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The Mob Doctor TV Show Review

Updated on October 1, 2012
The Mob Doctor TV Series
The Mob Doctor TV Series

The Mob Doctor TV Show

The Mob Doctor TV show on Fox looks to be one of the most intriguing and interesting TV shows of the season. It may not have a lot of glitz and glamour, but it will have a lot of drama. What else would you expect from a show that involves the mob and underhand deals being made and then subsequently broken?

If you are looking for a show that will have you engaging your brain at every turn then The Mob Doctor TV series should be your pick this season. Once you figure out who's who and where their allegiences really lie, then this will easily become regular viewing.

The Mob Doctor will air on Fox on September 17th, 2012.

Please keep reading to discover the truth behind The Mob Doctor TV show, the cast and characters and why this could soon become your favorite TV program.

The Mob Doctor TV Show Plot

If you like mob related TV shows then you'll probably love The Vegas TV show on CBS which will air on the 25th of September, 2012. It also revolves around a Chicago mob boss, but in this case, he's trying to conquer Las Vegas back in the 1960's when it was still a small town.

Grace Devlin was raised in the south side of Chicago, in a poor neighbourhood. When her father died at a young age, her life changed. Grace decided to become a Doctor in order to get out of the life she had. However, it's hard to escape your roots, espeically when you have a brother that doesn't know how to keep himself out of trouble.

When Grace's brother finds himself in hot water, she steps in to resolve the issue. Although Grace is out of the ghetto, she knows how it works. She understands the real danger her brother is in and does her best to manage the situation.

Danny Devlin thinks things will blow over, but Grace realizes his life is at risk because he owes large debts to the wrong people. What Moretti wants he gets.

Grace begs Moretti to give her a chance to pay off her brother's debts. When he agrees she's left in the capable hands of Franco, a lieutenent of Moretti's.

Franco is rich and is used to getting what he wants. When he doesn't get what he wants he takes matters into his own hands. He also likes to throw his weight around and make it clear that if people don't do as he says Moretti will find out about it.

Initailly, Grace believes she will be able to repay her brothers debt with a type of trade. She will become the Doctor for members of the mob. When these criminals are harmed during their day to day activities, they contact Grace Devlin to be fixed up. She has no choice but to drop everything without a moments notice to fix up the mob members.

The mob are in need of a discreet Doctor, as they can't go to the hospital with bullets in them. These type of injuries would automatically bring the attention of law enforcement and would result in subsequent questioning and arrests.

However, everything comes to a head in The Mob Doctor TV show when Doctor Grace Devlin isn't asked to save a patient, but instead is asked to kill a patient.

When a patient comes in to the hospital to have heart surgery, Grace is told payment is due on her brother's debt. She is ordered to kill him, as he's a star witness in the FBI's case against Moretti. Without him there will be no trial.

Grace knows everything is on the line and reaches out to an old friend to help her, before it's too late. When Constantine, agrees to help her Grace becomes his instead of Moretti's.

Protection has it's price and Grace is still in a position of owing someone something.

Meanwhile, she will have to continue working in the hospital, where they are unaware of her underground connections, and the dangerous side of Chicago at the same time.

What demands will be made of her next, especially since certain people are now aware of her connection to the mob side of Chicago?

The Mob Doctor Cast and Characters

The Mob Doctor cast and characters
The Mob Doctor cast and characters

There are lots of characters in The Mob Doctor series. This makes sense when you consider Grace Devlin is in two distinctly different worlds. On one side, there's the seedy underside of Chicago and the mob which is in stark contrast to her lifestyle as a highly sought after surgeon.

Expect characters to come and go as issues are resolved and people find themselves on the wrong side of the mob or the law. However, there will continue to be a core cast, for the most part.

  • Jordana Spiro plays the role of Doctor Grace Devlin - who is trying to save her brother's life by making a deal with the mob.
  • William Forsythe plays Alexander Constantine - A mob boss who's clearly got a past connection to Grace.
  • Jesse Lee Soffer plays Danny Devlin - Brother of Grace and has gambling debts.
  • James Carpinello plays Franco - the mob guy that reports to Moretti and is pushing Grace to kill the witness in the hospital, in exchange for her brother's life.

Lots of Answers Needed in The Mob Doctor TV Series

Grace Devlin is the Mob Doctor
Grace Devlin is the Mob Doctor

Can Grace Devlin trust Constantine in The Mob Doctor TV Show?

See results

Grace Devlin either has an angel on her shoulder or a devil in disguise, in the form of Constantine. Clearly there's a strong connection which is deeply rooted in the past. How much he'll be able to protect her will be interesting to see in the coming episodes. What will this latest deal cost Grace and is her brother finally safe?

I think these are important questions that will constantly be brought to the viewers mind as the show continues. Viewers will also wonder how all of this is related to the death of her father when she was only a child?

What will happen to Grace's career if all this murder, intrigue and suspicious disappearances continue to happen?

Will the FBI figure out that she's working for the mob? Will this complicate her life further or will her eventual downfall all come about because her family steps into another landmine and Grace has to save the day again?

You'll have to watch The Mob Doctor TV show, on Monday evenings on Fox, to find out the answers to these questions and more.

The Mob Doctor TV Show Trailer


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