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the history of Zombies

Updated on June 24, 2012

when zombies dance


 nzambi which means the spirit of a dead person.The word entered the english language in 1871.the origin of zombi's comes from the voo-doo culture.the voo-doo priest created a "zombie powder"that was composed of Tetrodotoxin a poison found in the puffer fish and dissociatives such as datura when combined these powders induce death like symptoms and would make the victims totally subject to the bokor are sorcerer that administered the powder.the origin of the zombie is Africa and Haiti.but this hub is not about the origin of the real zombies,it's about the origin of the beloved movie zombies.So I hope you enjoy the ride.

white zombie

The most important zombie film simply because it was the first.Made in 1932 directed and produced by the Halperin brothers,White Zombie starred Bela Lugosi.The story takes place in Haiti,where the plantation owner uses his supernatural powers over the natives to force them to do his bidding as zombies.Beaumont(a character in the film)is turned down by Madeline Short,upset that short would reject his marriage proposal,Beaumont makes a deal with Lugosi.Asking Lugosi to use his powers on short to turn her into a Zombie so she could be Beaumont's love slave.Lugosi turns short into a zombie and later refuses to release short,using short as a means to control Beaumont,this causes Beaumont and shorts fiance to attack Lugosi and destroy his sugar mill in order to free short.The film was based on a 1928 pay called ZOMBIE.REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES a sequel to White Zombie followed in 1936 also produced by the Halperin brothers.This was the second Zombie film.The 1936 film "Things to Come"based on a novel by H.G.Wells,is the first to bring the apocalyptic zombie.Introducing Zombies that was created by a contagious viral plague that infected others on contact.

The father of the Modern Day Zombie:GEORGE ROMERO

Avenging Zombies emerged in the 50's from EC comics(tales from the crypt)which along with I AM LEGEND had a major influence on a young GEORGE ROMERO, totally shaping the writing of the cult classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.The most influential work on zombies ever.Romero bred the ZOMBIE with the VAMPIRE and created a ghoulish plague monster,the reinvented zombies became known as the Romero ZOMBIES.Romero used zombies for entertainment as well as to make political statements and to explore his apocalyptic visions.In the Night Of The Living Dead the Zombies are originally called "ghouls" it is not until 1978 when writing the script for DAWN of THE DEAD that George Romero claimed the word ZOMBIE.saying"This retroactively fits Zombies with an invisible HAITIAN/AFRICAN prehistory,formally introducing a new archetype."There it is short but sweet,a brief history on zombies hope you enjoyed the ride.Peace,I'm audi 5000.


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