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The Best Case of Unexpected Love

Updated on February 14, 2014

This is a grown-up version of the perfect schoolyard romance. The girl likes the guy that is totally out of her realistic reach. The guy doesn't even know she exists. The girl accidentally shares her crush with the wrong person, and the rest of the dominoes fall from that one push. Suddenly, Lucy has become a fiancee instead of just the life-saver of her dream beau who now lies in a coma from a Christmas Day mugging.

But this crush has a few twists. One is in the form of a protective brother. Lucy (who's sort of stuck in a situation she wanted more in her dreams than in reality) now has to fight for her relationship against the accusations of the "hair-pulling" brother. She doesn't know that he is only pulling braids because he's the one who really likes her. But even when she figures it out, she keeps up the charade of being in love with the first brother because she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

In the meantime, the other twists include the coma guy waking up with amnesia, the deepening connection between Lucy and the rest of the family, and a few misconceptions that include Lucy being the love interest of her apartment manager's son, Joe Jr., and the possibility that Lucy is pregnant. Lucy can't keep it all inside, so she confides the truth of what's really going on to only one person, her boss who thinks she is going insane. Well, unless you consider her confession to a guy in a coma.

Oh yes, and then there's Sal, the family friend. He knows the truth. He even promises over and over again to help Lucy make the truth known to this new family she loves as if they've always been her own, but he keeps finding ways to wiggle his way out of telling. Sal offers great comic relief, especially in his giving of advice to now-out-of-coma guy who he persuades to propose "again" to Lucy because he wants to keep her in the family.

Now Lucy is left with a decision to make. Should she marry the great guy she always had a crush on and let the family go on believing she was always the fiancee they never met? Or, should she tell everyone the truth and risk heartbreak all around? And, if she marries the first crush, what will happen to the possibilities with the new crush? Oh, and how will she explain things when the real fiancee comes back from her world travels ready to finally accept the original proposal?

It's a romance, a comedy, and a mix of stories about things that could happen to real people with real imperfect relationships. It is also my absolute, number one, favorite movie. The cast is unforgettable, and I think this is Sandra Bullock's best role. I highly recommend this movie to everyone I find out has never seen it, and I will gladly watch it again with them.

You've Got Mail (Deluxe Edition)
You've Got Mail (Deluxe Edition)
Another great movie about unexpected romance between two people who seemed wrong for each other at first but turned out to be perfectly suited for each other.

Is this your favorite Sandra Bullock movie role like it is mine?

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I haven't seen many of Sandra Bullock's latest movies, like Gravity. And there might even be some older ones I haven't seen. Tell me about one of her movies I should see, or tell me about movies that fit my desire for unexpected romance to blossom in the end.


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