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The Lost Medallion Movie

Updated on July 4, 2017

A Christian family movie

Dan is dropping off some donations at an orphanage. Suddenly, he finds himself in the role of story teller. He spins an intricate yarn about two kids who find an ancient medallion.

Accidentally, they use its magic powers to transport themselves back in time to a realm of good and evil rulers. At some point, the young boy, Billy, is forced to give up the medallion in order to save his friend's life. He ends up co-operating with an arrogant young king to get it back. In the process they learn a great deal about working together and how good things can happen when you do.

The Trailers

It's a little bit scary, a little funny and with a lot of action. Above all, it has a great message about serving and meaning.

The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone
The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone

Also available to view instantly or on DVD only.


The Message

The Lost Medallion's Christian message is more subtle than in some of the other faith-based movies I've reviewed. The idea is to make it accessible to non-believers as well. It's a good candidate for family movie night either at home or at church. Invite a friend or two or three or ...

  1. God makes no one by mistake.

    The movie takes place in an orphanage. Some kids, who may be adopted, grew up in foster homes or otherwise away from their parents may develop the idea that they are somehow less valuable than others. That is not true. No matter how you came into this world, God has a purpose for you.

  2. A true leader must first learn to serve.

    The medallion only grants wishes to people with a pure heart. And so it is in our lives. Those of us who have been called to lead in public service or in ministry should do so not out of greed, pride or selfishness, but with humility and God will reward us abundantly.

  3. Self sacrifice.

    One of the characters gives up his life to save another because "long ago someone did that for me."

The Audience

The movie is probably best suited for kids around six to thirteen or so. Younger than that, they won't be able to identify with the story. Older than that, they will quickly lose patience with the fantasy world and lack of reality. Grandparents who remember Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark are also likely to enjoy it.


PG - Parental Guidance Recommended.

It's a little scary. Three people die. One is thrown into a pit of fire. One is killed by the evil king's poisoned fingernail. One steps in front of an arrow meant for Billy.

There are several fighting scenes, but the violence is never glorified, quite on the contrary.

There is no nudity or obscene language.


The DVD contains instructions and suggestions for group discussions as well as family conversations. Use it as a springboard to start a conversation.

The Cast - Billy Unger

To teens probably better known as Chase Davenport in the Disney series Lab Rats, but has also appeared in numerous other TV series since 2007.

Sammi Hanratty

Has appeared in such TV series as Shake it Up, iCarly, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and many others.

The Instructor - Bill Muir

Wrote, instructed and produced.

One important take-away from this interview is that he tried to make it palatable to a wider audience, to not only entertain the family, but to counter the culture we live in. Many Christian movies tend to be preachy and that turns off a very large part of the potential audience to an otherwise terrific message in a quiet sort of way.

On Location - in Thailand

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