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Kitschy Taylor of Kelowna

Updated on September 18, 2017
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Fully cut

News & Upcoming Projects

American Assassin open September 15



I just saw Taylor in the a Call of Duty commercial

Exit 147 is in Pre-production & Taylor is voicing the Character Sam in the currently filming Almost Heroes 3D

One stop shop of Taylor's Movies here on

Kitschy Koo

Best known for his critically acclaimed NBC role as troubled Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights and Gambit in the X-men Origins:Wolverine Movie. Taylor Kitsch not only has the acting chops but comes with a six pack (or an 8 as well)

Taylor Kitsch was born on April 8 1981 (He's an Aries) in Kelowna,B.C. Canada & raised in Vancouver. Kitsch has 2 Older Bros & 2 younger 1/2 sisters.

Taylor played hockey in the (Canadian) BCHL for the Langley Hornets & was being scouted by the NHL before a knee injury ended his career when he was 20! In an interview on Canucks Tv, he said that "The Highest level he has completed in Hockey was LIAM Lethbridge"

Taylor then moved to New York in 2002 and signed with modeling agency IMG. Taylor became a regular face for famous clothing lines, like Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Diesel. While Taylor was living in New York, he found time to become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. After two years, he signed with production company, Untitled Entertainment. While staying in New York, Kitsch also became certified as a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Taylor co-stared alongside Steven Streight in The Covenant, along with, (minor roles by) Toby Hemingway and Chace Crawford (who played Nate Archibald on the CW show Gossip Girl). In The Covenant, fans got to know who Taylor really is, not to mention see a lot more of Taylor or as I call him the Canadian Adonis" very fit in a Speedo and definitely not awkward looking at all. (can there be a law made he's the only person legally aloud to wear one?) . Taylor became more recognized since acting in the movie.

Taylor has gone from blink & you miss him parts like that of the one in Snakes on a plane, to key roles like football player Tim Riggins in the NBC series Friday Night Lights, and Comic Superhero Gambit in X-men Origins-Wolverine. In The Bang Bang Club he plays a critical role as Carter a photo journalist. in 2012 he plays John Carter in the not so fan favorite book adaptation (as the leading man in) Disney's version of Edgar Rice Burroughs book series John Carter of Mars. Co-starred alongside Alexander Skarsgard as his brother in Battleship in which he plays Naval Commander Alex Hopper, that's described as wildly spirited, & a great seaman but a lousy politician, alongside Alex Skarsgard (True Blood) and then there's Savages and that great butt shot to start the movie! But I do love him and and Arron Taylor-Johnson in it.

So 2012 should be a blowout year

Notable feature(s):

Hazel Eyes That Adonis of a body

Brown hair (now Short)

sporting a tattoo on his right side (upper rib cage & below underarm) Swahili tattoo meaning "without Regret"

(& not 100% sure if these were real or just for the movie Savages) a small one inside right elbow & a large shoulder one on his left

Education: Studied Acting with Sheila Grey

Career Highlights: Friday Night Lights Battleship The Normal Heart

Non-acting careers: Model Abercrombie & Fitch Deisel

Big break: The Covenant as Pouge parry

Friday Night Lights as Tim Riggins & playing

Gambit in X-men origins: Wolverine

Defining characters:Tim Riggins (in TV show Friday Night Lights for now)

Best movies: Battleship The Normal Heart

Best TV: Friday Night Lights as Tim Riggins

Frequent Collaborators: Peter berg & Andrew Stanton

Stage credits:


Other notable appearances/credits: (see Filmography on Pages )

Top awards:

Taylor has been voted one of Tvs Top 100 (50-1) sexiest men by Buddytv

2012 Cinema Con Male star of Tomorrow

Charity: African Children's Choir Takes kids from war torn torn parts and houses, schools, feeds and creates a choir with them that travel and they raise money for their own cause

Extended American Assassin Trailer

American Assassin

Action Thriller

Released September 15 2017

Taylor Plays Ghost the operative opposite to Dylan O'Brien's Operative Mitch Rapp both of which trained under Michael Keaton's character Stan Hurley.

I think this will be the first time Kitsch will play (what seems like) the bad guy in a movie.

I can't wait to see this to the point I am going to see it in the theater (I'm going to do a double dose watch this and It being I didn't get to see a few other movies I had planned to in the theater.)

American Assassin interview

A Kitschy Fallon

True Detective season 2

Plays : Paul Woodrough

a War vet with PTSD currently with a California highway patrol Motorcycle officer (and so reminds me of the uniforms from the chow CHIPS) running from a scandal that never really happened. He's demoted to some desk job or something. When he discovers a dead body while out for a ride on his bike, he Colin Farrell & Rachel McAdams team up to uncover the criminal.

Paul is shaking up with some girl, has a crap mother and is just trying to be a good man.

I watched this season only because Colin & Taylor were in it. Somehow I got lost along the way and have no idea if they really even solved it to be honest!

Besides Colin Farrell Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn also star in the season.

Men's Health

Taylor on eTalk

Call of Duty Commercial

Lone Survivor - Michael Murphy

Lone Survior

Release Date: January 2014

Character backstory: Marcus Lattrel's (real Life) account of Seal Team six's Op to

Occupation: Navy Seal

Signature Look: fatigues / Camo

Lone Survivor interview

Taylor on Strombo

On Jimmy Fallon

Grand Seduction Trailer

John Carter trailer

Covenant Trailer

Gospel hill Trailer

Savages Trailer

Savages- Arron-Johnson, Kitsch & Travolta

Taylor with Oliver Stone

Savages Character sketch

Character Name: Chon

Appears In : Savages Savages Official site

Release date: july 6, 2012

a Thriller Crime Drama

characters Ben & Chon face off with the mexican drug cartel

Inspiration for Character/backstory:Former Seal worked in Iraq / Afganistan

age/ocupation: weed dealer and muscle for the business

Personality Type: "Chon is Cold as steel & Ben is like warm wood" - 'O'

