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SlapShot the Movie - Puttin' on the Foil

Updated on October 3, 2007

Slap Shot DVDs, Trivia, Apparel, Quotes, Photos and More!

Slap Shot is a 1977 Hollywood film starring Paul Newman and Michael Ontkean and directed by George Roy Hill. The film is based on a book written by Nancy Dowd, based in part on her brother Ned Dowd's experiences playing minor league hockey in the United States in the seventies, during which time violence, especially in the low minors, was the selling point of the game.

Hockey Rules Explained by Dennis - "You don't do dat."

Slap Shot Soundtrack

A comprehensive list of all the great music used in the film.


Performed by Maxine Nightingale

United artists Records


Performed by Elton John

MCA/Rocket Records

- "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)"

Written by Stevie Nicks

Performed by Fleetwood Mac

Reprise Records

- "Say You Love Me"

Written by Christine McVie

Performed by Fleetwood Mac

Reprise Records


Performed by Sonny James

Columbia Records


Performed by Leo Sayer

Warner Bros. Records

Original Slap Shot Movie Trailer - From 1977

Slap Shot is 30!

by Nancy Dowd

This year is the thirtieth anniversary of Slap Shot's release. There has been a lot of water under the bridges of Flood City. Maybe we should start with where I got the idea. Or where I was when I got the idea. And when. 1974-5 in Los Angeles, California. Very far from the Charlestown I created.

The 1970s for those of you who missed them were a fabulous time to be young and brave. Rules were meant to be broken. Make it up as you go along. Use your imagination. Healthcare plans, multi-national corporations, globalization were not on the map. Life and what to make of it were up for grabs.

When I read that my college educated brother was playing hockey in some dump of a mill town in Pennsylvania and my father was shocked, I thought oh spare me. The team and the town made him recall his own hardscrabble youth in Springfield, Massachusetts where the minor league hockey games were so rough that the brawls spilled out into the parking lot. "Old time hockey," he wrote. "Toe Blake, the great Eddie Shore." I was getting on with life. I had no time for an old man's reminiscing. Soon I received a call from my brother whom I barely knew. My parents marriage had ended years before splitting the four of us down the middle. It was midnight LA time and I was at the house of a bad news boyfriend. Three AM in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and my brother was drunk. The bottom line of the conversation: his team was to fold or be sold. I asked: who OWNS the Jets? He had no idea. And at that moment I knew I was going to write the screenplay that would become Slap Shot. I had never been to Johnstown, never seen my brother play, never met his team, but I had my story.

I was treated by the critics as the cinematic anti-Christ, polluting the vocabularies of upstanding American youth. But you stood by Slap Shot for three generations. You bought the videos, you bought the DVD's, you wore the Halloween costumes, hosted the Slap Shot parties, memorized the lines, and laughed and laughed. That is the real measure of a motion picture, not the opening weekend grosses. When an object is embraced by a popular culture, it takes on a life of its own. Thanks to you, Slap Shot has that life.

So, my old friends, in closing I want to evoke those deathless words spoken by the immortal player coach Reg Dunlop nearly thirty years ago: "Don't ever play Lady of Spa

The Greatest Shift in Hockey History

Interview with Denis Lemieux - In French

Slap Shot Fans, unite!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Does anyone know the song the team was singing in the hotel when Reggie called his wife when they were on the road. It was when the team had a conga line going and went something like, gotta lot of heart, gotta lot of soul .....

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      If you haven't done so already, make sure you go out and read "Slap Shot Original: The Man, the Foil, and the Legend" by Dave Hanson. This book is about Dave Hanson's professional hockey career, his experience filming the original Slap Shot and what the Hanson Brothers are involved in 30 years later.

      If you're a fan of the Hanson Brothers, then you'll enjoy this book!

    • azac profile image

      azac 9 years ago

      Not only is Slap Shot the Holy Grail of hockey movies, it is the best sports movie and one of the best movies overall of all time. It should have won the Oscar for best movie.

    • profile image

      BradKamer 9 years ago

      This is the best sports comedy movie ever made. I have caddyshack at #2 and Kingpin at #3. Good lens, enjoyed the clips too.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I grew up in California far far away from the hockey world of the Chief's. But There is one universal truth, the first line change of the Hanson Brothers is hands down, the funniest five minutes of any movie. "puutin' on the foil coach!"

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I can't believe this movie came out 30 years ago!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      I recall the story of when I first saw the movie on broadcast television to those who bring up "Slapshot". Two plus years after its release the movie made its way to a local station's movie of the week. It was cut to shreds but that didn't stop me from having to change urine soaked clothes--twice!

    • Pyeman73 LM profile image

      Pyeman73 LM 10 years ago

      Greatest hockey movie of all time, ever, ever.