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Singing Success Review: Can It Really Teach You To Sing At Home?

Updated on November 27, 2015

Singing Success Box

Singing Success Review
Singing Success Review

Welcome to Singing Success Review!

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that may receive compensation from the companies whose products we review, however we were not provided a free copy of Singing Success. We are independently operated and the opinions expressed in this review are our own.

Please continue to read our review below; we are sure you will find it helpful in determining if Singing Success is the right program for your singing lesson needs.

Singing Success Review Intro

Singing is everywhere in today's society, from TV shows like American Idol and X-Factor to live band performances, to talent competitions at schools and more.

You may watch these shows and wonder "Could I ever sing like that?".
Fortunately, nobody is born with an innate ability to sing and nor is anybody born without the ability to learn to sing! Anybody can learn to sing with the proper training.


Vocal coaching can be extremely expensive and can be inconvenient with busy schedules.

Singing Success is a program created by Grammy-award winning singing instructor Brett Manning (more about him later) that strives to be a comprehensive singing lessons course that can be used at home, in your car, in your office, or on the go.
Singing Success is appropriate for all age groups and will help anybody at any skill level whether beginner or pro.

Let's get one thing out of the way first: You may be asking "Is Singing Success a scam?".
No. Singing Success is a BBB accredited company in business since 1999 that offers a stellar 6-month money-back guarantee; rest assured, if Singing Success does not meet your needs, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

We learned about Singing Success about a year and a half ago and after reading several other reviews, decided to purchase it and try it out for ourselves.

Please continue reading to learn what we found out about this system.

We will answer questions such as:

  • Can the program really teach you to sing?
  • What does the program contain?
  • Is the material provided in the system worth the price?

and more!

Singing Success Survey

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Singing Success Logo

Brett Manning's Singing Success
Brett Manning's Singing Success | Source

Brett Manning -- Creator of Singing Success

Brett Manning -- Creator of Singing Success
Brett Manning -- Creator of Singing Success

Who Created Singing Success?

First things first, let's meet Singing Success' creator, Brett Manning:

Singing Success was created by Brett Manning, a vocal coach who has instructed numerous Grammy-award winning singers such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and the Broadway cast of Les Miserables. He was also featured on CMT's Can you Duet? as a vocal coach and judge.

Brett has taken his skill and knowledge and turned it into a system that you can use in the comfort of your own home, car, or office. The methods used in Singing Success are the same lessons that are used in his in-person training sessions which undoubtedly cost hundreds of dollars per hour.

Watch the below video for a great introduction to Brett Manning and Singing Success!

After watching the video, continue below to read our Singing Success review.

Video Intro To Singing Success

What Is Singing Success?

Singing Success is an online/at-home vocal training program that consists of 12 CDs, a DVD, and some written material all with the goal of teaching you how to improve your singing voice.

There are approximately 300 lessons within this system, and it covers everything from proper breathing to singing in a particular style, to singing skills such as trills and falsetto.

Continue reading our Singing Success review below for more detail about what this program contains and our impressions.

Free Singing Success Videos/Tips

Not ready to buy the Singing Success program yet?

Singing Success has numerous free resources on their internet site that can get you on your way:

The below link does NOT require a purchase of any kind. These tips are 100% complimentary by Singing Success!

Singing Success TV -- Free Videos

Other Singing Resources on Amazon

Okay, so what does Singing Success include?

Singing Success features the following learning materials:

  • 12 audio CDs of lessons
  • 1 DVD with interviews, before and after videos, and some lessons.
  • 1 workbook that contains information about singing health, breathing exercises, etc
  • A 15-minute consultation with a singing coach

The lessons on the CDs are broken down as follows:

  • CD 1, 34 lessons: Intro, demos, how the voice works, terminology, goals, top 10 difficulties in singing.
  • CD 2, 17 lessons: Trills, licks and runs, bends, falsetto, styles: classical, pop, country, jazz, gospel, blues, etc.
  • CD 3, 18 lessons: Objectives, exercises: humming, lip rolls, tongue trill, nay nay nay octave scale.
  • CD 4, 19 lessons: Humming on 5 tone scale, lip roll on octave scale, tongue trills, etc.
  • CD 5, 25 lessons: Long scale trills and lip rolls, demos, and applications in song.
  • CD 6, 25 lessons: Focused on intermediate techniques for long scale and sustained notes.
  • CD 7, 24 lessons: Mixed octave trills, 3-octave scale exercises, and sustained note practice.
  • CD 8, 14 lessons: More advanced humming, lip rolls and vowel sound exercises.
  • CD 9, 54 lessons: Triplets, note bends, rapid variations, and scales with faster drum beats.
  • CD 10, 40 lessons: More style work, focused on add-on licks, increasing tempo and modifications.
  • CD 11, 22 lessons: Genre demos and exercises, practice with demos and progressions.
  • CD 12, 10 lessons: Full demo songs to bring it all together.