Signature look: Casual & street field fatigues

Resides:California Malibu/Laguna

Character Connections: Ben, 'O' Spin, Lado, Hayes, Craig, Dennis,

Fun Facts/Trivia:

Yes the tattoo Taylor has on his left soulder & arm in the movie is real. In the movie he also had one on his right hip, and I've seen one on his inner right arm These 2 I'm not sure on but one of them I know is real for sure as he has "No Regrets' in another language (I think its his hip) somewhere

Savages Cast Discussion

Oliver Stone and Taylor Kitsch on New Drug Film, 'Savages'

Savages Interogation

add Savages to your library

Savages [Blu-ray]
Savages [Blu-ray]

Directed by Oliver Stone Savages for is tied with Avengers for the best movie of 2012 (so far)

Obviously for different reasons but highly Recomended

Actually its not just good but GREAT! Awesome even. It's a serious, intense movie with some dry wit & Ironic humor mixed in.

For those of you that like substance to your movies this is the one to see! A+

You won't be dissapointed! Its also different than what I've seen lately and what in theaters at the moment

Sad it didn't beat spidey in the Box Office as Spiderman was boring (compared to the first 3 with Tobey Maguire)

But at least for Taylor this is/did better than Battleship did

a big fat A


Savages Featurette

Taylor at Savages World Premire

Early Modeling Days

Early Modeling Days
Early Modeling Days

Kool as a Kat

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Do I really need to comment on this?  (I'm sure you know what it would be!)as Chon in Savagesmmm Sultry and smokin'Now that's a Cowboy I'd say Yea Ha to!In John Carter of Mars With Lilly Collings Aka Mrs. StraitBattleship as Alex Hopperas Carter in The Bang Bang Club With Ryan PhillippeHockey ShootShame Tim Riggins Never came into my old Job at the lumberyard! Now that would be some eye candy that would get me through a week!
Do I really need to comment on this?  (I'm sure you know what it would be!)
Do I really need to comment on this? (I'm sure you know what it would be!)
as Chon in Savages
as Chon in Savages
mmm Sultry and smokin'
mmm Sultry and smokin'
Now that's a Cowboy I'd say Yea Ha to!
Now that's a Cowboy I'd say Yea Ha to!
In John Carter of Mars With Lilly Collings Aka Mrs. Strait
In John Carter of Mars With Lilly Collings Aka Mrs. Strait
Battleship as Alex Hopper
Battleship as Alex Hopper
as Carter in The Bang Bang Club With Ryan Phillippe
as Carter in The Bang Bang Club With Ryan Phillippe
Hockey Shoot
Hockey Shoot
Shame Tim Riggins Never came into my old Job at the lumberyard! Now that would be some eye candy that would get me through a week!
Shame Tim Riggins Never came into my old Job at the lumberyard! Now that would be some eye candy that would get me through a week!

Taylor on set of The Normal Heart in Soho NY

Taylor on set of The Normal Heart in Soho NY
Taylor on set of The Normal Heart in Soho NY

Normal Heart interview

Taylor's Battleship Poster

Taylor's Battleship Poster
Taylor's Battleship Poster

Battleship cast poster

alternative Battleship poster
alternative Battleship poster


Character Name: LT. Alex Hopper

Appears In : Battleship (2012)

live action adaptation of HASBRO's board game;

Described as an 'epic-alien-story' peter Berg has a little to say about it:

"The aliens, called The Regents, came here looking for something,

but they are not wholly evil bent on world domination.

We did nothing to provoke them, but they still have an ecological

interest in our world. Also they fire ballistics, not ray guns and will be

half-CG half-"man in a suit" technology. But sadly, their ship is damaged

somehow and that becomes another part of the plot." So there's some

good guys & some strange bad-guys, so its not just an action movie

but a sci-fy angel as well.

Inspiration for Character/backstory:

60's board game battleship & nothing more!

Kitsch's character apparently worships the water his sibling sails on, so we predict that they will either butt heads over the proper way to serve on the sea or Skarsgard will die horribly at the hands of the aquatic alien enemy, spurring our hero to action and vengeance.

But that's just a guess"

a slacker and screw up Alex Hopper is celebrating a birthday and gets a case of Love at first site.

His stunt to impress her gets him in trouble for the last time and well.....

age/ocupation: 20s or 30s slacker Lieutenant in navy

Personality Type: Wildly Spirited

Signature look: Fatigues


Character Connections:

Brother Commander Stone Hopper

Girlfriend Sam Shane

Petty Officer Cora 'Weps" Raikes

Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord

Chief Petty Officer Walter "the Beast' Lynch

Admiral Shane

Chief Engineer Hiroki

Fun Facts/Trivia: Official Website

Real Navy Officers worked on the film and the @USSMissouri (who's home is now in Pearl Harbor and used as one of the ships in the movie)

USS Missouri Memorial Official Site

Wiki USS Missouri

Some Battleship BTS

Battleship BHTS p1 *Battleship BHTS p2 * Battleship BHTS p3 * Battleship BHTS p4

I've also capped them, samples here and the rest-around 200-at the Photobucket Screen caps on Photobucket

Candid Battleship Intereview

Battleship & Savages CI - Clips & Interviews

Battleship -Behind the scenes

Daybreak interview

Battleship cast on Hawaiian good time

Battleship Junket

Taylor Kitsch & Peter Berg

Taylor Battleship Interview

Taylor's Tattoo

Taylor's Tattoo at least in Savages anyway
Taylor's Tattoo at least in Savages anyway

Taylor on his Triumph bike

Taylor and one of his brothers

Taylor and one of his brothers
Taylor and one of his brothers

GQing it

GQing it
GQing it

Status Kwo

Other: Resides in Austin, Tx

Taylor Kitsch Relationships

Family: mom (dad left when he was a kid)

