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Arrow Stephen Amell

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Stephen as 'Brady' on Vampire Diaries

Stephen as 'Brady' on Vampire Diaries
Stephen as 'Brady' on Vampire Diaries

Green Queen

This is a double biography, spotlight with character sketches and reviews on the CW tv series ARROW (as in the D.C. comics character the Green Arrow) and what I can find of the star Stephen Amell. Oh & maybe add a 3rd. Oliver Queen the man behind the green hood!

Wait I KNOW what you are thinking...."that doesn't look like the guy that played Green Arrow on Smallville" No obviously not. This guy is grittier which I like better. If you are wondering what happened to Smallville's version, Justin Hartley; he was last seen on another CW series Emily Owens (I think) (again with the CW recycling actors)

First of all you may wonder why Stephen may look familiar?

Do you watch Vampire Diaries? Re-watch season 2 when Jules and her Werewolf Pack Vampnaps Caroline.... Remember Hot Wolf Brady in the Trailer near her cage? Yep, that's Stephen! (as I always say.. the CW recycles its actors)

Stephen Amell's twitter account @amellywood & Greenarrow tv


Stephen on Garbage Time

Arrow news

8 facts everyone should know about Arrow

Arrow's Stephen Amell Opens Up About Oliver's Secret and His Favorite Episode

ARQ Film review (stars Robie amell distributed by Netflix)

Stephen will be pairing up with Neville for WWE's SUMMER SLAM here's a piece I did on my blog

The Amell Cousins w/ Greg Berlanti @ Comic con talk Amell Wed.

Love the video with Stephen's cousin, You just end up giggling by the end. Robbie takes it 'too far' lol (sadly I don't think this was written for the above video.)

You know us Millionaire Vigilanties.....

we do like our toys -Oliver to Diggle

Best season 3 Line video


Season 1 PILOT -

Arrow is a great action drama show on the CW with a damaged hero (aren't they all)

I'm not really familiar with D.C. comic characters (but then again I'm not familiar with comics themselves at all, I have a few friends I ask about these things!)

Oliver Queen and his father take a trip on their yacht, and they get caught in a storm and of course only one of them survive. Ollie is stranded on an island for five years just trying to survive and when he comes home you can see he has PTSD.

While on the island he has this little book of his dad's with named in it and they are all the corrupt people behind a bigger plan he must fight against.

The Fightscenes are hard to follow but I mean that in a good way as they are fast and quite impressive, unlike some shows where they leave much to be desired.

Season 3 Best Lines article

Stephen Has reveiled on his twitter feed that his favorite epiosdes are

season 1 episode 1 and 9

season 2 episodes 9 and 15

season 3 episode 9

and recently Posted

Just watched 503. @EchoK made me laugh out loud four times.

— Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) September 7, 2016

Shots that frightened me most in 97 eps:

4. Whenever Ramsey is mad at me.
3. Swinging in 201.
2. Squibs in 323.
1. Tonight's shot in 505.

— Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) August 27, 2016

The Media can't make a show or movie succeed or fail.

They're a contributing factor to 2% of the pie. The other 98%?

Content & fans

— -Stephen Amell

Arrow Character Sketch

Critics' Choice -Arrow

I don't Know..Find him, and you can ask him

— - Oliver Queen to Detective Lance about Green Arrow

Dark Side - a season 1 promo

Dark Side
Dark Side

Starling City Skyline - season1 promo

Arrow Skyline
Arrow Skyline

Sketchy Charater?

Name:Oliver Queen & his alter ego vigilante (or in the detective's workds.. 'Robin Hood')

Trustfund baby playboy turns into badass good guy

Lives: Starling City

Superpowers: None.. Learned abilities (Island Survival) Archery (with a Recurve bow)


Sister Thea

Father Robert Queen (Biological) 'died' while shipwrecked

Mother Moira Queen a caniving backstabbing you know what!

Step Dad: CFO of Queen industries Walter Steele


Dinha "Laural" Lance *Tommy Merlyn (*catch season 1 finale for thestatus on this)

John Diggle (or Diggs) 'Body Guard'/ 'assistant'

Felicity (IT at Queen Industries & helps 'Arrow'

Backstory: Oliver Queen the millionaire playboy

leaves on what is supposed to be a 3 week trip with his dad on the family Yacht 'The Queen's Gambit' along with his girlfriend's sister.

