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Far From It - Trainwreck Movie Review

Updated on August 16, 2015

LOL!! Yes we are getting paid to have fun!!

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader
Amy Schumer and Bill Hader

Studio - Universal Pictures

Director - Judd Apatow

Starring - Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, John Cena, Lebron James, Ezra Miller and Tilda Swinton

Run Time - 124 minutes

Budget - Estimated $35 Million

Who is Amy Schumer? That is what I believe some audiences will be asking before seeing this film. However by the end I do think it will a name that will not soon be forgot.

Vaguely reminiscing Melissa McCarthy in terms of her comedic delivery, Schumer is a welcome breath of fresh air in the comedy world. No, its not because she the new female comedienne in Hollywood but she delivers a performance that is hilarious and yet heartwarming all at the same time.

Amy plays Amy, a 30 something singleton living in New York City with a great job, great friends and a sick apartment as the trailer suggests. Casually dating, enjoying herself from one night stand to the other, a commitment-phobe. This was installed by her father at a young age played by Quinn. Once she meets Dr Aaron Connors played by Hader, she soon starts to think that monogamy might be the way forward however in true rom-com style it doesn't come without its ups and downs.

Schumer can't resist Um Bongo!

Amy Schumer and John Cena
Amy Schumer and John Cena

Now saying all that it sounds as formulaic as any other romantic comedy you've seen ever, however in this case there are some great things to take away. The cameos are hilarious which are quite a few which I wont spoil for you here. The standout is the extended cameo by WWE not Dwayne, the other one....John Cena. He reminded me of Channing Tatum, especially in one intimate scene between him and Schumer. Speaking dirty in Chinese nearly floored me.

Chemistry between all the stars is on point, praise goes to Bill Hader and Lebron James with their scenes. Brie Larson as Schumer's younger sister is good too. Then there is one moment in the final scene, which is one of the funniest parts in the whole movie.

Now that's not to say that there aren't some not so great things, as is staple with most Judd Apatow films. The movie goes on 20 minutes too long, there are also one too many characters and arcs to deal with. In addition if you're thinking you'll have the ratio of laughs that you did in say Bridesmaids, that this film kind of comes across that it will, its not. Its a dramedy at its core.

Who is this guy???

Laughs are had in this film ranging from sarcastic to all out hilarious. I believe Amy Schumer is here to stay, seeing her in comedy is a no -brainer but I can also see her having a great dramatic career.


Perfect date night film. Funny dialogue, good performances but there is no denying that we've all seen it before. In this case, I got to say, I don't mind seeing it again.



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