Taylor has four siblings 2 Older Brothers Brody & Some form of Damon (but should definitely be some form of that as I've found Damon, Daman or Damian but I'm still trying to get a 100% on it.) Taylor also has 2 younger 1/2 sisters and have heard him mention one of them in an interview once but couldn't remember so of what I dug up their names are Haley & Shelby

Romance(s): "I Do Not' (Have a girlfriend)

Quote from Interview in March 9-15 -09 issue of TV Guide

has been linked to Jessica Simpson but was just a rumor

Frequent collaborator(s): Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights & Battleship)

Other affiliations:

Taylor Kitsch's Awards & Honors

Year Award Category/Recipient(s) Result

2008 Teen Choice award Choice Tv Actor: Dramafor Friday Night Lilghts (2006) Nominated

2007 Teen Choice Awards Choice Tv: BreakoutFriday Night Lights (2006) Nominated

2010 Emmy Nominee (here's more)

Friday Night Lights is blessed with the incredible talent of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Both leading a wonderfully talented young cast from the very beginning.

One of the amazing parts about the series is seeing that young cast grow into their own. While many of them were admittedly raw and new to the business when Friday Night Lights first began four years ago. The young cast became true actors, growing with their characters.

One of the biggest improvements has been Taylor Kitsch. His performance in season four has been a revelation. Gone are the days of his character Tim Riggins bedding every girl in school. Now we have the Tim Riggins who'll do anything and everything for the woman he loves and the only family he's got. A guy who dreams of a good, simple life in his hometown.

Taylor Kitsch has grown into a natural. His performance is subtle, the emotion on the cuff of his sleeve. Easily dropping one-liners in one scene and pouring out his heart in the next.

While it takes the entire season of 13 episodes to fully appreciate Kitsch's performance, the season finale is probably the best showcase of what he can do and how far he's come. It's been a wild ride for Tim Riggins the last four years, but it was great to watch, thanks in large part to Taylor Kitsch.

Personal interests/hobbies:

rides motorcycle....workout...boating....concerts..

started Boxing as part of his work-outs


Pet Peeve: Empty Promises

Karaoke Song: I just died in your arms tonight

Favorite Book: The Idiot

Fave music: Dierks Bentley all to blues

Ice Cream: Chocolate banana (sounds good to me!)

Favorite song: Six-pack summer by Phil Vassar

Fave Movie: Good will hunting or Pumping Iron

Favorite Hockey Team ...he's a Red Wings fan

(but will root for his home Club Vancouver Canucks.)

Turn-ons- Athletic, Smart, Positive attitude

Turn-offs narcissism & Selfishness

First thing he notices about a girl.... Their Eyes

He was 14 when he got his first kiss His first love was at the age of 17

fears: Fast food

If his room were on fire, he'd save the Ring he wears around his neck

People he hears he looks like: Jared Leto or Josh Hartnett

He'd be a Panther if he could be an animal

His words to live by is 'No Regrets' and just like Tim Riggins (which he came up with for the character...)

Rapid Fire

Food hates-Sea Urchin

What he would do with his Celebrity Pull-

Invite friends & Family on an Island have a Big Party

w/o anyone paying for it for 5 days straight

Aisle or Window seat- Aisle

London or Hawaii- London

Pizza or Sushi- ? (time either ran out, or he didn't pick but I have SEEN him eat pizza in an FNL interview b4 with him & Zach Gilford)

Biggie or 2 Pac- 2 Pac

A-Rod or Jeter - A-rod (sorry i didn't catch I guess)

Charities/Causes: African children's choir

Other info Aries (western zodiac sign)

Would do an Ensemble X-men film, but would want to know in what way Gambit would be used first.

Grew Up playing hockey in British Columbia dropped out of a local college

(or is this actually the part where he busted his knee in a hockey game)

to pursue modeling in NY

Celebrity Shootout @ Sundance

Pre stardom Model Kitsch

Pre stardom Model Kitsch
Pre stardom Model Kitsch

Facts on Taylor

(in photo with Mink Kelly his co-star from Friday Night Lights)

says "I would murder to play Gambit again!"

likes Country music

Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer (too bad can't get him as a trainer, cause he's what i call MOTIVATION)

Favorite Book 'The Idiot' by Fedor Dostoevsky

- Date of Birth: April 8, 1981

- Zodiac sign: Aries

- Is a country music fan.

- In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

- Born in Kelowna, British Columbia and raised in Vancouver.

- Has 2 older brothers and 2 younger half sisters.

- Former hockey player.

- Has modeled for: Abercrombie & Fitch, Deisel, Clairol, Liz Clairborne and Osmos.

- Has posed for magazine such as: CosmoGirl, YM, A & F, Teen Vogue, Super (with Meg Ryan) and N'uomo Vogue.

- Certified nutritionist and personal trainer.

- His favorite book is 'The Idiot' by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Models (I think he should be a Cool Water model, but the guy everyone else wants to be Gambit, got that gig.)

Did ALL his own stunts in the Covenant

Has a TRIUMPH motorcycle

favorite movies: State of Grace, Hurley Burey & Dead Man Walking

Part of his thumb got stuck in one of Wolverine's Claws. "It was a Bloody mess, & have the scar to prove it" (um i thought those claws were fake an FX or some sort of foil fit onto a glove.)

In an article in Tribeza magazine it says Taylor was being scouted for the NHL (before he had the career ending injury

Wears a necklace w/ a ring around his neck (trying to find out the story on this)

says the movie that made him want to be an actor was 'Dead Man Walking'

Lost 30 pounds for The Bang Bang Theory by eating 400 calories a day

"Drives a modest Toyota pick-up (with stuffed toys hanging from rearview mirror) -as noted in May issue of Nylon

(in that same interview) Mentions of getting his first tattoo, a reminder of the mantra that got him 'here'. The Riggins "No Regrets" That's Taylor making with the improv again. Its his motto too. "I'm getting a tattoo in Swahili that means to "Live life with no regret"

Was Supposed to have gone on Motorcycle trip with his 2 brothers during summer of 2009

"50% of what I saw, is just made up, Improv"

The Long hair isn't a publicity stunt; he just never cut his hockey mullet

HE made it into People Magazine as one of the world's Hottest Bachelors. In a recent poll conducted by Vanity Fair, he was named one of the World's Most Handsome Men

looks up to fellow actor Hugh Jackman

became the youngest person to grace the cover of Men's Health magazine at 25.