The boat is caught in a storm & Oliver is not able to save Laurel's sister from being pulled out to sea when a wall of the yacht opens up. While on the life raft to save his son, Mr. Queen Kills himself and the only other survivor so his son will have enough food.

While on the island Oliver buries his dad and while doing so, finds a small journal with names in it.... names of rich powerful people who are criminals & have 'Wronged the City"

When Oliver returns home he finds out his mother is re-married, Tommy & Laurel are (more or less) together and decides against working in the family business (he wouldn't be able to do the whole'Hood' thing so he decides to open a club called Verdant in one of his fathers old building, with Tommy as the General Manager.

Quick Show vocabulary

Recurve bow- the standard bow that Arrow uses when he comes back from the island in season 1

Compund bow- the new bow Felicity gives him when he comes back home in season 2

Season 2

The Show This is one rugged 'Arrow' unlike the one that was in Smallville (so hope Stephen will be able to be in Justice Leauge movie) anyone of any age (well at least teens & up) can watch this. While dramatic, and dark it's not so much that it gets borning. The actions scenes are great the Fight scenes (when there is) are well choreographed and impressive, and the star does (some) of his own stunts! Hello That Salmon Ladder! That looks like it goes high! it's as if you are watching a movie each week. And for the ladies... You have to check those abs out at least once!

Fun Facts & Assorted Bits

*The show premiered to 4.14 million viewer & marked the best premire since Vampire Diaries in 2009 speaking of TVD, If not previously mentioned

*Stephen Played Brady who tourtured Caroline (he was part of Jules Wolfpack in season 2)

*It takes 90 minutes to put the prosthetics of the scars on

*Stephen Amell said on his twitter feed that episode 10 was the most challenging stunt he's performed so far. It has something to do involving a creek.

*It takes 9 days usually to film an episode sometimes only 8

*A fan asked Stephen who the biggest prankster is on set .. & said that David Ramsey (who plays John Diggle) makes him 'howl'

Cypress & Ash are used in making traditional bows. (check out the easter eggs link)

see the archives link at the bottom of the page for 'easter eggs; in a couple episodes.

Arrow Top 20 Stunt reel parts 1-3 (scroll down and you will find them)

Baddies He's fought or will What's You Starling City Villain Name?

Season 1 DeadShot, Count Vertigo, China White, The Huntress, The Dark Archer, Firefly, Dodger,

Cyrus Vanch

Slade Wilson/ DeathStroke

Season 2

*Barton Mathis (the Doll maker)

*Doctor Ivo

* Brother Blood


? Sin

*Black Canary /Sarah

*Bronze Tiger

Season 3

Captain Boomerang

Ra's Al Ghul

Flash vs Arrow panel

Oh Gotta hang that from my wall!

Yummy new season 2 promo pic
Yummy new season 2 promo pic

All of this stuff has got to stop. If its not going to be the courts and its not going to be the cops then it's got to be ME

— Oliver Queen (Arrow)

2 words.. YUM MY

Olli~Arrow Close up Poster - season 1 promo

Olli~Arrow Close up Poster
Olli~Arrow Close up Poster

Queen Quotes

Season 1

"I did Have an idea, if you go into the forest and gather as much bamboo as you can find; we can build ourselves a boat like they did on Gilligan's island - SLade Wilson (in Dead to Rights)

"Com...Hey I've got an idea; Why don't you let me shoot that thing and you pick up the Bloody dead Disgusting animal." -Oliver to (the Island guy who shot him with the Arrow.. I can't remember the name)

"What he did then, is on him. What we do now, is on us." -Oliver

(Tommy Tells Oli, Laural and himself are going out and he didn't want to find out from someone else first in which oli Replies)

"If you hurt her I'll snap your neck. Just kidding."

You know Thea some times its hard to remember which one of you is my mother - Oliver

Olli Arrow

Olli Arrow
Olli Arrow

Best Newcomers 2012 - ©Entertainment Weekly

The Winery Stephen co-owns. art by DC Comics artist

The Winery Stephen co-owns. art by DC Comics artist
The Winery Stephen co-owns. art by DC Comics artist

7 Things you didn't know about Stephen Amell

from NY Times photoshoot - 2012

from NY Times photoshoot
from NY Times photoshoot

Stephen Adam Amell

Stephen was born in Toronto Ontario Canada on May 8th 1981.