The DVD contains:

  • Video: The Science of Singing
  • Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Brett Manning
  • Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Chris Keller
  • Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Jesse Nemitz
  • Videos: 4 Vocal Tips with Shelby Rollins
  • Videos: 12 Video lessons covering concepts like “Getting rid of outer tension”, “Developing a style”, “Power of dynamics”, “Distinctive sound”, and “Chest voice and vibrato”

Singing Success

Singing Success contents.
Singing Success contents.

Singing Lessons

What other methods have you used to learn how to sing?

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Singing Success Review Rating

5 stars for Singing Success

Singing Success Review

As we mentioned above, the Singing Success system consists of 12 audio CDs, a DVD, and a workbook that has information about health and caring for your voice.

Singing Success CDs

The main part of the Singing Success program is the audio CDs.

The lessons on the CD's are well organized and follow a really nice and logical progression, making sure that you are ready for the next step before you continue. We noticed that there are a few audio lessons that are rather short (30 seconds or so); why these aren't part of the next audio file, we aren't sure. If you buy the physical copy of the program, you can rip the MP3s off of the CD's for use in your car, on your iPod, etc.

Brett Manning keeps the pace of the lessons easy to follow whether you have never sang before or if you are already an intermediate singer.

All together, we were impressed by the audio lessons, but you have to understand that it is going to take practice, practice, practice and listening to these lessons over and over. One time through these lessons is definitely not going to be enough to make a large difference.

There is one major disappointment we had, and that is the final audio CD. The final CD is where you "bring it all together" and sing along to your favorite music; we were disappointed to discover that the CD doesn't contain any popular music. It isn't too difficult to find backing tracks on the internet to sing to, but we still think it would be better to have them right on the CD, perhaps with instructions on the intricacies of each song, etc.

Singing Success DVD

The DVD is a lot lighter on material, mostly containing short tips and some short lessons, but still contains good information. It is still possible to rip these DVD lessons for use on a portable media player, but the process is much more difficult than audio.

The Workbook

The workbook is the weakest point in this system, containing mostly basic health information and is only 16 pages long. The information contained in the workbook is valuable, but we feel like it could have been a little bit longer and richer.

Delivery of Singing Success

Singing Success can be downloaded immediately after purchase or physically delivered for those that would prefer a tangible copy or who have a slower internet connection. It is a very large download (1.1GB+), which may take several hours on an average internet connection.

Singing Success -- The Company

The Singing Success company is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and has been in business since 1999. As we mentioned before, Singing Success offers a 6 month, money-back guarantee on their systems. If you find that the system does not meet your needs for any reason, Singing Success will refund you.

Review Summary

Singing Success -- What did we like?

What did we find great about Singing Success?

  1. Singing Success is taught by professional vocal coach Brett Manning who has instructed Grammy-award winning singers.
  2. Singing Success has plenty of material in audio form. The DVD contains tips and lessons, and while they are shorter than the audio-only lessons, they are still a valuable resource.
  3. Price. Singing Success is far cheaper than professional vocal coaching.
  4. Singing Success can be either downloaded or shipped. This is helpful for people with a slow internet connection or for those that would prefer to have a physical product.
  5. The Singing Success audio lessons can be ripped onto MP3 player/phone/computer for listening anywhere.
  6. Singing Success, as a company, is a well established, BBB accredited business with an A+ rating, and has a 6-month money back guarantee.

Singing Success -- What didn't we like?

What didn't we find great about Singing Success?

  1. The workbook is a bit short/basic; we feel it could have been a bit longer and contained more information.
  2. The final CD which is supposed to be where you demonstrate your newly learned skills, does not contain any "popular" songs.
  3. There are a few shorter lessons that could have probably been expanded on a bit.

Singing Success Review Conclusion

Unfortunately, no computer-based or audio system can take the place of an in-person vocal coach, but if you have an interest in developing a better voice, whether just for fun with friends, a career, or a competition, this system will have something for you to learn. The material is well written, easy to follow, structured logically, and well produced. It was created and is taught by a professional vocal coach that probably charges hundreds per hour for vocal lessons. That kind of expense is out of the range of most aspiring singers. This system is much more affordable.

No matter the training method you use to learn to sing, it will take a concentrated effort and continual practice to learn. Learning to sing in the wrong way can lead to bad habits or possibly even damage to your vocal cords. Because of this, it is important to learn the proper methods. We encourage you to try Singing Success to determine if the program is right for you. If you find the program does not meet your needs, Singing Success will refund you your money within 6-months, which we find to be an outstanding return policy and shows that the company has a lot of confidence in their products.

Thank you for reading our review! We hope that you have found it helpful in your search for singing lessons. Please leave us a comment with your impressions!

Click on the link below to get started with Singing Success!

Ready To Learn To Sing?

Why wait to learn to sing? Click below to get started!

Learn To Sing Now!

Thanks again for reading our review.

© 2013 q120

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