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Top Ten Buddy Guy Videos

Updated on March 22, 2016
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Nightcat is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about a wide variety of subjects.

A Tribute to Buddy Guy

This is one of those pleasure hubs, and the pleasure is all mine. Spending hours listening to Buddy Guy's marvelous howl and magical guitar. Then watching multiple videos of the same song to get you the best one. Not that Buddy Guy stops at anywhere near ten best. No sir.

This man is one of the few living American treasures. If you have yet to fall under the spell of one of the foremost bluesman of our time, just sit back. Watch, listen. Then see if you can resist that hypnotic guitar and mesmerizing voice. Men better watch your ladies. Ain't a woman alive that can resist that much bluesman.

WARNING: These are the blues, baby. You may hear words you don't like. They will likely be in the title and often repeated. If you don't like that sort of thing, turn back now.

Living Proof CD photo courtesy of Amazon. You can buy Buddy Guy's Living Proof below! Plus see the official Amazon store link to see all 98 Buddy Guy albums.

Open Letter to Visitors

Dear Visitor,

This Hub grows, and gets smaller. When it first debuted, there were lovely Buddy Guy photos everywhere. Then I got to thinking about how either the studio or photographer has the copyright and took those down. Sorry folks, but we have rules on HubPages.

There used to be a lot more things here, but they didn't seem to be what the fans wanted, and I am trying to please blues fans here, an almost impossible task, but I am doing my best.

But the real reason it is here is because of a remark in Buddy Guy's biography. His mother wanted flowers while she was alive. Well here are some figurative flowers for Buddy Guy. What use is it to write about how much you love and admire someone when they aren't around to see it?

I doubt Buddy Guy will ever land here, I assume the man has more to do than surf the web. But for the fans at least I hope you enjoy it. Please for gosh sake's let me know what works and what doesn't. I want blues fans to enjoy this, you know. Well let me know, and now I turn you over to Mr. Buddy Guy.

You're in the Blues,


Only ten? Awww.

OK I'd like to put fifty full videos up, but I'd likely crash your computer and mine too. I've been seeing the black screen of death because she don't like all this heavy use. But I wanted to bring you ten of Buddy's best, in no set order.

I suppose if I up and kill my computer with overuse I can write to Buddy Guy and explain my problem. Then I suppose I can sit on a street corner and howl my own rendition of Please, Please, Please until folks pay me to stop. You know that may be the only song Buddy never did. I'll have to check into that.

Buddy courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


"Heaven is lying at Buddy Guy’s feet while listening to him play guitar."- Jimi Hendrix

Damn Right I've got the Blues

This reminds me of the stories bluesmen would tell about Robert Johnson. Man could play the guitar behind his head, on the floor, and so forth. Here Buddy does even better. One-handed, playing with his chest, isn't fair he can rock that hard to some folks. Heck I love the look on his face. Like his guitar is the best lover he's ever had. Now you watch those hands and you'll be amazed.

74 Years Young

You know how you kids today have that Guitar Hero game? Well kids, this kind of playing is the real thing. Now you listen to him play, you watch the kind of show he can put on, because that's part of it too. Listen to that growlin', howlin' voice. He don't need no funny feedback or goofy computers to make him sound like a man. Sure he is 74 years young! Well 75 here if you want to get technical. What you don't think people that age can rock? He's got more blues in him then most men a third his age.

Sweet Home Chicago

Sorry for the all the cats you never heard of being in the video. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. But this has to be the finest Sweet Home Chicago this side of Robert Johnson. This is a good a place as any to point something out. Some folks feel the blues were ruined the moment Muddy Waters plugged in his guitar. But does this in any way sound like Buddy Guy is ruining the blues?

Maybe it ain't pure delta with the unplugged action, but this is the blues. Electrified and all. The blues are all over now. Get with the times and enjoy the sound. As for the cussing, don't act like you just learned words you never heard before. Buddy Guy is a living saint compared to some bluesmen when they get on stage.