He attented St. Andrew's college an all boys private school in Aurora, Ontario

Arrow marries Next top model & as of Summer 2013 Stephen & Wife are expecting their first child

co-owns Nocking Point Wines

Stephen's FB page Check out the videos (answering questions)

Stephen has a younger sister and his cousin Robbie and Older (or was that the reverse?)

He has a 2nd bedroom in his house that is kinda small & is somewhat his 'man cave' for watching his 3 tv for sports!

He's the older cousin of Robbie Amell and in a Q & A on his Facebook page said he'd love for Bruce Wayne to show up preferably played by his cousin.

I've seen on his twitter account he was rooting for the Stanley Cup Champions L.A. Kings hockey team

Said he's like to work with Edward Norton & Sigourney Weaver

Lunch...usually involves a bottle of Corona (beer)

He does his own stunts (to a point) otherwise his stunt double (for those he's not allowed to do) is Simon Burnett but he does as many of the stunts as he can.

He wants to direct and produce in the future

Fave Movie: The People versus Larry Flint

He & some cast members have some sort of running joke having to do with the Blair Witch film

his twitter account is @amellywood

wears Cole Haas shoes

Has a Black Lab dog named Louie who is back in Toronto with his Uncle Paul Aunt & cousins Zack & Victoria.

(first 3 lines from info on & picture via media search I don't claim credit but I have no idea by who or where)

Has noted he's "NOT SINGLE" but did not elaborate weather he means he's dating, Engaged or married.

On the January 29th edition of the Today show with kelly & Michael Stephen Made an appearance. He was wearing green socks, which Kelly & Michael were checking out. He said he was selling insurance before he started acting.

Co-owns 'Nocking Point" winery in Walla Walla Washington

The Winery's label was designed by DC artist Jim Lee (I think)

Rope or Salmon ladder

Oliver to Ollie

Motorcycle to Sport scar

and describes 'Thwick' as the sound the arrow makes when it flies off the bow

usually wears green socks (or something patterned) during intereviews.

Stephen was a Registured insurance broker before he landed the role of Arrow

also check out the next module's videos as Stephen drops a lot of other facts about himself

Pancakes or Waffles

#askamell .asked on twitter :

What is your biggest pet peeve? People chewing food in quiet rooms

what's your favorite comfort food? Salt & Vinegar Chips.

How is a movie set different from a TV show set? ... Bigger. Currently on a single set that would equal about four Arrow sets.

Do You like Italian food. "Only ALL the time"

Stephen Amell vs Eric Stonestreet on Kimmel

yummy Close up

yummy Close up
yummy Close up


Not sure of what exact season (or seasons) of Heartland he was in so I didn't include that here

He's been in very few movies, what he has been in are made for tv, but he's mostly been in all Tv series.

See Stephen's Filmograhy here

Stephen - young to Arrow

Click thumbnail to view full-size
In a sceen on Motorcycle in Arrowa young Picture of Stephen"Man candy'the Salmon Ladderanother young pic of StephenArrow the man & figurineDenim hunkThe Queen of MugshotsI think this was part of a photoshoot (but not sure from what magazine)Arrow screen shot
In a sceen on Motorcycle in Arrow
In a sceen on Motorcycle in Arrow
a young Picture of Stephen
a young Picture of Stephen
"Man candy'
"Man candy'
the Salmon Ladder
the Salmon Ladder
another young pic of Stephen
another young pic of Stephen
Arrow the man & figurine
Arrow the man & figurine
Denim hunk
Denim hunk
The Queen of Mugshots
The Queen of Mugshots
I think this was part of a photoshoot (but not sure from what magazine)
I think this was part of a photoshoot (but not sure from what magazine)
Arrow screen shot
Arrow screen shot

Jeopardy Question

Jeopardy Question
Jeopardy Question

Starling City Archives - (c) Entertainment Weekly

for news from previous seasons
for news from previous seasons | Source

Notes in a bottle

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