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The Lake House Movie an Extraordinary Story

Updated on May 8, 2015

The Movie

When I saw this film last 2006, I was so moved the way the story goes. And what made me also to decide to watch this is that the Leading Actors are my favorite. So I've never let a chance not to see this movie. The plot started is when Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) decided to leave her lake house and move to Chicago, but before leaving she left a note in her mailbox saying to the next tenant to forward her mails to her new address at Chicago and that the paw prints on the walkway going to the house was already there when she arrived that house.

And then back 2004, the scene was become more interesting because a man arrived at the lake house named Alex Wyler(Keanu Reeves), an architect, and finds Kate's letter at the mailbox. To his wonder, what Kate's said on her letter about the paw print was not even there. After that, he started to renovate the house then while painting the walkway a dog has suddenly arrived at his place living a paw print that made Alex surprised because it was true that there is a paw print. To his curiosity, he then started to write Kate thru the mailbox outside his house, and then to his amazement he found out that Kate leaves on year 2006 while he is in 2004. Even though they were both know that what is happening to them is unbelievably strange they still write each other thru that mailbox, and even started liking each other on their letter exchange.

What really, made this story more interesting is that you will be somehow confused on how they can possibly will meet or if they will end up to each other on the future. So to make the story short, they did end up to meet each other, to kissed and hug. And that moment was really delightful that even on the start it may be impossible, it still have a happy ending. So to those who are interested, try it and watch it for your self, it was really an extraordinary movie.

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