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To Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist: my song" Sweet Love of Mine".

Updated on February 12, 2018

Folk song written for Cindy Sheehan:peace activist: a mother who lost her son in Iraq war

This song was written for a grieving mother, Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in the Iraq war. Since then she has been a steadfast activist for the end of war, sitting in vigil at the doorstep of George Bush in Texas. She also hosts her own radio show, having provocative quests whom she interviews. One I really enjoyed was Gore Vidal.

The song, called Sweet Love of Mine was very difficult to perform without breaking down into tears. It took me over a year to be able to perform it, on YouTube, from the music studio of the Vinster. I am now working on doing a true recording of it in the studio. I hope you enjoy it, it is a song to the many mothers and fathers who have paid the ultimate price of war.

Sweet Love of Mine by girlpower

Garden Angel

Cindy's radio program, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox

I found Cindy Sheehan's radio show and sent her an email. I was delighted to hear back from her and she encouraged me to email the song to her. I recorded the song and sent the you tube link to her. I received a simple note saying she found it to be lovely. What more could she say about a sad song about her lost son. I hope she finds her way, a place where she can forgive what the country took from her, far too song, far too soon.

Six foot tall fern in girlpowers garden: symbolic of our six foot tall troops in Iraq and Afganistan

Honoring a Veteran of Desert Storm

One of Desert Storm's survivors, digger
One of Desert Storm's survivors, digger

Learn more about Cindy Sheenhan

 CIndy Sheehan's son died April 4, 2004 in Iraq.  She didn't wait long before she became one of Americas most vocal anti-war protesters.  In August of 2005 she made a make-shift camp in a ditch near the property of George W. Bush near Crawford, Texas.  Called camp casey.

She was visted daily by up to 1500 supports, members of Congress and notable actors, singers and some civil rights activists.  She was also instrumental as a member of the  Gold Star families for peace of which she is a founding member.

In 2005 she supported a Sacramento activist Stephen Pearcy who made a controversial display of an American soldier with a sign that said, "Bush Lied, I died."   She also participated in the "Bring them Home Tour."

June of 2008 she was part of the movement to impeach President Bush which got the attention of the House of Representatives Dennis Kuchinich and Robert Wexler who co-sponsored a bill to impeach George W. Bush  They introduced 35 articles of impeachment which eventually got votes 251 for and 166 votes against.  The bill was then referred to the Judiciary Committee, where no further action was taken.

Recently in October of 2009 Cindy Sheehan was arrested with 60 other protesters at the White House when protesting the choice President Obama made when continuing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

December of 2009 she traveled to Oslo, Norway to protest the award of the Noble Peace Prize to President Obama.

This woman continues to represent millions of Americans who believed that they voted in Mr. Obama to get out of these wars.  She has given her son to the war that Ex-President George Bush rushed to begin on the erroneous information that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that was proven later to be false.  She will always be remembered as a mother who lost her son in war who turned into one of the most influential anti-war protesters in this country.


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    • nclark140 profile image


      9 years ago from Deep Dirty South

      This gave me a chance to stop thinking about me and my life. It reminded me to be grateful. Thanks


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