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The Quiet Man - A Movie Worth Owning More than Once

Updated on January 17, 2015

A little brief history. My first copy of this move was on Beta. For those of you young-ins out there that was before Blue-ray, DVD's, VHS tapes and You Tube. Yes those were back in my college days when a friend and I found a second had store that had a collection of unopened movies. I had the VHS player and he had had the Beta player. So when we graduated my movie went with him.

A few years later I picked the movie up on VHS so I could watch the movie once more. The VHS player soon malfunctioned and ate my tape. Not fun. Needless to say no other tapes were hurt with the use of that VHS player. So I then got my third copy of the movie once again on VHS. The tape is still good but we have not had a working player for many years.

Now with DVD's we have a player and I picked up my fourth and current copy right from Amazon. Lets here it for gift cards. As you can tell I like this movie. There is only one other movie that I have on VHS and DVD and that is The Lorax. The original not the remake.

As I said I have always enjoyed this move. Even before the first beta. I looked forward to seeing it on TV while growing up. I would often times have that little tune stuck in my head. Don't know if I can find it online or not. Found it. There is a clip down below the third one that starts out with the notes that I always think about.

But what I do know is that the main character of Mike Thornton as played by John Wayne was someone I could relate to. He held back his temper and did whatever he could not to show it. Like me I will hold back as long as I can. I guess his character is someone that I can really relate to. Both growing up and now.

As a final note I have seen a few other John Wayne moves and at this point this is the only one that I have liked enough to own.

A couple of other items that you may wish to add to your collection from the Quiet Man available on Amazon.

The Quiet Man (60th Anniversary Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
The Quiet Man (60th Anniversary Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

The above option is for the DVD and just in case you want it on Blue-ray here it is. If I had a blue-ray player this would be the first move on my list.

The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man

And for the music lovers out there here is the sound track.


For you the trailer of The Quiet Man

The documentary of the Quiet Man.

Here is the tune I mentioned above. Even if you just catch the first 10 notes you will here the tune I remember.

You can remain quiet while leaving a comment.

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    • lgOlson profile image

      L. Olson 4 years ago from Northern Arizona

      I just saw this again recently..what a great film!