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The KPK search the Munadi Herlambang's house

Updated on December 9, 2013

The KPK search the Munadi Herlambang's house

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) raided the residence of the President Director of PT M'SONS Capital, Munadi Herlambang, at Jalan Sari 2B Networking YKP Complex No. 14 Surabaya, East Java, on Thursday (28/11/2013). "The search related to the investigation of the case of infrastructure development Hambalang with the suspects TBMN," said Johan via short message. According to KPK spokesman, Johan Budi, conducted searches related to cases of suspected corruption over procurement of sports facilities and infrastructure in Hambalang with the suspect Teuku Bagus Mokhammad Noor. So far, the Commission has ensnared five suspects linked Hambalang. Among them, former Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Mallarangeng, Chairman of the Consortium of PT Adhi Karya-PT Wijaya Karya, Teuku Bagus Mokhammad Noor, Director of Dutasari Citralaras, Machfud Suroso, Anas Urbaningrum and former bureau chief of Financial Planning Kemenpora Deddy Kusdinar. The last name, currently undergoing trial.

The KPK search the Munadi Herlambang's house in Surabaya

The team searched house of the witness of project Hambalang Sport Center corruption, Munadi Herlambang, at Jalan Sari 2B Networking Nomor 14, YKP complex Surabaya, East Java, on Thursday (28/11/2013).

At Munadi's house there is suspected material evidence of corruption committed by the suspected of Hambalang case, former Director of Operations of PT Adhi Karya, Teuku Bagus Muhammad Noor.

"It should be presented that until now the investigator conducting the search at home of Munadi Herlambang the witness," the KPK spokesman said, Johan Budi, in his office, Jakarta, Thursday (28/11/2013).

Project Sport Center in Hambalang worth Rp 2.5 trillion worked by PT Adhi Karya-PT Wika.

Former Director of Operations (and Chief of the Division of Construction 1) PT Adhi Karya, Teuku Bagus Mohammad Noor, designated as The suspected of the project for alleged abuse of authority related Hambalang project.

Whilst, Munadi Herlambang is the owner of PT MSons Capital and a shareholder of PT Dutasari Citralaras, ie company's subcontractor of Hambalang project.

In the indictment for Dedi Kusdinar, Bureau chief of the Financial Ministry of youth and sports, mentioned Teuku Bagus--as PT Adhi Karya officials--give money USD 2.21 billion for Anas Urbaningrum. Money given so that Adhi Karya be the winning bidder Hambalang project development.

"Anas Urbaningrum receives Rp 2.21 billion to assist his candidacy for chairman in congress of Democratic Party in 2010, "said prosecutor Kadek Wiradana in Jakarta Corruption Court, (07/10/2013).

Prosecutors said the money handed over to Anas used for purposes of congressional Democrats, among others, to pay the hotel and bought the card along with a blackberry, a car rental for the participants who supports Anas.

"And also a dinner and entertainment. Money handed over Teuku Bagus through Munadi Herlambang, Indrajaja Manopol (Director of Operations of PT Adhi Karya) and Ketut Darmawan (Director Operations of PT Pembangunan Perumahan) at the request of Muchayat," he said.

The KPK Schedule an Inspection to CV Riva Medika Director

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) today call back Lisa Lukitawati related to the case of infrastructure projects in Hambalang sports, Thursday (28/11/2013).

KPK investigators will today inquire Lisa Lukitawati, Director CV Riva Medika, as a witness related to Corruption over Hambalang sport for development of infrastructure.

Previously, Lisa had been examined by KPK investigators on Thursday (04/18/2013). KPK investigators just check out Lisa alone related to Hambalang cases.

As already known, over the case Project Hambalang the Commission has set several suspects, ie President Director of PT Dutasari Citalaras, Machfud Suroso, former Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Alfian Mallarangeng, and also the former Head of Kemenpora Household Deddy Kusdinar.

KPK Prevent Abroad for The Commissioner of PT Methapora Solusi Global

Thus submitted by KPK spokesman Johan Budi, via text message, on Wednesday (11/27/2013).

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) proposed prevention of foreign travel to Muhammad Arifin, Commissioner of PT Methapora Solusi Global.

Johan tells us that, prevention against Muhammad Arifin is the the extension of the prevention. This time, prevention is done from 26th November to 6 months.

"In connection with the investigation into allegations of corruption over the Sports Infrastructure Development Project in Hambalang with suspected MS, the Commission did Prevention Traveling Abroad on behalf of Muhammad Arifin, Commissioner of PT Methapora Solusi Global since on 26 November to 6 months ahead," said Johan Budi via short message to journalists.

As already known, to the case Hambalang Project the Commission has set Mahfud Suroso as suspects--also a former Minister of Sports--Andi Mallarangeng.

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