"The Craziest thing I ever did? Skydiving. One sunday when one of my best mates was visiting me in Texas, after breakfast we decided there was no better way to spend the afternoon but backflipping out of a plane at 11,000 feet"

Got a puppy (2009) named it Zero

"I remember going and buying a car for $100 during photography class, insuring it, and being back in time for the end of class. Classic" (when asked what his Favorite memory from his senior year was)

Fave Drink - water/diet cook maybe

Actors he would like to be in a movie with- Daniel Day Lewis. Sean Penn & Gary Oldman

If He was a superhero the power he'd have...-to heal

what song would represent his characters? Everybody Hurts

when asked if what superhero power would have? to Heal

Picking a song to represent his characters by.... "Everybody Hurts" was his reply

will be cutting off his lovely locks for his roll of John Carter in John Carter of mars for the first time since he was 19

Pet Peeve: Empty Promises

He was 14 when he got his first kiss

His first love was at the age of 17

his Fave Book: The Idiot

Ice Cream: Chocolate banana (sounds good to me!)

Fave karaoke song: I just died in your arms tonight

If his room were on fire, he'd save the Ring he wears around his neck

Favorite song: Six-pack summer

Fave movie: Good will hunting or Pumping Iron

People he hear he looks like: Jared Leto or Josh Hartnett

Turn ons- Athletic, Smart, Positive attitude

Turn-offs narcissism & Selfishness

fears: Fast food

First thing he notices about a girl.... Their Eyes

He'd be a Panther if he could be an animal

and just like Tim Riggins (which he came up with this for the character...) His words to live by is 'No Regrets'

is one of the Subjects in the New Photography book About Face by John Russo

"My mom and I lived in convenience store in a very small town just outside of a trailer park so I worked at the convenience store putting canoes on top of cars,"

He "Loves Pizza" and was the first thing he ate after an 11 month Diet regime for his John Carter Role

Taylor has said his first date (he thinks) was when he was in grade six; and still regrets not kissing her."

On Reading: He loves the escape, but also reading about people having accomplished great things . True stories and adventures that have Truly happened. Helikes getting into their heads.

His ideal day? He's building his house on a lake so a perfect day would be waking up whenever he feels like it and waking up to the lake (mm bed facing the lake I just might get up quicker seeing that seen). Have some of his best friends come over for a barbecue maybe go on the lake in the boat come back & BBQ more and just hang around having fun with friends.

Classic Black & white

Classic Black & white
Classic Black & white

John Carter

Character name: John Carter

Appears in: John Carter Of Mars based on the John Carter of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burrows

Date(s): March 9, 2012

Award(s) (will probabby receive a Razzie)

Carter encounters both formidable alien creatures resembling the beasts of ancient myth and various humanoids and finds his true calling in life as a warrior-savior of the planet's inhabitants. He wins the hand of Martian princess Dejah Thoris of Helium

Character backstory and Inspiration for character: based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs 6 Installment classic series of fantasy/sci-fi novels about a damaged Civil War veteran who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars where his involvements with warring raced of the dying planet force him to rediscover his humanity.

John Carter of Mars was written in 1912, episodic comic novels.


Personality type:fighter

Signature look: this says enough for me. 'excited' to cut his trademark shaggy hairstyle for his upcoming big-budget Disney action flick John Carter Of Mars 'just because it's time... for a different look'.


Character connections:

Dejah Thoris

Tars Tarkas


Fun facts/trivia:

The screenplay for the sci-fi action-adventure, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic series of fantasy/sci-fi novels, was written by Stanton and Mark Andrews with a polish by Michael Chabon.

John Carter first appeared in 1911's "A Princess of Mars," the first Burroughs novel set on the fictionalized version of Mars.

web- 'Gambit & Silverfox team up for Mars'

beat out the likes of Josh Duhamel and Joe Hamm for the much-coveted titular lead in John Carter Of Mars Read More

will be cutting off his lovely locks for his roll of John Carter in John Carter of mars for the first time since he was

sword training, gun fighting & horseback riding plus 7 hour cram sessions on the civil war. plus learning to fence with 4 armed giant green martians

will be filmed in London & utah

there's so much in it that can't be real, but could not strictly be a computer animated movie.

"It's the perfect definition of a hybrid movie," utilizing both live actors and computer-based animation"

I remember reading in an interview that taylor said the first thing he ate after being on the 11 month diet he was on for the movie was 2-3 whole pizzas!

The Alley Cat

The Alley Cat
The Alley Cat

Taylor's Yearbook photo

Taylor's Yearbook photo
Taylor's Yearbook photo


"50% of what I saw, is just made up, Imp rov" -Outside magazine june 2009

Movie/TV title: The Covenant

Character name: Pogue Parry

Come on Caleb, its not like its going to kill us. Yet.

* Let it go, its his life

*He's only using his powers to pis you off, cause you're

ascending first -to calib

* You've got a piece of glass on your face -to Reed

* Chase is my problem, I just don't want you hanging

around him. Yeah right, I'm sure he's interested in just

being friends -to Kate

* I don't even like the guy-to Calib about Chase Collins

* What are you talking about, what kind of spell...You're talking about Kate (to Calib, in the Covenant's underground meeting place)

*You Hurt Kate & I'll KILL you -to Chase Collins

Movie/TV title: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Character name: Remy LeBeau / Gambit

Did you Miss Me? -to Wolverine

Logan, you need to trust me. Now let me go

Do I owe you money?