I'm including two versions to make up for the first one vaporising on me. Sorry about that.

Feels Like Rain

Sure feels like rain to me, Buddy. You're going to be in town. Well the next town over in a few months. And I ain't got no ride to get there. Sure I can take a bus, maybe even stay overnight, though that would be pricey seeing I'd have to stay all weekend. It is the sweetest agony imaginable to know you'll be that close, yet that far.

So I got the blues real bad right now, but your music is making it all better. You just keep on doing what you do. That music is the sweetest agony because you are so very close, yet so very far. Sure I'm repeating myself. Told you I had the blues. Mmmm!

Can't Be Satisfied

We are double-dipping on this treat. First you get to hear the amazing Mr. Guy talk about his childhood. Man I love his wry sense of humor. I also love that he is proud of where he came from. He darn well should be. Not too many musicians pay tribute like that anymore.

Second, this is Buddy on the acoustic guitar. That's right, unplugged. Just like that Eric Clapton fellah you hear so much about. I want to make sure I lay to rest any nasty doubts or rumors out there. Of course the man can play without electric. You think he was born with a Fender in one hand and an amp in the other?

Buddy Guy Living Proof

One of his latest albums, and I think the most recent after Skin Deep. A must have CD if for nothing else than to hear 74 Years Young. In fact this CD launched this lens. You see I didn't think it really was Buddy Guy playing anymore. Figured he had to be old and lame, and not playing. I'd seen the majority of musical artists I like decline steeply, often around age 40 or thereabouts. Very few, indeed a mere handful sound the same as they get older. Only one has gotten better as he has matured. Well to my utter delight he is still healthy and on tour this year!

You will also want this for the tender song Stay Around a Little Longer, a duet with B.B. King. It sets a sort of somber tone because you realize both men just simply won't be here for as long as we'd like. So does Everybody's Got to Go. If Buddy Guy is trying to prepare his fans for the day he is jamming on the other side, he couldn't have done so in a more heart-touching fashion.

The title song Living Proof has to do with the good graces of God. It has an infusion of gospel music and is a testimonial, devotional, and inspirational song all at once. You can also catch a duet with Carlos Santana. The album ends on a highly positive note with the roof-raising Skank. Proof why Buddy Guy is the undisputed king of Chcago blues.

Bring his home HERE

Happy To See Buddy Guy On HubPages?

Well, happy to see him here?

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My Black Mama

This is one of those songs that Son House recorded for the Library of Congress. Yes there are bluesmen in there. Anyhow, Buddy keeps pace just fine with the senior blues master. Just think Son House came before and mentored Robert Johnson. Here he is mentoring Buddy Guy.

Now don't get all excited over the title. He means mama as in his woman. Heck songs at the time often sang of a woman's beauty. And heck yeah, she had better have been black in Son House's era. He wouldn't have been with us as long as he was if he had started singing about white women. Dang shame as I don't think women of any color can resist these fine gentleman.

Sunshine of Your Love

How in the name of Fender does he play the guitar with his mouth? Now this is what show boating with a guitar should look like. Yes those are some sweet Hendrix licks in there. Told you the man was a living American treasure. Now you ask, is the the blues? Tell me, do you honestly care at this point?

No you just care that this is the best guitar you've ever heard and you'll sure you'll die if he stops. Told you Buddy Guy would get you. Better than Lioness, ain't he ladies? Yes I'm talking about those pills. Once seen a woman on them CHASE her man through the store. He was running for cover too.

Mustang Sally

Not only is Mustang Sally going to slow down, you know she's going to pick him up. Look at the young bloods trying to keep up with the master. Ha! She won't even give then a second look. I love this song, and sure it is more soul than blues. But Buddy Guy makes it the blues. That's what is so special about him.

You noticed his voice is every bit the fine instrument his guitar is, right? Maybe even finer, well, maybe. Guitar, or voice. Guitar, or voice. Let's pick both before I start freaking out here.

