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Technology..the Reason We Are so Scared to Go Outside?

Updated on September 10, 2013

Holding Your Child's hand

Feeling protected and safe is very important.
Feeling protected and safe is very important. | Source

Feeling Safe

Crystal's view:

Growing up...I remember being able to go outside and play. A simple "mom I'm going outside to play" sufficed. She needed no other persuasion or reasoning from me. I could walk myself to school (a block and a half away from my home) in the third grade without a care in the world. All of my elementary school friends were able to do the same. We could hang out after school for an hour or so before going home without parental supervision in the fifth grade.

My parents trusted me and trusted our neighbors back then (which was only about 15 years ago). What has changed so much that we won't let our children out by themselves to play in the front yard? Or have fear while going to the grocery store at night alone? What is so different?

Are you in the "know"?



Why has our fear as not only parents but people in general been heightened? Generations before us seemed to be less afraid to live. To go out and do the things they needed to do without extra fear in their minds of something horrible happening while they were out. Even though there were killers and kidnappers back then just like today, we are more cautious and afraid nowadays. At least this is how it seems.

Is the availability of information not only through radio, and news channels but also social media sites part of this fear? By simply reviewing your news feed from your profiles, news of horrific events can be seen within minutes of the event taking place. We all can easily receive information through social media, emails, text messaging etc. without any real work. Without waiting for the newspaper in the morning or the 7 am news broadcast we have the ability to receive information within seconds unlike in the past.

The availability of videos and picture sharing is a phenomena like no other. Sharing information is super easy and can reach people all over the world through one accessible website. In the past, these commodities were available but not through the internet. You would have to personally show someone the photo you took of your family gatherings or the video of your daughter's first dance recital. News traveled differently then and now that technology is so advanced everyone is connected.

Phone Statistics


We are all connected through our devices!
We are all connected through our devices! | Source


Are you a frequent smart phone user? Who isn't, right? Personally, I check my phone countless time throughout the day, starting when I wake up to view my emails and notifications on my smartphone. Throughout the day I have notifications for the games and apps I have stored on my phone and any activity on my media sites. These notifications usually pop up at the very least, once every half hour. Most of the time it is way more often. So being in the know to the "outside" world is a key part of my life, and more than likely a part of yours too.

Through these advanced technological leaps for smart phones and computers, people are able to give and receive any information they need through a few key strokes of a keyboard.

With more knowledge comes responsibility, so is that what we are doing? Feeling responsible for the world's mistakes and keeping them internally through fear? It's a very big possibility!


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    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      You make some good points, and I'm sure lots of people can identify with them. After all, when one hears about certain dangers on TV every time they listen to the news, it's easy to imagine the world is a scary place. Not saying it isn't, but the chances any given person will be involved in a criminal attack aren't really that high. For most people, car accidents present a bigger danger 24/7 if one drives, rides as a passenger, or walks near streets, than thieves or random violence do.

      I am not afraid to go out at night even though I live in what is here considered a bad neighborhood. I used to pick up my mail at the post-office around 4 AM, but now the P.O. is only open Monday thru Saturday from 8-6. I still go out around 4 AM to the laundromat or to the grocery store sometimes. The laundromat often has some homeless people in it. It's located near what is considered an even worse neighborhood than I live in.

      My apartment complex (160 units) is near the edge of town, so despite being surrounded by criminals (illegal drug dealers, cookers, etc.), my main concern is usually coyotes. I've never seen one in our giant parking lot, but I can hear them howling most nights after 11 PM within a half mile or so from here.

      There are no guarantees in life. It's not safe to go out of your home, and it's not safe to stay in it either. Both situations present their own dangers. Life is full of uncertainties. One should take reasonable precautions, but then it's a matter of living your life.

      Good choice of topic, and very well written. Voting this up, useful, and interesting.

    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 4 years ago from Pennsauken, NJ

      I think you make an excellent point here. Our perception of the world has changed because of technology, perhaps not for the better. Unfortunately the media (which now includes the internet) promotes bad news 24 hours a day in a somewhat hysterical fashion that promotes fear. I have to wonder what the long-term effects will be on our children. Voting this up, useful and interesting.

    • Crystals-view profile image

      Crystal Lobato 4 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Yes it would

      LizaMarie724 :)

    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 4 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      It would be nice to go back to those days.