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STYX Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits 2

Updated on November 10, 2015

How many artists have you had the cassettes and the CD's for?

Along that same line how many artists have you stayed up week after week to hear a album played on the radio?

Follow that up with, when proposing to your wife did you use one of their songs?

How about create a web site called STYX and Stones Will Rock Your Bones?

Yes I am guilty on all counts.

Bad news folks all my cassettes and CD's are gone. But there are a few things still working in my favor. The first is videos on the web. And this Greatest Hits album. You see when I picked it up I got it directly from Amazon to add to my Cloud Drive. That way I can listen to the songs anywhere I want to. In fact using my Cloud Drive I created a Play List called Work. And This album was the first added to it. Followed by Simon & Garfunkel but that's another lens.

Do you notice that when you do house work you will often times listen to music? Well I am guilty of that. Yes when I do dishes this album has been playing as of late. And when driving back and forth to work I hook up the MP3 player to play through the car's audio system. At this point I am happy that it can be set to repeat one song. And that song is Lady. The first song on this album. We are looking at about 30 minutes of the same song, both ways.

Memories of yesterday: Just listening to this music it seams quiet compared to the music of today. But back then it was new and edgy. Hard rock music. The kind the adults would say is too much for my kids. As a parent I have to remember this with the music my kids are listening to today. But at the same time I know that they are listening to my music even if it is in the background.

As you can tell the music has meant something to me throughout my life. Its amazing how music can do this for many people. I understand that not everyone will enjoy the same music I do. But at the same time its amazing how folks are willing to keep an open mind.

A few songs from this album.

Track 5 - Babe

Track 16 - Don't Let It End

Track 3 - Lorelei

Another song that makes me think about my wife.

After 23 years together I don't see this happening.


And now for the second in the Greatest Hits

As soon as I had gotten the first Styx Greatest Hits I started looking for the second one. I found it right away. But not in the $5 digital section. I think its been over a year of checking every month. There have been many of their other albums. But not the one I wanted. Then from out of nowhere here it is. So I bought it and expect a $5 dollars payment. But no its only $4 dollars. Surprise there was a $1 dollar credit that I had forgotten about.

And to be honest there were only a few songs that I was looking for. But you will see them listed below. Actually more but no videos located. At least right now.

Greatest Hits Part 2
Greatest Hits Part 2

Top three tracks from this album. At least in my opinion.

Track 8 - Boat on the River

Track 7 - Snow Blind

Track 13 - Haven't We Been Here Before


This is the first song because it is also the one song that I feel should have been on the first album, but wasn't.

Boat on the River

I admit I don't like snow but I have always lived where it snows in the winter time. Not sure what's up on this one.


Nothing special on this one. I just like the way it sounds.

Haven't We Been Here Before

Leave a note or even your favorite song from these albums.

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    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from State of Confussion

      @SamuraiMarine: Never had them on 8-Track. But I came close.

    • SamuraiMarine profile image

      Samuel Wright 

      4 years ago from Bakersfield, Ca.

      I have been a STYX fan since the early 70s, and love everything they put out. I have all the CDs, having moved away from the cassettes many moons ago, and even still have a 8-Track tape of The Grand Illusion. DeYoung had a pretty good library of music after his departure from STYX as well, with Desert Moon being my personal favorite.

      Another group from that era that I love is Supertramp.

    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from State of Confussion

      @shay-marie: Actually now that you mention it I have done a few. Glad you enjoyed the review.

    • shay-marie profile image

      Shay Marie 

      4 years ago from Southern California

      I can honestly say that I've never created a website dedicated to one band. I love the review - it's pinned to my 80s board!


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