"If learned anything about life, its this: Always play the hand you're dealt. My Name is Gambit...and I play for keeps." -on official site promo video

Taylor Kitsch is so good as Gambit that the next origin movie should focus on his character.--Rich Bently the Journal News (Westchester local paper) interview in Gambit costume

Movie/TV title: Gospel hill

Character name: Joel Herrod

It Feels pretty darn good, that's how it feels, I guess we celebrate then huh?! - to brother Carl on Jerrod's company becoming Inc.

I think you're the one that just doesn't understand dad.

'from country to rap' - while in a club

'...and what's wrong with making money, you've got to live on something right? -talking to Rosie (Julia Styles) about Dr. Palmer selling out Gospel hill.

(about Playing Gambit, in X-men Origins Wolverine) "The biggest thing for me is doing this justice. Being with Hugh & Everything else, it's not called 'Gambit: Origins'. I want to come into Wolverine & Contribute to Jackman's Movie the Best that I can & I feel I've done everything I could Possible to Bring this guy to Life


I would MURDER to Play Gambit again


Yeah I played it pretty darn hard seriously, as many Canadians do. I started playing when I was 3 or 4 years old, had the backyard pond and everything. I was so devastated. -on his hockey career ended by injury


"Video Games and Computers have become babysitters for kids. Parents have to lead by example. I have two little sisters (i hear in their teens) and I help my mom raise them. You just try to give them knowledge piece by piece and tell them, [by eating well and being active,] you're going to feel allot better about yourself,you're going to be able to do better at school, you're going to have more energy in sports. 'i think its about self-improvement, as well- giving kids choices. It starts with coaches, teachers and especially parents by living healthy themselves."


I'd just finished the 'Covenant' & got back & was fortunate to start in movies & TV was not really on the agenda but an opportunity to work with Pete & the script was 'Pretty Good' (cast laughs) from season 2 Special features

6.(interviewer) Where would you like to see your character go in season 2? Taylor: I'd like to be #1 on the Call sheet. Watch out buddy I'm coming" (to Peter Berg?)

Is everything about Riggs written, or are some of those trademark Riggins-isms improvised?

Fifty percent of that is me doing it. This year, his saying is "No regrets, let's make some memories" - that's all me. All the stuff on the field, 90 percent of it comes from my take on him and how I want people to see him. Usually, when you feel it's improvised, it's a piece of the character I've created. That's the freedom we have and that's why everyone can relate and it feels so real.

Riggins isn't gonna be your boyfriend. You know what Riggins is? He's that weekend that you'll never forget.

that's just flattering that people can think he's that fun where you could watch him for a full hour.

I saw that Scott's a really big comic book fan. Was he pretty envious when you got the role of Gambit in Wolverine?

I know he read for it. He's always been like, "Kitsch, you're so perfect for Gambit." Ironically enough, he texted me last night after he saw the trailer and he just congratulated me. He's more pumped than me to see it. (see link above)

Talking about Gambit & Wolverine origin Movie (09) & another

"Isn't that just a huge piece of him? With that first line, without even making eye contact, having that hat low?" Kitsch beamed. "Even though he knows - and he f-ckin' knows, man - that the stakes are through the roof. He's still that cool and and collected, and doesn't even make eye contact [with Wolverine]. That was a fun thing to play." (talking about Gambit's first scene When Logan asks Remy whether he's Gambit, the character responds: "Do I owe you money?" When told he doesn't, he adds: "Then Remy LeBeau I am!"

"I called home the other day and my mom said my little sister Haley just about kicked down the door, running in, shouting that Gambit is on a Slurpee cup! She was so proud of me!" laughs Kitsch, who has two younger sisters, as well as two thirty something brothers Taylor Made Article

"I'm known as one of the guys that throws a lot of curveballs to other actors and improvs a hell of a lot. I'll go way over the top. Like the episode ("Seeing Other People" during Season 2), where Saracen (Zach Gilford) was losing his virginity, I was talking as (my character) Riggins on the field, telling him I have an econo-sized bucket of lube in my garage, if he wants it. Or I'll go up to Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) all the time and start whining about some STD that I have as Riggins, and that (the) cream that he gave me made it worse, and I need to go have a shower." Source

"50% of what I saw, is just made up, Improv" -Outside magazine june 2009

'A great day for me is taking a long ride on my motorcycle, running, working out, hanging out with friends. ...'I partied in my late teens and early 20s, so I'm not missing out on much if I stay in. I'd much rather do these activities than get drunk.'

It's hard not to envy Tim Riggins, the not-so-elegantly wasted Dillon Panthers Football star on NBC's Friday Night Lights. "I live vicariously through the cat, He gets the gal, he gets the winning touchdown, he does what he wants. he just reacts on instincts, which aren't the best ones at times. [but] allot of people are scared to take a risk, and Riggs just does it. I think that's commendable. most of the time" -On Tim Riggins being #100 in Entertainment Weekly's 'The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 years List

It was so good because it was so raw. ...I remember doing that "Texas forever" speech like it was yesterday. I had time to work on it, and it just really encompassed Riggins, and his kind of contentedness at that moment - from TV Guide's

Friday Night Lights Comes to An End: Producers and Cast Remember Building Dillon

I think it's so boring to watch that partier, that loud, obnoxious guy who drinks too much. He'd get boring. The actors that I admire are the ones who do so much by saying so little, and on this show, we had the power to try things. With Riggs, I just felt his lack of words was intrinsic. ... He's been jaded so many times, it's just a means of energy-saving, saving yourself from being jaded even more.- on going with is own instincts with his Friday Night Lights Character Tim Riggings

If we were going to get picked up or not, I just love that we never truly waivered. We never tried to become some soapy, mainstream thing to get ratings. - on the show getting Spectacular reviews but subpar viewership

I think they didn't how to market it. It was tough. There's not a specific tone to it where they could just label it something easy to sell. - on How NBC marketed the show (to boys & football fans)

Quotes About Taylor Kitsch

Quote:"Taylor is so amazing," Collins said. "We went to Pixar and saw some of the workups of some of the fighting that we have to do. I was like, 'Oh my god, there's just no guy better for the job. He's so athletic and wonderful and such a great actor and so positive.'"

