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The Walking Dead Party Planning

Updated on January 9, 2017

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was first aired October 31, 2010. It is based on the comic book series, and has become a hit on AMC. I have to say I was not a fan until I sat and watches all of the episodes a couple of months ago, now I am hooked. The show is based on a post apocalyptic world that was effected by a virus. Now it is overrun by the walkers. In my world they were always called zombies, but I have never heard that term used in The Walking Dead. I have found some great ideas for The Walking Dead party theme for Halloween or any other celebration where the dead should come alive.

The Walking Dead Website

Hand In The Punch

Get a surgical glove, one that is not powdered or coated. Wash the glove to be sure there is nothing on it. Now fill with water and freeze. Now, just before you serve your punch take the glove out and cut the glove off of the ice. You may want to run a small amount of water over it to remove any latex flavor. Then place into the punch.

You may also want to add food coloring to the water so it can be noticed in the punch. Have a few extra in the freezer in case you need more.

Eyeball Ice

This site has a very simple idea for eyeball ice cubes. It would be a great addition to The Walking Dead Party to find eyeballs in the drinks. Very inexpensive idea for any party.

Eyeball Ice Cubes

The Zombie Cake

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Photo Credit and Idea at I love
Photo Credit and Idea at I love it
Photo Credit and Idea at I love it

Dress for Zombie Success

When you are having a Walking Dead Party, you should dress for Zombie Success. I love the heels below that are available on Amazon. They are going to be my next big purchase for Halloween. I am sure I can find a nice dress that would go good with a pair of blood covered heels.

Zombie Tablecloth

Found this idea on Pinterest
Found this idea on Pinterest

Zombie Loaf

Found this great idea at I think this would be a great addition to The Walking Dead Party

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