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shhhhhhhhh! very very quiet.somebody's coming

Updated on November 10, 2009

I started out on my usual journey today,grabbing a pack of smokes,a Pepsi and begin my daily grind,job hunting.As I walk past my house I look in the yard and see my broke down Buick sitting there and as usual I get pissed.Pulling out my to do list of places that are hiring I head to the bus stop getting ready to submit yet another application to yet another business that is supposed to be hiring.From place to place I submit applications with a smile on my face.A smile that has been masking a constant state of pissed offness that my mind has been trapped in for about a two years now.A me against the world mentality that has developed in my personality.Job searching and no longer expecting to get the job,quietly putting together plans to escape from what I call the biggest joke,working for someone else.Taking a break here and there grabbing a sandwich,and another soda I sit and watch as people run in and out of shops and restaurants going about their daily activities,I wonder to myself how many of them are like me?How many people in this nation have truly awaken to see what a joke our economy has become?How many have realized that NAFTA,and GLOBALISATION really means it's a dog eat dog world,you're onyour own?State of mind:constant slow boiling anger,anger at myself for not seeing this coming.Anger at myself for being dependent own jobs instead of being dependent on myself and my abilities.And so with this anger,and frustration I continue along with one more place to stop,one more application to put in before my day is done.The deed is done,my mission for today is finished the manager tells me that they received an overwhelming amount of applications and that they would be in touch in a few weeks.I smile and say "thank you" never really expecting to hear a thing from this company,I head to the bus stop.pissed off,to the highest level of pissed offness.Realizing that if somethings going to happen I'm going to have to make it happen. 

My day complete I grab another soda,and fire up a smoke,standing in the middle of downtown,girl watching,when I noticed this guy right across the street rolling up something that appears to be a spliff,or a big hog-leg.(If you don't know what a spliff or a hog leg,is well I'm not going to tell you,I'll just say its something that cheech and chong was big on back in the day.)So I'm watching this guy walking around in the middle of downtown with a spliff in his mouth and I'm really tripping off of him!He looks over, looks me dead in the eye and starts heading my way!When he walks up the first thing I say is "Dude! I know you're not walking around smoking a spliff in the middle of downtown!"He replies"NO, I don't drink or get high,gave that up along time ago.I'm poor,can't afford tobacco paper so I had to roll my tobacco in a piece of typing paper that I got from the library.Can I have a light?can't afford that either."I gave him a light,then offered him a cigarette and he said"no thank you.this will suffice."and walked away.I stood there watching him walk down the street,a man with nothing and living in the worst case scenario,and I could tell he was happier than I was!The first thing I thought was "when I get my insurance straightened out I'm find that man and give him a JOB.(I have a janitorial company...sort of...need the insurance to be able to get the real contracts.) My state of constant pissed offness begin to fade as I realized that I was blessed,I may be barely squeaking by,but I do have money in my pocket,I maybe on the bus line but I do have a car,I may be searching for a job,but I also have my own little business that's slowly but surely taking off.I go home at night and plan my next step while I'm flipping channels on the ol picture tube,I'm blessed.It took a total stranger,a random meeting,at a random place,and a random time,to open eyes to the many gifts and blessings that I have in my life.A random stranger to put my struggles in context with whats really going on.How can I walk around in a constant state of pissed offness when their are millions of people in this country living my worst nightmare!I have learned a very valuable lesson today,a lesson that I will take to heart,a lesson that I will from here on out apply to my life.Every day for the rest of my life I will be thankful for things that I have,and I will not walk around in a constant state of pissed offness any longer.I will simple focus my energy into getting the things I need to done,and not worry are stress over anything because in all reality I may not like the fact that NAFTA is here or that globalisation is not going anywhere,but it is one of the few facts that I can't change.So I will no longerworry or stress my self over things I cannot change but instead I will change the things that I can.Because life is too short to be walking around in a constant state of pissed offness.peace and I'm Audi 5000.


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