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The Walking Dead Have Taken Over My Family

Updated on October 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Phenomenon

I put off watching The Walking Dead for quite awhile. I kept hearing words like "apocalypse", "zombie", "undead", etc. I was not to keen on the idea of watching such far-fetched show. Well, that changed. I kept hearing about the show everywhere on facebook and from friends. I figured I would watch a couple just to say I had.

What I did not expect was that it was cool! It was interesting and it really caught my attention. Now that I have watched all the seasons via Netflix, my teenage daughter has decided to start it. She is loving it. Her best friend and I suggested it to her. Thus The Walking Dead Phenomenon has reached my home.

I decided to see what was available for us that can't get enough of The Walking Dead!

Don't Get Bit
Don't Get Bit

The Walking Dead Gear

With the phenomenon of The Walking Dead throughout the USA and my home, apparel is something to consider. For my daughter and her friend I set out to find just the right type of TWD shirts. Norman Reedus was a very important aspect to look for, as my daughter told me.

With school coming up finding appropriate shirts was fairly easy. Some of the shirts are not appropriate for school. Ones that have guns will not be allowed, but otherwise TWD shirts will be a hit at school.

The Walking Dead Ideas for Decor

During my daughter's WD Marathon the other day with her friend they got started talking about life size Walking Dead dolls and cardboard cut-outs. I can't quite imagine going into my daughters room and running into a walker, but okay.

My daughter favors Norman Reedus, so, I began looking at Amazon. This was the easiest and widest array of choices.

You fight it. You don't give up. And one day you just change.

— Carol

Interview with Norman Reddus - Daryl Dixon

Interview with Andrew Lincoln - "Rick"

The Walking Dead Games

Reasons to watch The Walking Dead

  • Cliffhanger
  • Drama
  • Open ended storylines
  • Walkers aren't the only enemies
  • Awesome Characters
  • Never knowing who will succumb to the walkers
  • Seeing the world come to an end, yet conquering it
  • Survival Guide and Entertainment!

Who is your favorite character???

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