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the face of hip hop welcome to the underground

Updated on October 22, 2012

NAWWW!!! Hip-hop is not dead...

Nas stated a while back that hip-hop was officially dead. But the legendary emcee was wrong. No disrespect meant. Hip-Hop is alive and is living on the underground. Matter of fact because of the internet hip-hop is bigger now than it ever has been. Before I go on any further I would like to say something about what hip-hop really is. You see this generation and the media has the wrong meaning of what exactly HIP-HOP really is. You see HIP-Hop is a culture. Let me state that again and this time I will shout it out loud. HIP-HOP IS A CULTURE! Rap is a part of hip-hop culture. Rap is the unforseen creation of HIP-HOP. In the beginning the D.J.s and the B-boys was front and center in hip hop. The original EMCEE was the HYPE-MAN. The original emcees job was to introduce the D.J. and the B-BOYS and get the crowd hyped up. Over time the hype man evolved into rappers and eventually became the primary focus of HIP-HOP. I would like to state another little non fact, HIP-HOP was not created TO MAKE A PROFIT. I will say that again HIP-HOP WAS NOT CREATED TO MAKE A PROFIT OR FOR MATERIAL THINGS. HIP-HOP was created to catch the wasted energy of the urban youth in NEW YORK. Hip-Hop was created in 1970 with the main purpose to catch the urban youth and to divert their energy into art,music,dance and education. EACH ONE TEACH ONE. If you know anything about hip-hop then you know what that phrase means. In the beginning After the civil rights movement jobs was incredibley scarce for URBAN Black Children which forced a great many of them into gangs and drugs and into a criminal lifestyle. HIP HOP WAS created to catch these kids and KEEP THEM ON A POSITIVE PATH. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, If you know anything about Hip-Hop then you know what this phrase means. CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY again another phrase or saying from the beginnings of Hip-HOP. In the beginning Hip-hop was a tool that was used to educate young African- Americans about their true history that was not THEN and STILL TO THIS DAY IS NOT BEING TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS. HIP-HOP was a tool that was used to guide innercity youth to a better life by encouraging HIGHER EDUCATION HARDWORK AND CREATIVITY. Then the money came.

the mother of hip hop

sylvia robinson the mother of hip-hop

The Mother of HIP-HOP MARCH -6 1936-September 29, 2011.

DJ KOOL HERC IS RECOGNIZED AS THE FATHER OF HIP-HOP because he created it. However I hardly hear anyone talking about SYLVIA ROBINSON.MRS. Robinson was a singer from the sixties who later on in the seventies recognized the economic power that this new underground music had. SYLVIA ROBINSON created SUGAR HILL RECORDS and created the SUGAR HILL GANG produced Rappers delight for 750 dollars the record later sold 14 million copies. SYLVIA ROBINSON also produced the "MESSAGE" by grandmaster flash and the furious five which sold 1 million copies the first month, and became the first socially conscious rap. SYLVIA ROBINSON is the creator of the RAP- BUSINESS and THE MOTHER OF HIP-HOP. SYLVIA ROBINSON passed away last year at the age of 75. REST IN PEACE.


Again HIP-Hop is a culture. Rap is one of the many aspects of that culture. HIP-HOP is not dead because it will never die.HIP-HOP is immortal.The problem with the rap industry now is that for the most part the creativity and originality is dead. Rap has gone corporate. The rappers/emcees that make it into the mainstream or usually clones that stick to the tried and true blue-print that dominated the 90's scene. GANGSTA RAP or thug music, artist now in the rap industry are supposed to be REAL. In this day and age REAL means street, ganglife, dope-dealers, kingpins, killers, gangbangers,ho's and prostitues. This has become the definition of "REAL" and this THUGLIFE image is pushed by the MACHINE because it sales. Rappers and emcees now a days find it easier to copy this tried and true blue print because it pays off quicker. The term "REAL" originally stood for being original being true to yourself, standing up for your convictions, and just plain being yourself. That was the original definition of the term "REAL" now Real is a convicted felon that image is what is supposed to be real. The funny thing about the state of commercial rap is in the eighties and early nineties gangsta rap and thug music could not get any air-play or radio play this form of hip-hop was the original underground style. NWA and TUPAC changed all of that because of the incredible numbers they was doing without the radio or videos. In the beginning gangsta rap and thuglife was exciting because it had never been done before. Gangsta-rap became the number one selling form of music period pushing your hip-hoppers underground, your REDMANS, METHOD-MAN, BUSTA RHYMES, TRIBE CALLED QUEST, JUNGLE BROTHERS, and many other hip-hoppers was literally pushed to the back because the hip-hoppers were selling platinum or gold but these gangsta rappers was setting records selling 4x platinum album after album and because of that Big labels started concentrating on gangsta rappers and stopped promoting hip-hop artist period.


THe culture nowadays is full of so called gangsta rappers FAKE gangsta rappers. Everyone is basically rapping about the same thing which is basically nothing of any real substance the topics include BITCHES,MONEY, GANG VIOLENCE, and DRUG DEALING. RAPPERS make videos and swear that they made these millions upon millions of dollars by slanging ki's,robbing and killing, when in reality half of them are college graduates and made their money because of their entrepreneurial abilities not by being crime-lords. I love the fact that 50 cent is a snitch but yet and still he claims to be GANGSTER. It is like a big Joke. I love the fact that RICK ROSS was a Corecctional Officer before he made it as a rapper but yet and still he claims to be the BOSS of All BOSSES. This stuff is hilarious. I love the fact that lil WAYNE claims to be a BLOOD and to have lived this incredible street life when in fact lil WAYNE was raised by BABY who had JUVENILE and THE HOTBOYS in the nineties who was going platinum hand over fist which means little WAYNE was raised in the LAP OF LUXURY. These rappers now a days kill me with their realness.


The mainstream corporate ran radio is light years behind the underground. Radio is stuck in profit over art mode and the ones making decisions to play usually have no clue about what is going on. The same can be said about these major labels absolutely no clue. I still listen to rick ross and lil wayne because sometimes I want to hear some thugged out gangsta music because it motivates me to get my grind on. I'm a entreupreneur who is piddling around with a junk and debris business that I have not got off the ground do to things happening that I never expected, but I am getting there. So yes I will listen to some WAKA FLOCKA or some YOUNG JEEZY Or T.I. because it gets me pumped, it might just be me but I think you have to think like a gangster to be truelly successful in the world of business. So yes I like gangsta-rap no matter how fake these guys are. I also love the underground because it seems to me all the real rappers are on the UNDERGROUND and not in stores so I do alot of shopping for music through youtube and I-Tunes because that is where the real hip-hop is now on the underground which is the internet. I am one of the few that actually pays for my music because these underground artist actually need there money to eat or its no more music so I support my favorite underground artist. A lot of them are here on this page. Well that about sums up everything I have to say so if you love underground hip-hop and rap as well as a little r&b check out the videos on this hub because I have loaded this hub down with underground music that I like so I hope you enjoy them. Peace I'm AUDI 5000.


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