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Summer Glau Action Hero

Updated on February 3, 2015

Summer Glau: Queen of Sci Fi

Summer Glau has been fortunate in landing some of the top roles in the science fiction genre which has created a very loyal fan following that usually emerges from actors successfully navigating those acting waters.

The natural shyness which is able to be channeled by Glau into a sober look, gives her the emotionless feel that has permeated most of the characters she's played, making her a hit with fans who are enthralled with her characters.

She makes them very believable, and I think a lot of people relate to her in that way, resulting in such a solid fan base.

And the truth is, I think she's just as loyal and real back to them, and that resonates with them as fans anxiously wait for the next project she lands.

Several of the roles that she did very well included two she worked with Joss Whedon in: Firefly, and the movie based on the series - Serenity. Firefly was the break she got where she was introduced to the public.

Of course her role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles extended her reach, and a growing number of fans are appreciating her unique acting style, which when cast right, brings out her strengths.

Joss Whedon makes fun of her in this, saying he's thinking about having her play a role in one of his projects where she doesn't stop talking, as most of her past roles seem to have short snippets of lines, but not long-form dialogue.

Summer Glau Looking Beautiful in shorts photo

Summer Glau is really that flexible

when you see Summer in some of those scenes where she's looking very flexible and stretched out, that's really her, as she was classically trained in ballet, and was moving in that direction before an ankle injury ruined her aspirations for dance.

Even so, she did appear in some ballet scenes in connection to the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and she has had some up on the Internet as well.

Fantastic bar fight in Serenity

Summer Glau in 4400

 For me personally, I didn't discover Summer Glau when she did Firefly, but when she played Tess Doerner on the 4400, another emotionless and troubled character who was a paranoid schizophrenic with tremendous powers. She resonated with me immediately, and I was an instant fan, which of course led me to search and find out everything she had done to that point, and I've followed her ever since.

She had other roles, for example another sci fi film: Mammoth, and also in a horror remake of The Initiation of Sarah.

Summer Glau Looking Sexy in Vanity Fair Photo

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Because of the popularity of the Terminator franchise, I think Summer gained her largest exposure when people tuned in to see how the series would portray the Connor family and their protective, turned Terminator robot played by Summer named Cameron.

Now that the series has been canceled, and her affinity for working with Joss Whedon, there are rumors floating that she may end up with a role on his latest Fox series Dollhouse.

Whedon has confirmed that he has thought of that very idea, but would have to come up with a realistic scenario where Summer could be interjected into the series as a new character.

For her part, Summer has said at some time in her film or TV career that she "would like to play a normal girl before I die of extreme old age." 

Woman of integrity and principles

One thing I didn't know about Summer - although it seemed she was that way - was the integrity in the roles she'll accept (You never know about someone until it happens).

She turned down a chance to play the lead in "Trophy Kids" where the writers Josh Sugarman and Brandon Yankowitz refused to cut an irrelevant scene where she would have had to enter into a lesbian kiss and also what sounded like some type of threesome.

Her fans rallied around her decision, and she endeared herself even more to them.

Most believe her current popularity was just used by these guys who probably knew she wouldn't be willing to do the scene, so got publicity for their film by Summer refusing the role. Bunch of retards!

Summer Glau - Dancing - Terminator Series

Awards for Summer Glau

Summer Glau has received a number of awards for her roles, starting with being voted by readers of SFX magazine as the Best Actress of 2005.

Also in 2005 she was named as the Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film Serenity, and won the Saturn award for that.

In 2006 Glau came in second for the Best Actress in a Movie category for the SyFy Genre Awards.

Again at the Saturn Awards, this time in 2008, Summer was this time awarded the Best Supporting Television Actress trophy for her role as Cameron Philips in Terminator; The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Also for that same role, Glau was nominated for Best Actress by the Spike TV Scream Awards in the Science Fiction Movie or TV category.

Summer Glau's Future Looks Bright

There is a bright future for Summer Glau, and with the strength she has to stand by her principles, and the ability to really perform the roles she's offered very well, she should have long term success in Hollywood, that will be more even and straight, rather than the highs and lows many actors and actresses experience.

I'm looking forward with interest to see where this talented and quality young woman goes, and what roles she'll play in the future.

It's amazing to see this quiet and unassuming actress become an action hero, and I think the fact that she pulls it off is a testimony to how good of an actress she really is.

Being a science fiction fan, I'm hoping she'll continue to perform in those areas, and I think she will.


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