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Smash TV Show Season 2 - Smash Season 2 Spoilers, New Cast and New Plot

Updated on February 13, 2018

Smash Season 2 Returns on February 5th 2013

Fans of the first season of the Smash TV Show will be happy to hear they don't have long to wait for season 2 of Smash on NBC. I have to admit that Smash was one of my favorite TV shows in 2012. Not only was it a musical with original songs, but it had compelling and believable story arcs. There was conflict and back-stabbing. There were people's lives at stake along with intrigue and a lot of sex and rock and roll.

However, through all the drama it was hard to forget that the real story was about a sweet girl from a small town, trying to have her talent recognized in a big city. Karen Cartwright (played by American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee) just wanted to play the role of Marilyn Monroe in a real production. In the end she got her way, but it wasn't easy and the show still has to go on.

What's Smash Season 2 About?

Season One of Smash was all about getting the new musical, about the life and death of Marilyn Monroe, ready to actually open in a large theatre such as on Broadway. In Smash season 2, the musical still continues. The previews were a success and the second season ended on what looked like success for Bombshell but disaster for Ivy. Many fans will wonder if she did have an overdose?

There are still factors that need to be ironed out. The show needs to be tweaked and things in the management team weren't exactly running smoothly. There are still a number of teething problems. Although the show was a success, it's not on Broadway yet.

Catch Up on Season One of Smash

Smash: Season 1 (DVD + UltraViolet)
Smash: Season 1 (DVD + UltraViolet)

Relive the drama of Smash on DVD


Smash Poll

Who's the Better Marilyn?

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Spoilers About This Marilyn Musical

Everythings Been Flipped on Smash Season 2

In the first season of Smash, Ivy was on top. She was set to be Marilyn, but couldn't keep it together. She let the fame and the role get to her. Even sleeping with the Director ended up hurting her more than it aided her. She treated Karen terribly and acted like the head cheerleader at high school. it wasn't pretty. And when she fell, she fell hard. there was no-one waiting to catch her.

Now Karen is top dog. Ivy finds herself at the bottom, slowly trying to climb her way back into everyone's good graces. Will Karen treat Ivy the way Ivy treated her? Will we see a bitchy, mean girl side to angelic Karen?

Will Karen do pop music too? She had an opportunity in season one to become a recording artist but wanted to see where Bombshell would take her first.

There's also trouble in paradise between the writers and songwriters. Seems someone may have stolen the songs from elsewhere as they couldn't hack it. Then to top it all off Julia had a nervous breakdown and the whole musical world is telling Tom to get a new writing partner.

Add to that there's trouble with the financing of the Marilyn musical. Someone told the police about the dubious nature of the funding of Bombshell. There's too many people to pick from right now. It may have been Ellis. After all, he was kicked from the production after poisoning the actress playing Marilyn with a peanut shake. It may have been Ivy or it could have been Irene's ex-husband. Either way, her new man seems to be in jail and funding isn't forth coming. Irene will have to find a new way to fund the musical moving forward.

Derek seems to have more of a heart this season. Although we did find out he has a tough exterior but a beating heart in there at the end of last season.

And to top it all of there are a number of new characters.

One of My Favorite New Songs - Broadway Here I Come

Expect fantastic songs like this in the second season of Smash

Smash Soundtrack With Original Songs

The Music of SMASH
The Music of SMASH

Listen to original songs written for the first season of Smash


A New Star Joins Smash

Get ready to meet some new Smash cast and characters. Many of our favorite are set to return but there is at least one major new player in town.

Jennifer Hudson is joining the cast as a successful Broadway star.

She's not competing for the role of Marilyn but is the lead in another show. She'll be performing original songs too and is a star on Smash called Veronica Moore.

She's friends with Ivy and is introduced to Karen. She gives Karen some advice on what her life will be like in 6 months time if she puts in the work on Bombshell.

Another new character is a new male singer that ends up having a personal relationship with Karen. Jeremy Jordan plays the role of Jimmy Collins. To begin with he seems a little shy about his talent but decides to audition for Derek. He's cute but known for being a player. Will he break Karen's heart in season 2 of Smash. I think it's safe to say that Dev is out of the picture.

Krysta Rodriguez joins the cast of Smash as Ana Vargas in Season 2. She'll play Karen's new roommate as Karen needs to pay the rent and has split with Dev. She no longer has a safety net to fall on, unless she goes to her parents. Ana also wants to get her big break on Broadway.

From the trailer below we can see there will be other guest appearances from the likes of Sean Hayes. You might remember him as "Just Jack" from the sitcom Will & Grace.

There are also rumors that Liza Minnelli will make an appearance on Smash this season.

I loved that Smash was different. It wasn't a copy of Glee, it was better. I loved that there were original songs and that they had real singers that had talent, guts and acting ability. It covered every emotion from joy to the lowest moments anyone can possibly face in their lives.

Will You Be Watching Season 2 of Smash?

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