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The Dark Knight - Batman Facts and Information

Updated on March 26, 2011

Batman Symbol

Batman Symbol
Batman Symbol

Batman Origin

Batman comic books and movies have inspired and entertained many people. The success of Superman comics in 1938 inspired writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane to sketch another character which had all the good qualities of a superhero, thus Batman was born. First appeared in Detective Comics (May 1939) and since then Batman has appeared in many of DC Comics’ publications. Here are some interesting facts about Batman for fans of the Dark Knight.

Batpod of The Dark Knight

Batpod of The Dark Knight
Batpod of The Dark Knight

Batman Comic Drawings

Batman Comic Drawings
Batman Comic Drawings



Tumbler Batmobile

Tumbler Batmobile
Tumbler Batmobile

Batman - The Caped Crusader

  • If Superman can be super and Spiderman can climb and spray his web like a spider but Batman is different. Batman cant fly. Although the real bats can fly, sleep upside down and communicate through infrasonic sound but batman can’t do all that. Batman even has no superpowers, he is just an ordinary man with extreme dedication. Without super-strength, X-ray vision and flight, Bruce Wayne transformed himself into Batman on sheer dedication and obsession. Of course, that would take him a lot of training.
  • Batman has another name: the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight. Batman, together with the Robin, they are also called the Dynamic Duo.
  • Batman is one of few comics to have been in continuous publication since 1940.
  • The Batman’s yellow colored bat symbol was initially introduced in 1964. The symbol has changed through out the years.
  • Batman was thought up by Bob Kane (an artist and writer) when he was siting on a bench in front of Edgar Allan Poe’s house.
  • The main influence for the first created Batman character was The Bat Whispers (a killer dresses up like a bat) and The Mark of Zorro (Rich guy, wears black, has cave in the mansion) movies as well as various literary characters such as The Shadow, Sherlock Holms and Doc Savage.
  • The Batman’s cape is said to be originally inspired from some artworks of the Leonardo Da Vinci. The cape has undergone many redesigns ffrom DC Comics artists throughout the years. His cape was seldom seen as a weapon and works more like a parachute. In some movies, the cape was used as a sort of a fire and bullet resistant kevlar.
  • Batman’s key foes include the Joker, Two-Face, the Penguin, Riddler, Clayface and Scarecrow, most of them are declared criminally insane.
  • The Batman’s utility belt has an arsenal of innovative weapons and gadgets including popular ones like gas mask, batarang, a device for communicating, smoke pellets, a line gun, taser gun, minicomputer and many more. But the Kryptonite ring is the unique item that is stored in a lead-lined box. Superman gave it to him so that he can be weaken if he ever goes against the law.
  • The first vehicle introduced was a Bat-plane, not the famed Bat-mobile. At that time, Batman drove around in ordinary cars.
  • The film of The Dark Knight (2008) is the first film to have no “Batman” in the title and Christopher Nolan cites the film Heat that was released in 1995 as a major influence on the movie.
  • Compared to the US television series starring Adam West (Batman), which offered a camp and humorous take on the comic book hero, the recent movie version have been more violent.


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