Who Said it: Lynn Collins

Quote: Taylor has taken his character who could just seem like this football dummy & has imbued this guy this emotional life underneath that is just so riveting to watch & so pointed.

Who said it: Jason Katims (writer for Friday Night Lights)

Quote: His Canadian accent was so OVERWHELMING there wasn't way (in audible on s.2 DVD due to crowd cheers) we had to Grind the Canadian out of him. (Taylor comes back w/ a good ol' Canadian 'Well anyHoo')

Who said it: Peter Berg (writer? creator? Friday Night lights

Quote: "There's no question that I think Gambit's going to play well," said Katz. "Put Taylor in a trench coat and give him a staff, and watch out. He's a tough kid, and he did a lot of his own stuff - and he looked like a million bucks doing it."

Who said it: Jeff Katz

Quote:"We like to say around here that Ryan(Phillippe) is the anchor of the film - the Harvey Keitel of the piece - while Taylor is like a young Robert De Niro in Mean Streets. He's the snap, crackle and pop. "from the article Taylor made

Who said it: Steven Silver

Quote: I can say it, he's sexy, right?"

- The biggest reaction during the Wolverine teaser at the summer ComicCon convention wasn't to Wolverine but the character Gambit. "He raised the roof. I was a tad jealous!"

- "He's unbelievable in the movie!

Who said it: Hugh Jackman

Favorite Tim Riggins quotes

Friday Night Lights

Character name: Tim Riggins Panthers #33

Character name: Tim Riggins Panthers #33

Award(s): American Cinema Editors, USA


Won, Eddie

Best Edited One-Hour Series for Commercial Television Conrad M. Gonzalez, Keith Henderson, Stephen Michael For the pilot episode.

Character back story: Tim Riggins lives with is older brother Billy. Father left them & mother not around either. Has a drinking problem season 1& 2. Plays football for the Dillon Panthers & in season 3 (08-09 tv season) finished his senior year at Dillon

Inspiration for character: there's a Book & a Movie of the same name.

Age/Occupation: Student

(Senior Fullback on Dillon Panthers H.S. team) soon to be College bound

Personality type: Jock Aloof

Signature look: disheveled flowing haired plaid shirts

Resides: Dillon, Texas

Character connections:

Character Relation Season/Episode(s)

Billy Riggins Brother S. 1-3

Tyra Collette Girlfriend/Former S.1 Sister in law S.3 s. 1-3

Mindy Collette Sister in law s. 3

Lyla Garrity Best Friend's Girl S. 1

Riggin's Girl Friend s.3

Buddy Garrity Lyla's Father & Dillion Panther's Booster S. 1-3

Jason Street (aka 6) Best Friend QB Parylized season 1 S. 1-3

Coach Taylor Self Explanitory S. 1-3

Julie Taylor Coach's daughter. S. 1-3

Saved during a Toronado in a store

s.2 Stayed over Taylor's house a few ep. in season 2.

Matt Saracen Teammate Dillon Q.B. S. 1-3

Landry Clarke Dillon Teammate s.3

Mac McGill Dillon A. Coach or trainer s. 1-3

Brian 'Smash' Williamsesp. s. 1

LOUDMOUTH football teammate (fullback?)

who buttheads occasionally S.1-2 & 5 ep in s.3

J.D. McCoy Dillon's New Hot shot QB s. 3

& sort of takes under wing

Walt Riggins Father s.2 4 episodes

Chris Kennedy 'Competition' Lyla's Love interest 4 episodes

Fun facts/trivia: There's a lot of Taylor in Tim Riggins. Taylor improvises a lot, they have the freedom to do it on the show) whether it be lines or just doing something with a prop. (see what Tim does after his last game. That's was Taylor's idea from what I've read)

Character Quotes & Catchphrases

'Texas Forever"

"No Regrets"

"Too Late, the play is over, you took too long to make a decision, we lost the game because of you! We're not going to state & the Whole town of Dillon hates you! You are never getting laid your entire life...fact! - From 2007 Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

No regrets, let's make some memories

Daily News 'BIOgraphic'

Kitschy Kitschy Koo

Click thumbnail to view full-size
As Gambit in  X-men Origins: WolverineGambit Poster for X-men Origins:WolverineMy Autograph from Taylor  I write a fan letter, and about 2 months later,  got my response!I LOVE this picture!Savages screen cap of Taylor's Left should tattooScreen cap for the right side tattoo (I think it may be his No regrets tattoo in Swahili)The Covenant      l to r Toby Hemingway as Reid GarwinChace Crawford as Tyler SimmsTaylor Kitsch as Pogue Parry& Steven Strait as Caleb DanversTaylor & His Brother (Brody? I know he has 2 I just don't know the other's name.)Taylor In John Tucker Must DieThe Kitsch Brothers
As Gambit in  X-men Origins: Wolverine
As Gambit in X-men Origins: Wolverine
Gambit Poster for X-men Origins:Wolverine
Gambit Poster for X-men Origins:Wolverine
My Autograph from Taylor  I write a fan letter, and about 2 months later,  got my response!
My Autograph from Taylor I write a fan letter, and about 2 months later, got my response!
I LOVE this picture!
I LOVE this picture!
Savages screen cap of Taylor's Left should tattoo
Savages screen cap of Taylor's Left should tattoo
Screen cap for the right side tattoo (I think it may be his No regrets tattoo in Swahili)
Screen cap for the right side tattoo (I think it may be his No regrets tattoo in Swahili)
The Covenant      l to r Toby Hemingway as Reid GarwinChace Crawford as Tyler SimmsTaylor Kitsch as Pogue Parry& Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers
The Covenant l to r Toby Hemingway as Reid Garwin Chace Crawford as Tyler Simms Taylor Kitsch as Pogue Parry & Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers
Taylor & His Brother (Brody? I know he has 2 I just don't know the other's name.)
Taylor & His Brother (Brody? I know he has 2 I just don't know the other's name.)
Taylor In John Tucker Must Die
Taylor In John Tucker Must Die
The Kitsch Brothers
The Kitsch Brothers

Deep in thought?

