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the truth? you can't handle the truth!

Updated on December 29, 2009

The bill yon files:

We are the aliens.We fly from solar system to solar system in search of planets that can support life.We are like locust,once we have drained the planet of its natural resources,we move on in search of the next suitable planet.We happened upon this planet 50,000 years ago.The original beings of the planet earth was the grey-men.We called them the GREY MULLKINS,they called themselves the ETAMU.They was peaceful beings whose vocal cords was not developed,they communicated solely through telepathy.We claimed their world and renamed it earth,after the mother-ship we arrived in.The ETAMU greeted us with peace open arms and a since of wonder,but we needed their world a beacon had been sent out to the other world-ships announcing that we had at long last found a suitable planet.A new home,named EARTH.With world-ships setting their destination for earth our new home,over two billion humans was on the way.The order was given from the high counsel,and we set about cleansing the earth.Genocide of the ETAMU.War erupted all across the globe,and for the first 300 years of our life on earth we was at war.We killed billions of Etamu during this time.Literally out of nowhere we was attacked by beings of immense power,caught off guard,we had to regroup and deal with this new and powerful enemy.In this time of distraction the ETAMU escaped the earth in our world-ships.The strange new beings was on the average 6 feet 4 inches had wings made out of light and there eyes and skin constantly radiated pure energy.They was incredibly powerful.We called them the DARK ANGELS.It was only a few hundred thousand of them,but still they conquered 80% of the planet within 5 years.The dark angels was on their way to world domination,until our HIGH COUNSEL discovered the secret of their power.Consulting with the science tribunal,they learned that the Dark angels came from a dimension of pure energy.A dimension separated from ours by 13 seconds.Once entering our dimension the dark angels were trapped and could no longer reenter their home dimension,but the gateway was open and they could still draw power from the source.the tribunal synchronized the time,forever closing the gateway,cutting the dark angels off from their power a result of that action the earth was knocked off its axis and is slowly being sucked into the sun.Using their remaining powers the dark angels took the forms of humans,and started calling themselves gods of the earth,RA,SET,HORUS,ZEUS,THOR,ISIS,APPROHDITE,ODIN,and many,many more.After centuries of ruling as false gods the dark angels finally exhausted their abilities,and blended in with the human population.A time of great peace set in as the humans formed the nation of PANGEA and within 2000 years of our time on earth we had colonized the moon and mars.It was a time of great peace between the three worlds.


 The ETAMU returned.The ETAMU mastered our technology and advanced a thousand years ahead of us.The once peaceful race returned solely with the intention of killing every human being and reclaiming the earth for their home.the ETAMU attacked the colonies of mars and the moon completely destroying all life on the two worlds and totally destroying the two worlds ecosystem,making them impossible to live on.Headed towards the Earth we engaged them in battle but their tech was to advanced they completely obliterated our interstellar warships,the High counsel went to the ETAMU and tried to negotiate peace,but the peace offer was rejected the ETAMU wants nothing more than the DEATH of all Man-KIND.The Etamu held off attacks on the earth for months.The etamu created the O-MiG-DA-la bomb.The high counsel and the science tribunal fled the earth.The O-bomb was especially designed to shut down and fry the brain of all humans on earth therefore killing all humans but living the earth intact for the ETAMU to resettle.The O-bomb wiped out 75% of all human life on earth,just as the Etamu had planned.But what the Etamu had not planned on was the O-bomb Also created A telekinetic Backlash from the slain humans that shattered pangea into several large continents and knocked the earth out of orbit sending the world into a ice-age.Unable to reverse the damage that they had down the ETAMU left to seek out another world to call home. 


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thank you very much.

    • Coach Tim profile image

      Coach Tim 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      You're a born storyteller, it was great reading!

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      you're welcome.hope you enjoyed it.

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

      Thank you for the history.