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Songs by Cliff Richard

Updated on October 2, 2014

Who is Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard is a British pop singer, performer, musician, actor, philanthropist,and entrepreneur who has sold over 260 million records worldwide who was born Harry Rodger Webb on October 14 1940.

In a career spanning 53 years he has over 130 singles and ablums and amassed hundreds of gold and platinum discs and awards.

Cliff Richard holds the record for having a number one single in the UK charts in six consecutive (1950 - 2000s).With total sales of over 27 million, 18 miilion album sales in the UK and 150 million singles worldwide have made cliff richard the biggest selling singles artist of all time in the UK

Cliff Richard Worldwide

songs cliff richard

Cliff Richard has only had a limited success in the United States despite having eight US top 40 singles, three which got to the top 10 which inculded "Devil Woman" and "We Don't Talk Anymore" which sold over a million copies each.In the United States, he has sold over10 million singles while he has sold over 6 million.albums.

Cliff Richard is still popular in South Africa, Australia, Europe (especially in Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland and Denmark) and Asia (especially Hong Kong, Japan Singapore and Malaysia), and he still retains fans in other countries also

The best songs of Cliff Richard

songs Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard had so many songs in the top ten in different countries that it is hard to choose the best. Shown below are a selection of some of his best songs.

Move it - songs Cliff Richard 1950s

"Move It" was released as Cliff Richard's debut single on 29 August 1958 and became his first hit record but was originally intended as the B-side to "Schoolboy Crush" It was recorded with the Drifters who would later become the UK band "The Shadows"

Living Doll - songs Cliff Richard1950s

"Living Doll" top the UK charts twice. The original version Cliff recorded with the Drifters (later to become The Shadows) then again in 1986 in when it was rereleased in aid of the UK charity Comic Relief.

Travellin Light - songs Cliff Richard Hits 1950s

Travellin' Light was recorded by Cliff and The Shadows It was his last single of the 50s but sold 1.6 million worldwide

Living Doll - songs Cliff Richard 1960s

"The Young Ones" is the title song from the 1961 film The Young Ones and also the British TV series The Young Ones

Bachelor Boy

The song is about some advice a father passes to his son, to "remain a bachelor boy until (his) dying day". Richard later commented when he wrote this song he "never expected it to be prolific". While Richard has never married, the song itself does not rule out marriage, with the final verse stating "I'll get married, have a wife and a child... but until then I'll be a bachelor boy...".

Summer Holiday - songs Cliff Richard 1960s

"Summer Holiday" is one of Cliff Richard's best known titles. It remains a staple of Richard's live show.

Summer holiday

Summer Holiday
Summer Holiday

The Movie Summer Holiday that features Cliff Richards and the shadows. This really great movies has so really good songs.TYhe video above is taken from the movie.


Devil Woman - songs Cliff Richard 1970s

"Devil Woman" is ranked overall as the third biggest-selling Cliff Richard single with over two million copies sold worldwide. The song is told from the point of a view of a man jinxed from an encounter with a stray cat with evil eyes, and his discovery that the psychic medium (a Gypsy woman) whose help he sought to break the curse was the one responsible for the curse in the first place.

We Don't Talk Anymore - songs Cliff Richard 1970s

"We Don't Talk Anymore" reached number one in the UK singles chart in August 1979, remaining there for four weeks. Produced by The Shadows' rhythm guitarist, Bruce Welch, it was Cliff Richard's tenth UK number one and his first since "Congratulations" in 1968.

Living Doll - - Cliff Richard and the comedy group The Young Ones

In 1986, 27 years after the first release, alternative comedy group The Young Ones approached Richard to record a comic version of "Living Doll" for the Comic Relief charity. Despite the apparent contrast between the anarchic comedians and the clean cut Richard, he agreed and their version again topped the UK singles chart, for three weeks from March 1986.

Living Doll

songs cliff richard
songs cliff richard

Which version of the Living Doll song do you like

See results

Mistletoe and Wine - songs Cliff Richard 1980s

Originally performed as part of the musical the little match girl. The song was for the scene in the musical where the little matchgirl is kicked out into the snow. Cliff Richard liked the song but wanted to change the lyrics to reflect a more religious theme, to which the writers agreed.

Saviour's Day - songs Cliff Richard 1990s

"Saviour's Day" was Cliff Richard’s third Christmas hit and his 13th number one UK single hit

The Millennium Prayer - songs Cliff Richard 1990s

"The Millennium Prayer" has Cliff Richard singing the Lord's Prayer to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne". It was not written as a song to be entered into the charts but was written to form part of a Share Jesus International production.

"Millennium Prayer" was released by an independent record label, Papillon Records, after Richard's own label EMI refused to release it. Some critics did not like it and some radio station refused to play it but it still was cliff’s 14th number 1 UK hit

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