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Star Wars to hit theaters in 3D

Updated on February 22, 2013
Darth Maul of Star Wars
Darth Maul of Star Wars

In a galaxy far far away...Fox and Lucasfilm announced that the first movie of the Star Wars saga, The Phantom Menace, will hit theaters February 10, 2012. The movies will be released from I to VI in theaters in chronological order, meaning they will be released based on the storyline and not the way they were originally released. The movies II to IV will be released at a rate of one per year from 2013 to 2017. So if you thought that George Lucas was out of ways of making money, well you were wrong.

In my honest opinion, I won't be very interested in seeing the whole saga of Star Wars in 3d. The blu ray editions are right around the corner and I thought they were the last versions to come out but I was wrong. I wonder what promotional material they will be putting out for the first movie. One could wonder what will be the next step for George Lucas. Perhaps convert the Clone Wars series in 3d as well, who knows?

The Star Wars series have been one very popular and successful saga. A multitude of toys, video games and other memorabilia has been produced in order to fill the desires of millions of fans. Who on earth does not know who Luke Skywalker is or has never said the words "Luke, I am your father" or has tried to speak Yoda's language. Yet, some believe the world of Star Wars is not complete without these 3d movies...and I am not a believer.

I have yet to watch the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. I've had some good comments and some bad comments but overall they were good. Besides, Lucasfilm is currently in the works for a new animated series involving the work of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. I love the work of Seth Green but I wonder what kind of humor he could bring to the Star Wars universe. If he puts in the same humor as in the Family Guy Star Wars specials well it might just be worth it. There are so many Hollywood films released in theaters that there is not chance I will spend my hard earned money to go see this.


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    • The Reminder profile image

      The Reminder 6 years ago from Canada

      Yes I know I read your hub already. It was very instructive and I am learning as this was my first hub hehe. i will add some videos as soon as I have some spare time. As for the holographic tv's you are talking about, what are they? Never really heard about them.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 6 years ago

      Pretty good hub. Although I would like to point out, he's also releasing episode I in 2012 to start the whole 3-D re-releases. I can't say I agree with Lucas' decision but from a marketing perspective, I can see why he would want to do it. Right now 3-D is the current fad in Hollywood, and he obviously wants to take advantage of it while he can. Plus, he even admitted in various interviews that he hopes that after the 3-D theatrical releases, he can re-release the DVD's in 3-D for 3-D TVS, as he figures 3-D tvs will be more popular by then.

      I don't know if I know if I can agree with that though, as 3-D tvs aren't very practical. Plus, they're already being outdated, as holographic tvs are already in development. However, if Lucas proved one thing with episode I, it's that it doesn't matter what he does with the's going to ALWAYS make money for him. I can't say i blame the guy, but I think he lost his way creatively over the years.

      You should check out my star wars hub that I wrote on this, as I have a lot more to say on this topic. Anyways, I like how you formatted your hub. You should try adding some youtube videos on it, with some classic star wars scenes or interviews from Lucas about his 3-D plans. Anyways, thanks for writing this, as I'll definitely be sure to rate this one up.