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The Graduate: Classic movie

Updated on June 10, 2015

A young graduate discovers life

Benjamin Braddock has just graduated and his parents have high hopes for his future career. Ben is uncertain though. After a fascinating series of events, and the fact that they mainly take place in a hotel room gives to a clue as to what they were, he finds the girl of his dreams.

But there's one huge problem.

He has had an affair with his beloved's mother

Confused about what to do with his life, he had become vulnerable to one of his parents' friends - Mrs Robinson - whose unhappy marriage meant that she was looking elsewhere. She had no interest in affection; she simply wanted a woman's right to one of the benefits of marital life that was presumably lacking in her marriage.

Mrs Robinson

Even if you've never seen this film, the chances are strong that you are familiar with the Simon and Garfunkel song. For indeed, Mrs Robinson is the lady in question and, amusingly, this is what her young lover calls her throughout the film - even when the couple are in bed. The part is played by the simply brilliantly wonderful Anne Bancroft.

Dustin Hoffman

Playing Benjamin, Hoffman was virtually an unknown when he took this part. He had acted on Broadway and he'd had a few bit parts on television but this was his real real movie. He truly made the character his own. I can't imagine any other actor in this role. The same applies to Anne Bancroft. These two exceptional actors developed their characters beautifully.

To return to the plot

The situation gets very complicated when the Robinson's daughter, Elaine, returns from school. For his parents, a match between her and their son would be perfect. For Mrs Robinson though, she has spent many intimate hours with Benjamin and doesn't think that a young man who makes love to one of his parents' friends on a regular basis in a rented hotel room is good enough for her own daughter.

No way out?

Nevertheless Elaine and Benjamin, after several complications, fall in love. Will she learn about her mother's affair? How will she react? Will Mr Robinson? Will Benjamin's parents find out where he has been going on those evenings? Will we see a happy ending? Can anything be salvaged from this situation?

A favorite in my DVD collection

I'm rather reluctant to say that I first saw this film in the cinema, as it was made in the nineteen-sixties so I'm definitely showing my age.

Although it is truly wonderful that we now have a situation that we could have never imagined back in those days - that we could have the ability to watch our favourite films whenever we want to in our own homes.

We rarely watch the television these days - there are so many wonderful classic films to enjoy.

It hard to select a favorite scene from this film but this is one I particularly like. It shows the first assignation in a hotel room. I love this clip.

See more wonderful films - now available on DVD - starring Dustin Hoffman. These are a great addition to any classic movie collection. Have you seen any of the films on this page?Let me know your own favourite.

Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy

This was Dustin Hoffman's second major film. It was made just a couple of years after The Graduate and again, I first saw this in the cinema. This was when I realized Dustin Hoffman's versatility. This is a very different part. Here he plays a crippled but street-wise bum in New York. He befriends a naive country boy who has come to city believing that he can make his fortune as gigolo, preying on older women. From this unlikely friendship springs a fabulous story that still has meaning today.


Twenty years later, this film showed us all how Hoffman had developed as an actor. With several major roles ahead of him, it was nevertheless that he was joining the ranks of the best known and best loved actors in the world. In this fascinating movie, he has the task of playing and autistic man, with the difficulty that presents - an endearing mix of innocence and intelligence. He and Tom Cruise created a wonderful classic with this film.


© 2013 Jackie Jackson


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    • sousababy profile image


      4 years ago

      Dustin Hoffman was a stellar actor in the graduate and in Rain Man (and other movies). He's worth it.


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