Hoochie Choochie Man

Now tell me ladies, when is the last time you hear grown men whistle at another man? Or howl, or call out to him? Buddy Guy can work his charm on either gender. Here the male blues hounds are howling mightily as he plays. I don't recall seeing too many other male performers have this effect on men.

The lady hounds follow right behind with the sweetest yips and yaps you've ever heard. Buddy Guy just keeps on playing and doing his thing to induce even more howls from the hounds. I think the man could start a riot just by stopping. That's all he'd have to do and the whole pack of hounds would go nutty.

The first five....

Here are his first five studio albums, three of which he recorded while playing for Junior Wells. There are earlier recordings he made on his own, but the 78s are hard to find at this time. The Berlin album contains two songs by Buddy Guy as well as other artists. Thanks to Brazil-On-Guitar for the track listings for the fifth album!

I Can't Quit You Baby

I love his smile and manic energy here. Those twitches, that guitar! He's singing with the King! The only two men on the planet that can sing to one another and have other men cheer. Bluesmen are sweet sugar to the fans.

You Might Also Like

Buddy Guy has a boatload of talent. Here you can surf to interviews, live footage, and some of the best crossovers ever. Buddy Guy might be the king of the Chicago blues scene, but he holds his own with rappers and rockers too. I love watching him walk through a crowd or grab folks and haul them on stage. Enjoy!

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Radio Interviews

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Snippet, Odd Stuff

Hoochie Choochie Man Joke

Buddy lets fan play polka dot guitar

Playing with Mouth

Snippet of his guitar how-to video

Dancing Fan

Buddy shared by The Official Amazon Buddy Guy Store

Best Buddy Guy Song Ever?

Did you know? Buddy Guy has recorded over 400 songs!

What do you like best?

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Bonus Video - Done Got Old

Isn't he cute when he wants to be? Look at him milk the audience. He done got old, so old. Poor old Buddy Guy. You'll notice it is one of the rare songs he sits for. Because he's so old. I'd make a remark about ham but he isn't an actor. Though that is some mighty fine acting there.

Buddy Guy Links

Here's a list of sites to keep you going.

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    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you so much BestMusiHits! Yeah, I love him to pieces. Thanks for visiting!

    • BestMusicHits profile image


      6 years ago

      mister Blues! Buddddyy Guy! Awesome lens about a great person!

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hey guys! If you really like this page and Buddy Guy please do not post links to free music sites. I have no way to check the legality of such sites, and as far as I know Buddy Guy isn't handing out free music.

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi, LubosLabik! I agree! I've loved him for years and figured I could do something nice for him. He truly seems like a wonderful man. Thanks for visiting. :)

    • Fcuk Hub profile image

      Fcuk Hub 

      6 years ago

      He is truly artist :)

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks so much Spokanewebdesign for the kind words. Really Mr. Buddy Guy did all the hard work, I just put it in one lens. Thanks for visiting.

    • Spokanewebdesig1 profile image


      6 years ago

      great lens, love the blues

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      You are so lucky, ParentingGiftedKids! I am seriously thinking of whether two nights in a bus station would be all that bad if I couldn't swing a hotel. I doubt the bus company would like it though.

      Aww, thank you EditionH! The first time I heard him was on the release of Junior Wells on CD. Thanks to you both for commenting and visiting. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Buddy Guy is awesome, I heard him beginning of the 70's first time on vinyl. His playing and sound is unique and full of raw energy. Great to see him featured..

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I've seen Buddy in concert. He's a great performer, and doesn't get the attention he deserves. Good job!

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Aww, thank you so much Prosepine! I just want to share his music with the world because I've loved him for decades. I really can't afford to go to that concert, so this was the next best thing. Thanks for visiting!

    • prosepine lm profile image

      prosepine lm 

      6 years ago

      Awesome lens! I've never heard of him, you both brought a smile to my face!


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