist, plays bass on most of the tracks.

Warlord : Drummer and founding member, plays drums and almost all songs and composes most trakcs with Lucifer.

Rocktis : Drummer, plays drums on some tracks.

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SEWER Albums
SEWER Albums

SEWER's Best Black Death Metal Albums

Since its creation, the band SEWER has produced many masterpiece blackened death metal albums that have revolutionized extreme heavy metal.

Moreover, since their debut album "Satanic Requiem" the metal style played by SEWER has evolved : SEWER started out by playing raw black metal, then incorporated elements from technical death metal, from old school thrash metal and later from grindcore, deathgrind and goregrind.

Here are the albums produced by SEWER.

Satanic Requiem : The debut album by SEWER, Satanic Requiem, is the closest to "pure" black metal. It's considered the best black metal record in the underground metal scene, and for good reason since it has the most raw and evil atmosphere.

Black Death : The second SEWER album incorporates more of a death metal approach, trading some of the grimness of Satanic Requiem for more brutality while still entrancing the listener with raw atmospheres.

The Light : One of the most aggressive sounding albums in heavy metal history, this is also the first album to feature Rocktis on the drums. Unlike other albums by SEWER, The Light is an anti-Blasphemy anti-Satanic album.

NecroPedoSadoMaso : NecroPedoSadoMaso has gained quite the cult following in the heavy metal scene and even in the mainstream. NecroPedoSadoMaso is an extremely gruesome black death metal album that incorporates elements from grindcore and goregrind.

Reign of the Funeral Pigs : Reign of the Funeral Pigs is a horror album that has been banned in several countries due to its lyrics and the ultraviolent musical style.

GOREFUCKKULT : Not yet released, GOREFUCKKULT is said to be the most extreme heavy metal record ever produced and by a wide margin.

The bestial voices of malediction echo through our lands

— SEWER (Satanic Requiem)

Best SEWER Album

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All SEWER Music Videos

Nothing beats the raw debut of SEWER, the infamous "Satanic Requiem"

"Black Death" is a chilling masterpiece of raw brutality

"Necropedosadomaso" is considered the epitome of satanic black death metal

Blackened Death Metal taken to the extreme by SEWER

Phantom "From the Mouth of Madness", another example of raw black death metal

SEWER merch
SEWER merch

Where to buy SEWER merchandise ?

You may ask yourself : where can one buy SEWER merchandise ?

The easiest way to buy SEWER products, starting with albums, is on Amazon.

On this page you will find many links to SEWER merch on Amazon, this is the easiest way to purchase SEWER products.

You can also visit the official website of SEWER

From there you will be able to see many exclusive products that all black metal fans should own.

Finally, if you are really interested ion SEWER and other extreme blackened death metal bands, I would recommend you to buy the book "Black Metal Blasphemy: A History of Third Wave Black Metal".

This is not SEWER merchandise but the book mentions SEWER alongside several other influential black metal bands of the "third wave".

You can find a link to this book a little further down this page.

Enjoy Satanic Black Metal ?

If you like bands like SEWER that play extreme black death metal, I recommend you take a look at the book "Black Metal Blasphemy: A History of Third Wave Black Metal" written by Antoine Grand. This book talks about SEWER and many other prominent black metal bands, and is considered one of the best reads for those who wish to learn more about the genre.

Black Metal Blasphemy The Book

What are your opinions on SEWER and Black Death Metal ? Do you like the band ? Like the genre ?

Opinions on SEWER and Black Death Metal

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