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Spartacus - Seriously Sexy Cinema - Gorgeous Gladiators - Glory and Gore

Updated on September 10, 2014

I can count on one hand the number of shows I insisted on never missing when first aired, after the invention of DVD's.

The Spartacus series tops that short list. Follow along to see a glimpse into the hottest series in the last decade.

See just why I love it.

How do I love Spartacus? Let's count the ways. I warn you, it gets really steamy in this series.

I so love this series. It never gets old.


First off, the slave Spartacus was a real person.

Historically speaking, it is not an exaggeration to state that he helped provide the inspiration for the eventual overthrow of Rome by the slave masses.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a hero. While stylized for audiences, this series is full of actual history, the parts we know. The rest is, of course, made up.

In the STARZ take based on the known real life of Spartacus, the made up parts result in some of the hottest love scenes, heart pounding action and fantastic fight scenes ever recorded.

He wasn't the only character that really lived. For a look at the hottest badass good guys around, it doesn't get any better.

My favorite season of the series, Spartacus; Gods of the Arena

This guy is so hot!
This guy is so hot! | Source

As far as setting, we are talking ancient Rome here.

Think harsh with slavery, subservience and whim of fate being reality.

The idea of freedom for all was virtually unheard of.

In actual reality, the real Spartacus did lead a slave revolt that bit the Roman big wigs of the day right in their bloated behinds.

Was he successful? Largely no.

However, it was a catalyst for a concept of freedom within the quantum consciousness of the populace, of sacrifice for freedom, of fighting to the death for a God given right.

Without such having occurred, it is easily thinkable that a free nation such as America was conceived to be would have never come into existence.

The series displays so well the birth of an idea that infected the world, an idea that still permeates the very fabric of humanity, that of freedom.

Even the dog loves it. For real.

Scarlette puppy gives all four seasons four paws up.
Scarlette puppy gives all four seasons four paws up. | Source

Secondly, the plots and subplots never end.

The show accurately depicts the cut throat political and business practices of the day. Trying to keep up with who is trying to do in who is an exercise worthy of note taking.

Though not primary to the action of the series, I love how it depicts the manipulation, appeasement and control to some degree of the Roman masses through gladiatorial games.

One could make a reasonable argument that movies and the Internet are doing the same thing to the masses today but that's another article without the eye candy.

Spartacus; Gods of the Arena - Oenomaus Trains Crixus by STARZ

Eye Candy.

That brings us guys and gals to one of the biggest reasons this show has been so hugely successful. The eye candy abounds. Let me repeat, abounds as in is present in abundance from one scene to the next.

Starring Lucy Lawless from former Xena fame, along with Andy Whitfield as Spartacus and an super sexy Manu Bennett as Crixus, the sex appeal is off the scale. Think gladiator/slave soap opera with no rating restrictions.

Largely taking place in the Ludis, a "school" if you will for gladiators, though of course enrollment is not optional, muscle bound beefcake is running around everywhere. It's great!

Guys, you won't be disappointed either. In addition to Lucy Lawless, Viva Bianca and Lesley Anne-Brandt are both running around in various stages of Roman finery, or not. There's a whole lot of not in reference to clothing. Not for the kiddies here.

Spartacus and Crixus vs Theokoles

Action. A whole lot of action.

There are two main types of action hurling this series forward, that of the mind set in motion through plots and schemes for personal advancement and that of the most graphic, brutal, hard core fight scenes around.

In many ways, the intricately choreographed fights between gladiators are like a graphic novel. Blood literally spurts. Heads literally roll and limbs do get hacked.

While it's a bit over the top for my normal tastes with the added effects, I have to think men slashing each other out in the open for others to watch would have been gory in the extreme, so maybe bonus points for accuracy. I'm undecided about the finer semantics here but I sure love watching the matches.

Each season gets more intense than the one before.


Even the language is wrought with conflict.

One of the things that really stood out from the beginning for me was the language patterns created by the writers. They are unique.

It's full of cursing and crude language but it goes beyond that. The phrases and manner of speech really lend a richness, a quality of being further immersed in the time.

From the crudeness of the poor and some of the slaves' language to the planned, manipulative eloquence of the rich and powerful, somehow it draws one in like a magnetic force.

Spartacus - The Women of Spartacus by STARZ

Lastly, they spared no expense.

The costumes are gorgeous, especially if talking female characters.

The hairstyles, the jewelry, the everything works together to immerse the viewer in Rome.

From official army attire to flowing togas, opulent villas and realistic looking arenas, the attention to detail of set and setting are second to none.

I'm not going to ruin it for you.

I will say, don't expect a lot of happy moments. Don't watch it with the kids. Do put aside everything else so you can give the screen your full attention for in a mere second things can and do change.

For fans of super hot love scenes, Roman history, fight scenes and flicks showing the struggle for freedom, you can't go wrong with this series. It's for grownups only. It's real, intense and as hard core as it gets.

The trailer for Spartacus; Blood and Sand

Spartacus; God of the Arena trailer

The release dates are not chronological with the character introductions.

Spartacus; Blood and Sand was released first. Andy Whitfield who played the main character, Spartacus, became seriously sick in the real world. To the heartbreak of fans around the world, we lost Andy to cancer. What he started lived on.

Gods of the Arena took the series backward in time and kept fans glued to the screen as we saw the rise of the house of Batiatus, the same house that owned most of our gorgeous gladiators, including Spartacus.

Spartacus; Vengeance and Spartacus; War of the Damned came next, in that order. I warn you. When you hit the end, grab the tissues. It's not all action and gore. Parts of this will move you to tears.

For one hell of a ride through history that packed a big punch in the world's war on oppression, check out the Spartacus series. I'm a die hard DVD collector and fan of hero based action movies. If I could only have one series, this would be it.

WARNING - This is an adult series. Containing graphic and at times gratuitous violence, sadistic, full frontal nudity sex scenes and language that would shame a sailor, this is only for adults. No children allowed.

The trailer for Spartacus; War of the Damned

Watch the trailers to see a glimpse into the best series in a decade.

Check out the trailers for each of the four installments. Gladiators, glory and gore just scratch the surface.

For a totally submersive experience from the language to the music, the clothing to the sets, surround yourself in ancient Rome.

Plots, sub-plots, schemes and machinations run rampant as blood soaked warriors but heads with the powerful elite of the day.

The trailer for Spartacus; Vengeance

© 2014 Rhonda Lytle

Do you love history pieces? What periods are your favorites?

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