Deep in thought?
Deep in thought?

Experience as much as you can, and be as open as you can to these things

The Covenant - The Sons of Ipswitch (Taylor is 3rd from left)

The Covenant Pogue Parry sketch

L to R Toby Hemingway as Reid Garwin, Chace Crawford as Tyler, Taylor Kitsch as Pouge Parry, Steven Strait as Calib Danvers and another co-star (no pictured) was Sebastian Stan as Chase Collins

Taylor Plays Pouge Parry one son of 4 founding families with the powers of witchcraft; in which each time used takes part of their life from them.

He grew up with Calib, Reid, & Tyler and they are all like brothers.

Dating Kate

Pouge drives a Ducati motorbike

usually seen on his bike in his Leathers, or school uniform

Covenant Reunion

Sebastain Stan Instagram screen cap
Sebastain Stan Instagram screen cap | Source

Taylor's Gambit trick

Gambit Character sketch

Character name: Gambit / Remy LeBeau

Appears in: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Date(s): may 1st 2009


Character back story/resides:

Gambit's place of birth was in or around New Orleans. Remy considers

himself a Cajun with his roots firmly grounded in the Big Easy where he

spent his youth, and he speaks with a Cajun accent. As shown in Gambit #1,

Gambit was stolen as a baby by the Thieves Guild for someone called the

Antiquary but was later taken and hid from the Antiquary by Jean-Luc LeBeau

among a group of young street urchins, the unwanted offspring of assassins

and thieves, under the Dickensianly-named Fagin.

Gambit Guild

**Reference for Gambit Back Story)*** Abandoned at birth due to his burning red eyes, the child who would one day become Remy LeBeau was kidnapped from his hospital ward by members of the New Orleans Thieves' Guild who referred to the child as "le diable blanc" - the white devil. They believed he was the child that had been prophesied to unite the warring Guilds. Soon after, Remy was placed in the care of a gang of street thieves who raised the child and taught him the ways of thievery.

Later, when he was around ten years old, Remy attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, then-patriarch of the Thieves' Guild. Jean-Luc took the boy in off the streets and adopted him into his own family.

Remy wandered the world as he plied his skills as a master thief, aided by his mutant power to charge objects with explosive energy. He employed playing cards he charged with kinetic energy as his trademark weapon.

Eventually, Remy encountered Storm, a member of the outlaw team of mutant adventurers known as the X-Men. Storm had been transformed into an amnesiac child who had turned to theft as a means to survive. Later, when the X-Men's founder Professor Charles Xavier returned from a long period of traveling in outer space, Storm sponsored Remy's admission into the X-Men. Remy soon fell in love with his fellow X-Man, Rogue, blessed and cursed with the ability to absorb other mutants' thoughts and abilities through skin-on-skin contact.

Remy served for a time as patriarch of the Thieves' Guild in his father's stead, as well as leading one of two teams of X-Men.

Here's the Rest of the story)

some of Gambit's Bio from Marvel

& this off of

Gadgets and weapons

Gambit customarily wears a suit of highly articulated light body armor and his weapon of choice is a telescopic metal staff. He is extensively trained in martial arts, particularly French kick-boxing or savate, which coupled with his Thieves Guild training and natural mutant abilities, makes him a superhuman combatant. He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, utilizing street-fighting techniques and acrobatics.

Inspiration for character: Marvel Comics' X-men series

Personality type: Taylor describes Gambit as "Cocky, like a young Wolverine"

Signature look: 'Flapjack' hat, wears a bit of purple (tones colors), always w/ Playing cards & staff also

Red irises on black sclera

Gambit's eyes have been this way since birth. Gambit's eyes are also known to glow and sparkle in conjunction with the use of his mutant powers and his moods. (from Gambit Guild)

Character connections: Wolverine

Fun facts/trivia:

The Canadian hunk, 28, plays a mutant with attitude in the film. But, he says, he had to fake it - for a while, anyway. "When I first got there [I was] nervous," Kitsch says. "And when I ... met [Jackman], it was really great." To get psyched up to play a New Orleans thief with a gift for killer card-throwing, Kitsch turned on his iPod and listened to the bluesy John Lee Hooker "all the time," he says.

"We were in a fight scene," Jackman said, and Taylor was using his staff, while Jackman got too aggressive while doing the scene 'Gambit' goes to hit 'Wolverine' & wolverine stops him with the claws "and Taylor reeled back quickly but directors didn't call, 'Cut!' (lol no pun intended) I looked down at my claws and there were only two left. I'm thinking Where's the third I looked over at Taylor and it was sticking straight out of his hand. He was just looking at it. Taylor was like "whoa dude, something I said?" so He pulls it out , wipes the blood on his jeans & goes 'Let's Go', "

"Those were some good memories," Taylor joked. "He stabbed me and I bled - a lot."

Taylor kitsch puts muscle to good use in Wolverine Taylor Kitsch was way ahead of his "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" co-stars in one way: He didn't have to go through a lengthy exercise regimen to build the strength to play superhero Gambit..So, Kitsch spent his prep time playing cards.

When asked if he uses the card tricks in his personal life (w/ friends & family) he says.. "I know how to do them, but I don't do them w/ my friends. I'm going to learn the real good stuff that magicians know. I trained with a magician for the shoot, & I think I've started to loosen him up to give me some of the real stuff." It's a pretty cool thing to know. Shuffling & cutting the deck with one hand..(which his expert tried to teach herself...& think she may need a helping hand) dealing with one hand.

