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The Golden Girls-A Timeless Comedy That I Love

Updated on February 25, 2017

I remember when The Golden Girls debuted. I always love Bea Arthur role as Maude and was sure The Golden Girls would be just as entertaining. The series began in the 80's with four independent women with high values. Each of the characters had lost a husband either by divorce or death. This set the scene for many entertaining episodes exploring the trials and tribulations of these women in the golden years of their lives.

Faithfully I watched as each episode explored the problems that needed to be resolved. Each as exciting as the next. Romantic problems, family problems, and personal issues were the focus of the many entertaining episodes. Dorothy, the daughter of Sophia with deep Italian roots, argued back and forth concerning mother-daughter issues. Rose a Minnesota farm girl and her endless stories of her life, a dimwitted woman with stories that continued with not a valid point. Finally, Blanche over-sexed women who continually charmed the pants off of her male companions.

Each of the episodes was heart-warming and left a feeling of a positive outcome to the problems of daily living. Golden Girls is a show that I still watch today, and the jokes and antics are timeless and entertain me. I love to laugh, and The Golden Girls is a show that not only entertains but strikes the funny bone. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch this show, I suggest you do so now. The warm-hearted themes and comedic humor will certainly entertain you and warm your soul. TGolden Girls is a show I will continue to watch since each viewing is just as funny and the first time. Watch it today.

The Golden Girls

Too Funny For Words

Have you forgotten how funny this show is? Golden Globe Awards and eleven Emmys and is one of the most loved shows of all time. The character consists of roommates living in Miami, Florida each with her unique problems and personality. Dorothy and her Mother Sophia, Rose, and Blanche the owner of the home. The roommates rent rooms from Blanche and interact with each other in humorous ways finding solutions to each person problems.

The show ran seven seasons with each episode funnier that the next. You can watch the show on DVD or television. You will find that it is one of the best late night shows around.

At the Kitchen Table

Sitting Around the Table

The Golden girls live in a traditional Miami home complete with wicker furniture and coastal design. The original episode included a cook named Coco, a gay man who served as the cook. However, since the show revolved around the girls cooking and talking in the kitchen his part was eliminated early in the series. Coco was referred to as “the fancy man in the kitchen,” by Sophia. Although his part was short lived on the show, he added to the revolutionary theme of the show.

Golden Girls was the first TV sitcom to feature females as the main characters of a show. It's theme and storyline continued through the seasons with male suitors visiting at home. The Golden Girls four young-at-heart housemates are living together in Miami. It showed promiscuous, cluelessness and hilarious storylines; these wonderful, lovely, ladies form the beautiful circle of mismatched friends.

Sarcastic Dorothy


Dorothy, a substitute teacher with a sarcastic personality, is always commenting on the activities of her other roommates. She makes hilarious remakes in some of the most sarcastic ways.

Dorothy x-husband makes guest appearances alway trying to win her back. He is a novelty salesman who wondering lust caused the divorce. There are many situations where he and Dorothy rekindle their relationship, but always fail to completely reconcile.

Blanche and Rose


Rose is the nitwit of the household. She is nieve and comes from Minnesota. She has a stupid story of here home in St. Olaf. Everything from two-headed pigs to stories of life in her hometown.

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The Best of Blanche

Blanche the Loose Women

Blanche is a sex loving person always looking for a man to conquer. She keeps notebooks full of suitor's names she spent time with ratings on their talents. She is a conceited Southern Belle who always has the answers to everyone's problems.

Which episode of The Golden Girls was your favorite?

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