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Star Trek's unintentionally hilarious fights

Updated on August 12, 2015

The greatest, worst fight scenes from the original series

Star Trek was revolutionary. Despite being on the air for only 3 seasons, Kirk, Spock, Uhura(OMG) and the rest of the gang broke a lot of cinematic ground. During a time when women were still well below the glass ceiling, and blacks were still dealing with racism on a daily basis, Uhura was on the bridge, and a vital part of the Enterprise's operations.

The cold war between the USSR and the United States was still in full swing, yet we have a VERY Russian Chekov showing off his Russian pride at every opportunity.

Roddenberry envisioned tractor beams, transporters, cloaking devices and communicators, when the world was just getting into fuel injection. We already have cell phones, and the other 3 things are in development.

Star Trek wasn't all ground-breaking innovation. The fight choreography back then was horrendous. Some of the best, unintentionally hilarious fight scenes are here for your enjoyment.

#5 Kirk vs Khan - From "Space Seed"

Not necessarily a bad choreographed fight, if it were a fight between two normal humans. Khan is supposedly 5 times Kirk's strength, and a seasoned warrior and commander.

Khan can bend metal with his bare hands, yet somehow is unable to connect a good blow to Kirk's face. He ends up tossing Kirk around until Kirk is able to get a rod of metal and beat Khan down.

#4 Spock vs Professor Crater (the creature) - from The Man Trap

In this scene, Spock hits Professor Crater multiple times. She barely moves when hit, then backhands Spock across the room.

Kirk lets out a grammy winning scream, then McCoy shoots the creature twice and ends the fight.

#3 Kirk vs Blue Alien assassain - from "The wall of Destruction"

The normal horrible choreography aside, at 14 seconds, Kirk either attempts some sort of new MMA move, or tripped and missed. Not really sure. The end result is that Kirk strikes the alien in the face, with his rear end.

#2 Kirk vs Spock

In this scene, which was supposedly "to the death," Spock opens up with a strike that should have eviscerated Kirk right off. Kirk responds by knocking Spock down, but doesn't follow up for the kill. Spock attempts a strike that goes high and then waits for Kirk to strike. Kirk hits him in the gut with the blunt end of his pugil stick, disarming Spock. Again, he has an opportunity to end the fight, but instead decides to give Spock his weapon. Spock doesn't want it, and instead breaks the pointy end off, throwing it away. He instead picks up his own, intact weapon, judo throws Kirk, bit doesn't follow through. Finally, he attempts to cleave Kirk's head, but Kirk rolls away. A Vulcan ends the fight.

#1 Kirk vs Gorn - From the episode "Arena"

In this episode, Kirk is transported to a planet's surface and encounters a "Gorn."

The Gorn is supposed to be a terrifying reptilian humanoid. In reality, it was a man in a rubber suit. The Gorn's movements are laughably slow, and you can visibly see Kirk waiting for the Gorn to complete his movements to continue the choreography. At one point, the Gorn almost falls over.

Then the Gorn attempts to growl, and his mouth moves...sort of.

Extra: Nimoy vs Quinto

It's new vs original in this fight to the death.

This video is now bittersweet to watch after the death of Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock).

Haven't had enough Star Trek? - Turning your computer into the Star Trek LCARS computer

By following this link, you can download a functional conversion to an LCARS style windows computer. It has voice activation, so you can call for a "red alert" and the LCARS will do it. Really neat!

The Windows to Start Trek LCARS conversion

Below is a youtube video showcasing the conversion. Neat!

Captain's Log... - Please leave me a comment!

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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 3 years ago

      Very cleverly put together. It also amazed me a how Kirk's hair always looked perfect during the entire fight scene. Given the time these were made, I think they did an okay job (the music certainly helped to distract away from the poorly sequenced fight scenes). Hmmm, striking an alien in the face with your butt - who knew that'd work?

    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 4 years ago

      Star Trek premiered when I was in Jr. High. My science teacher assigned us to watch the series every week and we discussed it in class. Best class I ever had! I've been a fan ever since. Love your lens!

    • ChimpWithKeyboard profile image

      ChimpWithKeyboard 4 years ago from East coast of England in the county of Suffolk

      There is a theory on-line that Windows 8 was inspired by Star Trek : The Next Generation's, LCARS (Library Computer Access Retrieval System). Maybe Mike Okuda should sue Bill Gates. Why not, if Apple can win against Samsung over of the use of rounded corners, then Mike has a case!

    • profile image

      CalobrenaOmai 4 years ago

      I remember the one with Gorn and didn't really see the entirety of the Khan match-up. I was born yet during the original airing of the show but did grow up watching the reruns on regular television along with checked-out videos of the show from the library. Loved the ST Computer idea. I enjoyed Star Trek so much that I came close to enrolling in Starfleet Academy; no joke.