Some Cast interviews from Cinemax

Max Final Cut-Wolverine the characters *

working with Live Wolverine the Final Cut

casting Final cut cinemax

If I learned anything about life, its this: 'Always Play the Hand you're Dealt. My Name is Gambit...and I Play for keeps"

miss me?

Do I owe you money?

Logan, you need to trust me. Now let me go.

{Tv spot} If I learned anything about life, it's this: always play the hand your dealt. My name is Gambit... and

My appologies if I have repeated videos, let me know if there's doubles & so on.

Review by Trace93 from Live journal

X-men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray
X-men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray

Disclaimer: This was a review a friend wrote for me for the site (Squidoo) this information was originally on.

Taylor Kitsch was perfectly cast as Remy LeBeau, seducer of any and all living creatures. Sly glances from under hat brim (I love that hat – it just looks beautifully made), growly voice, devil-may-care attitude, and all that power in his cards and staff. But he also turned into the boy scout, helping Wolverine find The Island (which looked less like Alcatraz than Roosevelt Island, sadly), make sure the kids were okay, and try and get Logan back to safety.

I loved seeing Kitsch’s gorgeous face 15 feet tall on screen. And his magnetism completely commands the screen, even when he was lurking, unfocused, behind Hugh Jackman, who himself is awfully hard to avoid looking at. Loved how we first see him from behind, shuffling his cards, and he's revealed in bits. Great setup.

Read criticism about Gambit’s cajun accent coming and going, which I actually didn't notice much. But I was reminded how little that counts toward a great career during a preview in which Brad Pitt plays a good ole boy huntin’ Nazis... ouch. Kitsch's onscreen heat compares with, no, exceeds that of Brad Pitt's in Thelma and Louise, so frak accents.

And bring on a Gambit feature!



Taylor skate

Taylor Talk

Taylor quotes continued

I struggled quite a bit in New York. I don't know what it was, but there was something there that kept me from quitting. Maybe I'm stubborn. Maybe it's the challenge. I just loved studying at the time. I loved the exploratory part of it. It was very therapeutic for me for what I was dealing with personally. I love being surrounded by people [who] are going to make you better-you're going to grow through that experience. That's a real high for me.

Other character sketches

Gospel Hill

Character Name: Joel Herrod

Date(s): 2008

Awards): Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival 2008 Won, Jury Award

Seashell Best of FestGiancarlo Esposito

Character back story: runs Landscaping company, son of father Jack

who was town sheriff, who never solved the crime of

John Malcom's father's assassination

Age/Occupation: late 20s early 30s /Landscaper

Personality type: Laid back

Signature look: t-shirt & jeans w/ b-ball cap

Resides: Gospel Hill

Character connections: Carl Herrod (Brother) Jack Herrod= Father Rosie=a new friend

Tribecca interview * Tribeca News

Kitsch Portrays Kevin Carter * Doing Justice to Fallen Photojournalists in bang bang Club

Kitschy Bang Bang Club

About to Blow Up

Taylor Kitsch

The Bang-Bang Club

Character name: Carter

Date(s): 2010 Canada release (Film Festival)


Even though Phillippe is the movie's biggest star - and is reasonably convincing as a guy who loves the adrenaline rush of his work, even as it puts him face-to-face with inhumane horrors - Kitsch gives the strongest performance of the group: As Carter begins to unravel, his eyes look haunted and quizzical - you get the sense that he's trying to reckon with the queasy moral questions his work presents. By Stephanie Zacharek

Character back story: True Story

Inspiration for character: A drama based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa

Age/Occupation: Combat Photographer

Personality type: drug addict

Signature look: sports a diamond stud earring and African tribal bracelets

Resides: Johannesburg, Africa

Character connections: PENDING Greg Marinovich Ken Oosterbroek

Video Interviews & Clips

Taylor's clip in the Farrell Roth video comes about 1:30 mark

NY TImesTexas Forever

Taylor on David Letterman

The one with the Guys from PopCandies I'm wondering if at least one of them is one or both of his brohers but I can't get a decent look.

Taylor's Drunk Tank story

On Tim Riggins

Taylor at celeb Hockey game

David Boreanez vs Taylor Kitsch

Men's cover story from NYT

Canada Uncut

Taylor on ice

Tough Guy

Tough Guy
Tough Guy

Blessed by squid angel

Please Sign my Dillion Year Book

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      X-Men origins Wolverine: the Gambit character. Saw that one? That my favorite performance of him. Short but remembered. :)

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @ChrisLdn: Yes I basically starve himself for Bang bang club.. have you seen the Covenant yet? I swear the man should be the ONLY person legally aloud to wear a speedo!

    • ChrisLdn profile image


      5 years ago

      I had no idea who he was until I saw John Carter - then I went home and started watching every episode of Friday Night Lights on Netflix! I also think he was really amazing in The Bang Bang Club - it's such a great movie.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: Frank if you do not mind me asking, how do you know Taylor's other bros name is Damon?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Taylor's other older brother's name is Damon

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      5 years ago from Central Florida

      Wow, you've created quite a fan page here. Lots of detail.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: and how does this have anything to do with the subject matter that I wrote on? DO NOT SPAM lenses you are SO TOSed!

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: and how does this have anything to do with the subject matter that I wrote on? DO NOT SPAM lenses you are SO TOSed!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: Thanks Mara! Stay tuned I have some more pics & videos to post. (not sure if I'll just add, or if I'll swap a few out. I get a little ..err not sure what to call it but i have problems in changing my work (like switching out pictures) & hate when videos go missing. I had a bunch of them with the cast of wolverine sort of panel like & the guys werejoking and stuff & they were deleted by owner on you tube so they aren't even in my Youtube profile :-(

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      tons of love for your work, I kept smiling for so long that my cheeks burn ;) anyway...

      no regrets! :)


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hubba Hubba! What an enticing picture that is of him in his early modeling days. I'd like to find a guy my age who looks like him!


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